If you’re looking to massively uplevel your life, your finances, your relationships, your productivity, and your success, you’ve come to the right place! I want to give you the tools to be, do, and have anything that your heart desires. I want to help you maximize who you are and where you’re going. When you have the right strategy and approach, both internally and externally, you will finally be able to get what you REALLY want. 

I’d like to start with everyone’s favorite topic: MONEY. Most people are looking for abundance in their lives and ways to grow their business and make more money. Having a default, limited, scarcity-based mindset and relationship with money will make it really difficult to achieve those goals. Something has to change first: your RELATIONSHIP with money.

When you have the right approach you will finally be able to get what you want. Let's talk about everyone’s favorite topic: MONEY.


Healing Your Relationship With Money

As a society, we’re mentally sick when it comes to money. Too many people focus so much on the importance of money that their subconscious literally equates it with breathing. Those people then have life or death symptoms when they’re dealing with money or checking their bank account. Panic attacks and anxiety about money should not be normal for you. 

The paradox is that you have to realize that money is important and not important at the same time. It’s not life or death, but it is important enough that you need to heal your relationship with it. So how do we heal our relationship with money?

1. Observe The Reality That You Want To Change

First, get your head out of the sand and come face to face with your issues with money. You wouldn’t try to heal a relationship with another person without sitting across from them and talking through your problems, so why should it be any different with our other relationships?

It might help to journal. Write out your thoughts, fears, and dreams around money so you can see it all laid out. What’s the worst case scenario if you really go for it and fall flat on your face? (If you’re like me when I first started out, you might realize you’re already living your worst case scenario!) What do you really want? Contrast creates clarity. Once you see what you don’t want (e.g., your status quo), it’s easier to know what you do want. Realize that something different is possible, and that you can choose that reality for yourself. 

2. Don’t Go With the Flow

Sometimes, going with the flow isn’t the best thing. If the current of your life right now is not having enough money, living with unhealthy relationships, no house, working at a job you don’t love, etc., you’ll just keep drifting with that current unless you fight against it. I was living on my grandmother’s couch, working too many hours for too little money and afraid to check my bank account. I had to shift my focus to change that paradigm. You can choose a different paradigm too.

Societal programming around money tells you that you should be stressed about certain things like paying taxes. But there are A TON of people, living abundantly and not stressed about paying taxes because they don’t have to be. The money IS out there. It’s working for someone. Why not you? If there are two types of people – those living in scarcity and those living in abundance – and you can choose which type to be, why wouldn’t you choose abundance? Reframe and shift the societal or even generational thinking and programming that is keeping you stuck.

3. Start Small

Once you recognize that something different is possible, it becomes a tiny crack in your foundation of old ideas that are keeping you trapped. Allow your subconscious to amplify that little thought by finding mentors, reading books, listening to podcasts, and attending workshops of people who are living the life you want. Expand your beliefs and perspectives about what’s possible and get the tools you need from someone who has successfully done it before. 

You can’t expect to become a millionaire overnight. Even if you did become a millionaire overnight, you might not be ready for it. Think about all the stories you’ve heard about lottery winners who lose everything in the end. Money is energy. You have to learn how to hold the energy, so that you can keep it. 

4. Let Go Of Guilt

One of the ways that people get stuck in toxic energy is feeling guilt or shame about making money or wanting money or being successful. Guilt usually comes from being stuck in the past and wanting to fix or change what’s already done. You can’t change the past, but you can change the future! Let go of the guilt!

As an entrepreneur, you’re giving consumers the gift of time and services. For example, students who come to me for help are capitalizing on the 15 years I’ve spent figuring out manifestation. They can take advantage of the fact that I’ve already done so much hard work. They still have to do their own work as well, of course, but I’m literally offering them a shortcut to their dreams in exchange for money. 

So when you think about charging money for your business, think about it as an exchange of energy. Your customers pay you for convenience, and you give them the luxury of saving them time and energy.

Money Is A Tool, Not The Goal

You’ll eventually realize that many of the things you really want – time with your family, healthy relationships, life experiences, etc. – cannot be bought. BUT money can be a tool to give you the freedom in your life to work less and to manifest those other things.

It’s ok if money is your goal, but treat it like a neutral tool. Money is there, all around you. You can direct its flow to you. Money is the access to the destination, not the destination itself. Don’t limit your possibilities!

When you embrace this energy of neutrality, you begin to recognize that the end result, making more money, isn’t the important part that brings satisfaction. Rather, holding the vibration of the positive feelings that you want to have throughout the process is the true goal. The money will come as a byproduct of your alignment. 

The Ladder of Believability 

It is absolutely possible for anyone to manifest a million dollars. The problem comes in when you start the manifesting process too far away from your current reality. If you’re working a minimum wage job and want to manifest a million dollars immediately, your subconscious cannot wrap around that yet, energetically. The frequencies are too far apart. Instead, work on establishing stepping stones of frequencies. Start with smaller goals and work your way up as you keep achieving them. Be patient, and give it time. Never give up!

The Law of Attraction

As you start understanding the law of attraction, the first thing you’re going to attract is ideas, thoughts, creative energy, etc. Be receptive to what you’re attracting. The money will come as long as you don’t reject those other things because you’re too focused on trying to attract money. When you set your intention to grow your business or create success, you will be led to new investments and new people who have skill sets to help you. 

Don’t Give Up!

The day you decide to start working on your money mindset might not be the day that everything changes, and that’s ok! Most people only give it a few days and then give up. But every successful person has a tipping point. Keep moving forward until you hit yours. 

Want More?

Want to take your life and business to the next level? Let me show you how to make ALL the resistance you have toward manifesting money – anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, and guilt – completely go away! Manifesting money can become an enjoyable process that is full of light, pleasure, satisfaction, and joy! I LIVE that reality every day! If you’re ready for abundance, sign up for my masterclass right now. You’ll get instant access to everything you need to melt your money blocks away for good. I can’t wait to connect with you!


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