How to Get Money to Respond to You

I’ve spoken before about how money doesn’t care about your habits, whether you’re good or bad, how you get money, how you feel, or what time you wake up, so what DOES money care about? What does money respond to? And more importantly, how do you get money to RESPOND to you? 

Luckily, these questions all have the same simple answer: YOUR FREQUENCY. That’s the key. Mastering your vibrational frequency is the key to getting money to respond to you. 

But wait a second, what even is your “frequency?”


Understanding your frequency

Frequency is a term we hear thrown around a lot in the manifestation world, but what does it actually mean? Basically, your frequency is composed of your dominant thoughts, feelings, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and identity that you hold around life, or an area of life. The combination is what makes up your dominant overall frequency. 

Why is the “dominant” part so important? As spiritual beings having a HUMAN experience – we’re not always thinking the “right” thoughts. Sometimes we get sad, we stumble, and we get thrown off our manifestation game. Thankfully, those aren’t usually our DOMINANT thoughts. Our frequency follows our dominant thoughts – what we think, feel, and believe MOST OF THE TIME.  

But how does your frequency affect money?

Our dominant frequency is what everything in life responds to. We live in a mental universe, and whatever is mentally going on for you, is what you will attract. The reality you create is a result of your dominant frequency, whether that’s for life in general or a specific area. 

But, does money really care about your dominant frequency? Well, not really. Money is just a tool. Next time you have a $20 bill in your hand, look at it and think, “Does this piece of paper really have a mind of its own? Can I really talk to it?” No, but… 

Money, like everything else, is still part of the physical, material world, which is a REFLECTION of the vibratory, spiritual world. So, even though it doesn’t have a mind of its own, money follows the same laws of manifestation, like else does. 

This is where you come in, babe… 

Money responds to the beliefs that YOU hold around money. Your feelings, identity, and assumptions about money are what you attract when it comes to your experience of money. Your frequency affects how money flows to you. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be the happiest, most positive person all the time – that won’t attract more money to you alone. Positive, happy people can still have negative beliefs around money, or at least beliefs that don’t support the attraction of money.

If you believe, even subconsciously, that there’s never going to be enough money, or that you’re not the type of person who gets to have a lot of money, money won’t respond to you. Even if you’re the happiest, most positive, hard-working person out there, you need to focus on your frequency specifically as it relates to money.

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