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The History Of Unleash Your Inner Money Babe

Have you ever had a year where you were just over it?    I’m talking about a time where you were so fed up, so over the excuses, and so ready to go full force after what you want…   2016 was my ENOUGH is ENOUGH year. I was completely fed up and done with […]

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I’m Claire.
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Check out how Manifestation Babe did for the month of April in 2018!  April Revenue: $79,589.54  This month we hosted the Manifestation Babe Bali Retreat, went on vacation to Singapore,, and I had a quick speaking engagement in Milwaukee. We were out of the country for 19 days out of the month and I was […]

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Check out how Manifestation Babe did for the month of March in 2018!  March Revenue: $150,723.32 As you can see in the screenshots above, Manifestation Babe, LLC has generated just over $150,000 from online courses and books in the month of March of 2018. March was definitely one of those BREAKTHROUGH months for me as […]

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February 2018 CEO Report : How Did Manifestation Babe Do?  It’s time for another CEO report to summarize the month of February. I am SO grateful for all the feedback and support for the very first CEO report that summarized the entire year of 2016, 2017, and the first month of 2018. It was so […]

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Hey Gorgeous Soul!  It’s been a hot second since I checked in with you and I thought that now would be the best time to do so after I’ve recovered from my 5 day trip with Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partners. Phew. It’s been a crazy adventure!    I just spent almost an entire week with the […]

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Hey Gorgeous Soul! So, I’m doing something different. I’m putting myself way, WAY out there and have no idea where this will lead me and this incredible company. My hope is that transparency, honesty, and vulnerability will take us that much further along this incredible journey in the world of personal development and coaching. On […]

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I remember like it was yesterday, sitting in front of my computer, frustrated with ANOTHER “no show” for a discovery call.  I sat there READY to deliver value, share how I can help my potential client take her coaching business to the next level, and feel like I made a difference in someone’s life that […]

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Hey, Gorgeous Soul! Hope you are having an incredible start to your week and enjoying your #ManifestMonday. I am currently in West Palm Beach gearing up for the next 6 days where Brennan and I will be attending Date with Destiny — Tony Robbins’ 6-day life transforming live event. We are SO stoked and can […]

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Hey, Beautiful Soul! Happy Money Monday! Almost two years ago when I first started to explore my money mindset, I decided to declare every Monday a Money Monday. Monday’s are the day that I spend at least 15-20 minutes just APPRECIATING all of the abundance around me. I spend my Monday’s checking my bank account, […]

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Hey girl heyyy!! Happy Manifest Monday! Due to the day of the week that it is, I wanted to bring you a super duper manifesting hack that I learned nowhere else, but my mind-blowing, mic droppin’, life-changing NLP (neuro-linguistic training) master practitioner training. If you didn’t know, yesterday started the very first day of an […]

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