Start Manifesting What You Truly Want With This Question

Recently, while soaking up the serenity of Bora Bora, I experienced a moment of profound clarity that I feel compelled to share. This insight, born from a personal contemplation about expanding my family amidst a life already bustling with love and chaos, led me to a deeper understanding of fear’s role in our lives and the decisions we make. Wondering how to remove fear and start manifesting what you truly want? Keep reading…


The Clarity That Changed Everything

Imagine, for a moment, a life without fear. 

As I played in the lagoon with my son, this thought struck me with such force that it felt like a massive breakthrough! What decisions would we make if fear were removed from the equation? This question isn’t about wishful thinking but about discovering our true desires, hidden beneath layers of apprehension and doubt.

For me, this reflection was about considering a second child. Despite the overwhelming love for my son and the joy of motherhood, the thought of adding to our family sparked a whirlwind of fear-induced questions. Yet, when I dared to ask myself what I would do if fear didn’t exist, the answer was illuminating.


A Question To Unlock Your Potential

“If I could delete the feeling of fear from my life, what decision would I make?” This question is a powerful tool for introspection, revealing not only our genuine desires but also highlighting where we’re allowing fear to hold us back. It challenges us to envision a life led by desire and the belief that everything will indeed work out.

I realized that many decisions, not just about family planning, were clouded by fear. This epiphany was not just personal; it’s a universal truth that affects us all. We’re often stuck because we’re trying to find the “perfect timing” or “perfect circumstances” to pursue our desires and failing to recognize that it’s fear, not timing – or anything else for that matter – that’s actually holding us back.


The Power of Journaling and Meditation

I encourage you to meditate on this question, journal your thoughts, or even bring it into whatever release process you prefer, like a breathwork session perhaps. This is about confronting those fears that are keeping you stuck, acknowledging them, and then daring to act as if they don’t dictate our choices so that you can start manifesting what you truly want. Spending some time contemplating the idea of fear no longer being a factor in your life can unveil what you truly desire, and which parts of your life are still being navigated by fear rather than genuine aspiration.


Fear Is Not The Enemy, But It Shouldn’t Lead Us 

It’s essential to understand that feeling fear is natural; it’s a part of our survival instinct. However, it’s crucial to discern when fear is influencing our decisions and to consciously choose otherwise. Acting on fear can lead to misaligned outcomes, whereas decisions made from a place of genuine desire can transform our lives in the most unimaginable ways!

As I wrap up this reflection from my time in Bora Bora, I want to leave you with this: Don’t let fear be the deciding factor in your life. Instead, ask yourself what you would do if fear were no longer in the picture. You might just find that this perspective is the key to unlocking a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Let’s Go Deeper

I’ve come to find one of the most common areas that fear shows up in our lives is money and finances. When you’re operating from a place of fear around money, it can be really challenging to embody the abundant version of you who effortlessly attracts the financial story you want to create in your life. I created a 90-minute masterclass to help melt away fear, anxiety, anger, resentment and any other emotions you experience around money that aren’t serving you in manifesting the abundance you truly desire. 

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