Get to the bottom of why your goals & desires aren’t manifesting so that you can heal manifestation burnout and get back to living the dream life you were always meant to live.

Say no more! I’m already IN!!

But head first, 25 foot tall platform, you dove right in.

So you dove into the world of manifestation.

Maybe you’ve been here for a while. Or maybe you’ve only been here for a couple of weeks.

And your world was forever changed.


You want more out of life.

And you came into the manifestation world so that you can have it *all.*

You did all the right things:

You created the vision board.

You thought all the positive thoughts.

You crafted the most perfect affirmations.

You started meditating every morning.

You wrote down your desires 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night and never missed a day.

You visualized vacationing in Bora Bora.

You bought all the Abraham-Hicks books (on kindle, paperback *and audible).*

Think and Grow Rich is officially your new bible.

You enrolled into that manifestation coach’s program who promised to teach you their no-fail 5 step method.

You followed that TikTok creator who taught you that ONE trick that would make you a millionaire overnight with the *Law of Assumption*.

There’s this magical thing that happens the moment you accept that there truly IS more out there for you. And that not only does it exist, but it’s also *possible for you.*

You wouldn’t be on this page if this wasn’t already true for you at this point.

You did it ALL.

And It worked for a while.

Like REALLY worked for a while.

But then?

Something about it just stopped working.


Everything has manifested except that ONE thing and it’s frustrating the hell out of you

Things you want are manifesting but they’re showing up in *other people’s lives* instead of yours

You’ve reached a total standstill on your manifestation journey—and it’s beginning to feel like a *regression* in the wrong direction

You’re at the point of manifestation burnout —working way too hard with little to show for it

There’s a pattern that keeps manifesting that you just cannot get rid of —like that desperate ex who keeps texting you from different phone numbers even though you’ve already blocked them 7 times.

OR You just *know* there’s something missing and causing this roadblock…but you just can’t pinpoint it.

You bought more audiobooks.

You took more courses.

You double downed on your visualizing and meditating.

You upped writing down your desires to 100x a day.

And now you’ve spent 4 hours scrolling on TikTok looking for “THE trick” that will help you clear this block.

And you no longer have the patience to figure it out all on your own.


And you tried EVERYTHING to make it work again.

Now, you’re tense. You’re stressed. You’re frustrated. Totally irritated.

And you’re thinking of giving up.

And we already *know for a fact* that doesn’t help the manifestation process.

That low vibe definitely ain’t making things better, is it?

You know that feeling when someone walks up right behind you in the peak of overwhelm, exhaustion, and frustration and starts rubbing your shoulders while whispering in your ear, “it’s ok. I’ve got this. You can let go now. You can relax. It’s going to be ok” and the *tension just… ahhhhhhh…. melts away?*

Here's what students have to say about Manifestation Reset!

**This 10 day Manifestation Reset program is that perfectly timed shoulder rub.**

YES! Rub my shoulders Kathrin!

Let me be the one to rub those shoulders and remind you that there’s a much better way.

I’ve got you, babe.

This program is like checking yourself into a 10 day spa retreat for the soul.

Where you will come out feeling crystal clear, knowing exactly what to do, and seeing floods of results in places that were once barren deserts.

If you’re ready for your manifestation *breakthrough, then you’re ready for the Manifestation Reset.*

We are going to majorly speed things up for you from the moment you enroll inside.

What once felt like a boulder you were pushing uphill with seemingly no movement at all, all of a sudden becomes an avalanche of success that you couldn’t stop even if you tried.

No longer will you have one foot on the gas pedal while the other is on the brake slowing things down.

But first we are going to eliminate all the sources of manifestation contamination that’s been clogging up your soul’s most potent and powerful tool — your mind.

In the Manifestation Reset, we’re going to dive right into the *root* of what is currently blocking your desires from coming through.

I’ve worked with THOUSANDS of people over the last decade in my signature program, The Manifestation Babe Academy. My dropbox, google docs, and camera roll are overflowing with testimonials and proof that even the most stubborn manifestations eventually show up when you know how to properly navigate the slowdowns and blockages.

This reset is a proven process.

When it comes to identifying and removing manifestation blocks, I’m your girl.

There is nothing that won’t go uncovered in this 10 day journey where you’re going to come out on the other side not only feeling the best you’ve ever felt (side effect of a mental detox), but know *exactly* what needs to be tweaked in the manifestation process.

*No more overwhelm.*

*No more frustration.*

All the program deets:

Yes, your mind can get constipated and requires as much of a regular detox as your body does in a world filled with all kinds of environmental toxins.

Daily audios will consist of transformational talks, potent energetic processes, and a step-by-step guide to cleanse your mind of manifestation contamination

This is a 10-day audio only program that will be delivered via a private podcast feed that you can listen to *anytime and anywhere*

You have lifetime access to the audios to come back to whenever you want

Are you ready to step into a spa for your mind and melt away the blocks that are keeping you from manifesting the life you deserve? 

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Here's what more students have to say about Manifestation Reset!