My NO BS Approach To Actually LETTING GO & RELEASING Your Manifestation

After spending more than a decade researching, studying, and implementing various manifestation tools, strategies, and techniques, I’ve learned a few things along the way about what ACTUALLY works and what doesn’t.

One of the most basic and important parts of manifesting the beautiful life you’ve always wanted is finding a way to let go. Students ask me all the time, “How do you surrender? How do you release your attachment to the thing you’re trying to manifest?” Well, babe, keep reading because I’m about to share my approach for letting go, to help you start seeing the RESULTS you want in your manifestation.

That dream life you’re seeking is ultimately a state of being. Start seeing the RESULTS you want in your manifestation.

Manifestation is NOT the Destination

First, it might help to think about what you’re REALLY after. That dream life you’re seeking is ultimately a state of being or a feeling. Manifestation is truly about the journey. Some people think that achieving the goal is going to make them who they want to be. They think the money, the business, the job, the family, the dream life will change who they are. Really, it’s about the journey of who you’re becoming, rather than the thing making you who you are.

Your Dream Life is ALREADY Yours!

There’s a paradox involved with manifestation. We embody the vibrational frequency of that peace, that relationship, that success, that happiness NOW even if we’re not there yet. And since we’re embodying it right now, it no longer matters if we have it or not.

Sometimes it can be a tricky thing when manifestation really kicks in. Once your goal or desire manifests – whether it be that romantic relationship you want, your first $100,000 in your business, a pregnancy, a new job, your dream house, or whatever it is – of course, you are beyond excited! You feel total BLISS. But that feeling is going to fade eventually, and you will go back to your foundational, vibrational level.

This is where a lot of people get tripped up a little bit. They think that once they finally receive their manifestation, it will radically change what they believe about themselves, or how they feel, or fix every problem in their lives. They think the high will last forever. When they just go back to feeling normal, they think manifestation doesn’t work. 

BUT, when you understand that your dream life is ALREADY yours, you cultivate the normalization of having it now. THAT becomes your new normal. You decide, “Okay. Eventually I’m going to get it. I KNOW because I’m a powerful creator. I will work through the blocks or whatever is holding me back.” 

You can surrender by understanding the energy of “I WANT you, but I don’t NEED you.” You don’t NEED your dream life because you ALREADY have it, the moment you embody the energy of it. It’s a decision you make. You establish your foundational, vibrational level as one of abundance and joy and light. You’re happy and at peace whether you have the thing that will give you those feelings or not. 

So whatever your desires and goals are – if you WANT more Instagram followers, or your boyfriend to propose, or to get pregnant, or for your business to be successful but don’t NEED them – you will be able to surrender your attachment to those things, and just go live your life – do your thing, start your business, go on that date, post the content you want, and you WILL manifest real results more effortlessly. 

Enjoy the Ride

A great analogy I like to think about for manifestation is taking a flight to Paris. You have a pilot, a flight crew, and an airplane. You know that eventually you will get to Paris, but you don’t have to be the one worrying about the altitude, the direction, the speed, the controls. As a passenger, your job is to sit back, RELAX, and ENJOY the trip. Watch a movie; take a nap; eat some snacks. 

On the flip side, you can spend the whole flight stressed about the weather, scared that the pilot will fall asleep, wondering if your bags made it onto the plane, worried about turbulence. You can be miserable the whole flight.

Either way, you still end up in Paris. The universe is taking you where you need to go. But how much better to have FUN along the way? Some people choose to make manifestation a miserable experience. Others choose to enjoy the ride. Can you force manifest things? Absolutely. But actually keeping those things, holding onto your peace and joy, and finding fulfillment come when you enjoy the journey there.  

Ready for Manifestation to Be FUN Again?

So maybe you’ve been manifesting for a while, and you couldn’t believe it at first, but it REALLY WORKED! But then you hit a roadblock for some reason. Maybe everything has manifested except that ONE thing, and you’re beyond frustrated. Maybe things you want are manifesting, but they’re showing up in other people’s lives instead of yours. Maybe you feel like you’re just working way too hard at manifestation with too little to show for it, and you’re heading for burnout. 

Sound familiar? Well, I’ve got GREAT NEWS! When it comes to identifying and removing manifestation blocks, I’m your girl. In my 10-day Manifestation Reset program, I give you access to my PROVEN process to eliminate all the sources of manifestation contamination that have been clogging up your soul’s most potent and powerful tool – your mind. Together, we will get to the root of what is currently blocking your desires from coming through. You will come out the other end feeling crystal clear, knowing EXACTLY what to do, and seeing a flood of real RESULTS. I CANNOT wait for you to hit the reset button and get back to living the dream life you were always meant to live!



Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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