4 Vision Board Hacks You Haven’t Heard Of

My first vision board was on a corkboard in my bedroom at my parents’ house when I was 16. I had just read The Secret and was starting to explore the Law of Attraction. I remember I had a picture of an Audi R8, which I ended up manifesting in 2018, and I still love that car! Fast forward to 2023, and I am STILL making vision boards. In fact, I make a new one every year. Why? Because vision boards are one of the MOST VALUABLE processes for manifesting real-life RESULTS! They are powerful and potent representations of your dream life in visual form that can aid with visualization of the life you want to create.

Of course, I have learned A LOT about manifesting and about how the subconscious works since my first vision board. As I’ve been doing all that manifestation work, I have perfected the ideal vision board process to literally 3-D print your desires in real life. I CANNOT wait to share this in-depth vision board training program with you and see it work in your life! But first, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek in this blog post with four vision board hacks you haven’t heard of yet that will IMMEDIATELY take your vision board to the next level. Once you put these into practice, I know you’ll be as excited as I am about Vision Board Alchemy.


Hack #1: Always Put Something on Your Vision Board That Has Already Manifested

Preferably use something that you once really wanted and that means a lot to you. For example, if you always wanted the car that you drive right now, like I had that Audi R8 on my first vision board, and it was a manifestation that 3D printed into your life, put that on your current vision board. 

Why is this important? When you put something on your vision board that’s already manifested for you, it helps train your subconscious mind to see your vision board as something that is rooted in actual reality. You already manifested that car, so of course all the rest of the things on your board are going to manifest too. Your brain sees TANGIBLE EVIDENCE of the life you’re manifesting.

The most powerful and effective vision boards are ones that convince your mind that the images you see are not representations of the life that you will one day create in the future, but that it’s the life that’s actually happening RIGHT NOW. There’s a version of you out there that is already experiencing the vision board life. You just need to shift your frequency, so that you can live that life NOW. 

Hack #2: Choose Images With First-Person POV

Try to choose photos or images that look like they are from your perspective. For example, if you’re manifesting owning a yacht in the Bahamas, find a picture that looks OUT from the inside of the yacht as if you are standing on the deck. It will be much easier to visualize yourself actually being on the yacht. 

For an even more powerful image, see if you can actually take a picture of yourself interacting with the thing you want. If you want an engagement ring, go to the jewelry store and try the ring on and take a picture of your hand wearing the ring. Imagine how powerful that is to your mind to see YOUR hand! Remember, your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s imagined and what’s real, so if you make your imagination REAL, it’s only going to make your vision board more personal and more effective.

Hack #3: Don’t Get Stuck on the VISION Part of Vision Boards

There’s something called VARK learning styles, which stands for Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. Basically, it’s your sensory receiving style. How do you sense information and remember it? Some of us are dominantly one, but you can be a mixture too. Like, when it comes to manifesting, I am a very visual person, but my learning style is very kinesthetic. I like to learn by doing. 

How do you know what type of manifestor you are? Well, to start, you can take my free quiz, “What Type of Manifestor Are You?” to get a better idea. Another hack I use with my Manifestation Babe Academy students all the time to help them figure out what senses they use to manifest is a simple one. Think back to a memory, like, what you had for dinner last night. Do you SEE the pizza or HEAR the sizzling steak or FEEL the satisfaction after eating? As a visual manifestor, I know I had chicken last night because I can SEE it on my plate in my mind. Other people might hear themselves ordering chicken or talking about it or might remember the taste.

If you’re not a visual manifestor, it doesn’t mean vision boards won’t work for you. But they will be so much more effective when you add auditory and kinesthetic elements to evoke the right feelings. Even purely visual people can benefit from implementing auditory, textual, and kinesthetic elements into their vision boards. Think about the desired FEELINGS of living your dream life, and choose pictures and words and other elements that allow you to feel those feelings.

Some hacks to add auditory or textual elements to your vision board:

  • Add written affirmations – imagine what you or a loved one will say when you manifest that house or that job. Write it out (e.g., “I made it to the New York Times bestsellers list! I’m number one!”). Every time you look at your vision board, repeat the phrases as affirmations, and it will trigger the feelings inside as if it was actually being said to you right then. 
  • Include texts or voicemails – Send yourself a text message or voicemail from someone else’s phone and from their point of view, congratulating you on your manifestations. Screenshot the text and add it to your board. Listen to the voicemail every day. 
  • Make a movie vision board – There are different software and apps out there like Mind Movie or iMovie on your iPhone. Have the audio recording of your affirmation playing in the background and put together a visual slideshow or movie that strings together clips you find on YouTube of the things you want to manifest. Be creative!
  • Infuse your vision board into your passwords – Of course, you should always keep your passwords very secure by adding a bunch of random digits and numbers at the end, but I like to make sentences with my passwords of things that I want to manifest. Every time you have to access your laptop, you’ll be thinking about the things you want to manifest and affirming yourself over and over again all day long!

Hack #4: Incorporate Your Human Design in Your Vision Board

If you aren’t familiar with human design, check out my YouTube video where I talk about it and how I use human design for manifestation. Basically, it’s a very powerful resource for anyone who’s interested in understanding and knowing how they’re designed to best operate in this specific lifetime. Everyone is designed to be successful. When you live in alignment with who you actually are and who are designed to be, your success is INEVITABLE!

Understanding your human design will help you know how you are meant to make decisions, how to use your intuition, how you are meant to manifest, among many other things. A really good resource to get to know your personal human design is Human Design Blueprint.  

When it comes to vision boards specifically, the most important thing to know about your human design is whether you are a specific or a non-specific manifestor. If you are a non-specific manifestor like me, you will be more tapped into the feelings or the vibe of what you want to manifest. So that changes the types of images and text that you will choose. For instance, before I was married, I found a picture that gave me the feelings I wanted to feel in my dream relationship. For specific manifestors, it is much more powerful to be as specific as possible. Find images of the EXACT house you want or car you want to put on your board.

Ready to Upgrade Your Vision Board?

You may be thinking, “Kathrin, you already gave us a vision board training on YouTube. Why are you doing another one?” Yes, I did put out a vision board training years ago, but I have updated and upgraded my process SO MUCH since then that I wanted to share the subconscious mind tricks and hacks that I’ve learned to make your vision board even more effective. Plus, to my surprise, I’ve learned that not everyone is visual, so I go really in-depth with strategies and examples for people of how to go BEYOND the visual. 

Once you understand how the subconscious mind manifests, you’ll be able to build a vision board that is in ALIGNMENT with your subconscious mind and your UNIQUE manifestation style and process instead of just something random. You will learn how to literally convince your mind that this is already here and already done! Without the training, your vision board could still work, but it might take a long time if you don’t align it properly. I don’t really want to just sit around and wait and hope for these random pictures to come to life, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. 

You should only sign up for Vision Board Alchemy if you want to:

  • Get crystal clear on what you want
  • Build your vision board in alignment with the manifestation process, your subconscious mind, and the spiritual laws
  • Access the step-by-step layout of my updated, fail-proof, 5-step manifestation process that you can use for ANYTHING (money, health, love, success, and more)
  • Go BEYOND the traditional vision board, especially if you are not a visual person
  • Collapse the timeline between THEN and NOW, speed up your manifestations, and make your vision board REAL

You don’t want to miss this! I’m so excited to take this journey and manifest some magic with you!



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