You’re about to master your innate ability to 3D print your desires into reality, as I take you step-by-step through MY proven technique for creating a vision board to support & speed up your manifestations - without fail.

And if that approach ever actually worked for you, you wouldn’t be here right now..

Eagerly looking for a process that delivers RESULTS. 

This is the vision board experience that will do just that! 

In this training, you will learn:

There are endless vision board trainings out there that will teach you how to slap a bunch of random pictures together and call it a “vision board.”

A visualization to help you get crystal clear on what you want (so that creating your vision board that represents your IDEAL dream life takes you no time at all)

A step-by-step layout of my updated, fail-proof 5-step manifestation process with actual examples of how to use it practically (this applies to money, health, love, success, you name it!)

How to build your vision board in a way that’s in alignment with the manifestation process, your subconscious mind, and spiritual laws (so you’re doing more than slapping together random Pinterest pictures and calling it a day)

Techniques and hacks you’ve yet to hear about - these are literal GAME CHANGERS for the people who aren’t visual, “not good at” visualizing, and don’t get anything out of a vision board filled with only visual pictures (there are so many more ways to make a vision board than you can even imagine!)

A step-by-step tutorial to create your digital vision board (for both computer desktop and phone background) as well as ideas for how to go BEYOND the traditional vision board

(HINT: one of these tips will make your subconscious believe everything on your vision board is ALREADY your reality)

A visualization to make the vision board REAL (collapsing the timeline between “then” and “now”)


If you’re tired of waiting around for your manifestations to appear, this is the program that will bridge that gap.

You will also get lifetime access because I know this is one training you’ll be coming back to often. (It’s THAT freaking good!)

I personally make a new vision board every year — and with how fast things will be manifesting for you after this training, I envision you’ll be doing the same ;)

And for only $77, I’m giving you an absolute steal on Vision Board Alchemy. 

My updated manifestation process that I’ve included for you could be a whole course on its own!

This is one of my most valuable processes for manifesting real life RESULTS.