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2/4 Generator in Human Design,
Multi-7 figure Digital CEO, traveling the world while starting a family & building my legacy

As a Manifestation Expert, Master Mindset Coach, and the CEO of Manifestation Babe, I’m on a mission to elevate the collective by teaching individuals just like you how to step into your authenticity, rewrite the stories that are keeping you from reaching your highest potential & tap into ancient wisdom to bring your once impossible dreams into reality. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others massively uplevel their own lives in absolutely every aspect they desire and I cannot wait to share with you the tools, strategies & teachings that will lead you to your infinite potential! 


Manifestation Babe MUST Haves

The Workbook To Raise Your Vibration

Bad day? Feeling off? Low Vibing? This workbook will help raise your vibration & pull you out of a dark place quickly! 

Tap Away Your Money Anxiety 

Use Emotional Freedom Technique to tap into your innate abundance & release scarcity for good! 

The ULTIMATE Intention Setting Worksheet 

For quick & effective matter what you’re calling in!



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Are you a Manifestation Babe? A Ritualistic Alchemist? A Woo Goddess? A Hopeful Resistor? or an Enthusiastic Messenger? 

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Zsofia changed her mindset

"I've never felt more sane, inspired, guided, fulfilled and at peace."

"Stepping out of crippling cynicism into courage, creativity and bold confidence has been the biggest achievement I've done in the past 2 years and it has been majorly due to Kathrin and her teachings on metaphysics, money manifesting and most importantly the personal responsibility that we all have in being the best version of ourselves, to treat ourselves and others with kindness, compassion, patience and grace."

Melissa embraced her new identity

"Kathrin gives you an amazing tool kit belt so that YOU can step up your game."

"I’ve had so many realizations, so much growth, in so little time, it feels like I’ve leapt into a new identity that’s more intuitive, more accountable, more excited and more in control."

Samara comitted to change

"I uncovered parts of myself that I had yet to process after 6 years of working with a traditional therapist."

I went from being someone who had a lot of trouble crying to being able to cry for 30 minutes straight one night during week one and it was such a beautiful release!


Raise your money thermostat & stop overspending for good



The mantra that will make you a millionaire



The energetics of MONEY like you're never heard before (masculine vs feminine)


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Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 


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