That's how most of us communicate to ourselves when we feel any kind of financial stress or money worries.

Imagine for just a moment you see someone on the street having a panic attack.

Being the person that you are, you immediately run to help them.

​​Only problem is...

You speak English.

They speak Chinese.

You try to tell them, "Hey! I'm here. You're safe. Calm down. Take a deep breath in. Relax your shoulders. We can do this together."

​They keep panicking.

And you feel completely helpless.

Unable to communicate in a way that's actually useful for this person.

We speak English.

But our minds need to hear it in Chinese.​

Or at least, in the language of our unconscious mind.

A totally different language than than the one we understand on a conscious level.

You see, the unconscious mind is the deeper part of our mind that is responsible for how we feel.

Which is also the part of our mind that's responsible for creating 95% of our reality.

don't you think?

We repeat all of these mantras.

We try to shift ur focus into what we want.

We force ourselves to think different thoughts.

​We use whatever the hottest manifestation ritual is at the moment to manifest our way out of feeling like this.​

And yet, day after day we STILL feel anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment and guilt when receiving, circulating, saving and investing money.


When it comes to manifesting money, it's pretty important we speak its


And actions 


Because feelings

This isn't your average "visualize, cross your fingers and hope for the best" kinda training.

And I'm not just teaching you HOW the unconscious mind communicates so that you finally get on the same page. (Which you'll be a master at soon.)

But how to make ALL the resistance you have toward manifesting money completely go away.

^^ Yes, I said it.

We are clearing anxiety. Fear. Anger. Resentment. And guilt.

In the most painless way possible. A way that actually feels FUN.

So that manifesting money? Becomes an enjoyable process.

One that feels light. Filled with pleasure. Satisfaction. And joy.

You think that reality isn't possible for you now...but I LIVE that reality every day.

And so do the people I've taken through this process.

It's time we literally melt all of those money blocks away.

So if you've tried EVERYTHING...and still aren't where you want to be?

Did I just hear a sign of relief?

Yeah...even more of that coming.

This masterclass is unlike any masterclass you will find out there on manifesting more money into your life.



All meditations & hypnotic exercises we run through are accessible as a separate audios that you can go back to over and over again as needed.


You can start the 90- minute masterclass right away or whenever works best for you. 


It will be recorded & you will get lifetime access to the recordings. That's unlimited replays.

^Yup, I know. A f*cking steal.

It's not even a thought in your mind is it? A total NO BRAINER.

​​I SHOULD be charging hundreds of dollars for this. At LEAST $500.

Ready to melt your money blocks away for good?



The Investment:

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