Shift Your Identity With This Simple Exercise

If you know me at all, you know that I am OBSESSED with helping people recognize the infinite potential within themselves by giving them the tools, teachings, resources, and strategies to manifest a reality they never thought was possible. A lot of what I share is really in-depth and may take some time to work through, which is why I offer programs like The Manifestation Reset

But, I also love to talk about short, simple exercises that you can do RIGHT NOW to start seeing results from all the other manifestation work you’re doing. In this blog, I’m going to share a journaling exercise that is so easy to do, but will make a huge difference for you as you’re becoming the version of yourself who’s manifested all of your desires. It’s all about identity.

Katharin sitting at end of bed, writing in Journal. When you think about your identity what comes to mind is SO important. Whatever follows “I am” (aka your identity) becomes your DESTINY.

Why Is Identity So Important?

When you think about your identity, about who you are, what comes to mind is SO important. Why? Whatever thoughts follow “I am” (aka your identity) becomes your DESTINY. Whatever your identity is, you’re going to embody the beliefs, the actions, the behaviors of that identity. 

The results that you have in your life RIGHT NOW are coming from a certain identity that you’re currently embodying. The version of reality that you are CREATING, and the process of creating that reality, comes from embodying a different identity.

Bridging The Gap

How do you bridge the difference, or the gap, between where you are and where you want to go? The easiest, fastest, most effective way is to SHIFT YOUR IDENTITY. I’m not talking about just an affirmation here – although, of course, affirmations absolutely do work! However,  if you’re just telling yourself “I’m rich,” but nothing in your being is matching that reality, your mind will resist that reality. If the gap between your current identity and the identity you want is too great, it might be hard for you to even see how you’re going to get there.

So, when it comes to affirmations, one super effective way to start bridging the gap and melting away your resistance to those affirmations is by embracing what is absolutely true right now. For example, if you feel resistance to “I am rich,” you can tell yourself instead, “I’m in the process of becoming rich,” or “I am choosing to believe I am now becoming rich.” Is it absolutely true that you are on the path of expansion and abundance and wealth and creation and whatever it is that you want to create? YES!! Is it absolutely true that you are choosing to believe that truth? YES!! So you will feel very little or even no resistance at all to those affirmations. Over time, you will be able to accept those affirmations AT YOUR CORE. Once that happens, you’ll be able to go from, “I’m in the process of becoming rich,” to “I AM rich.” 

Make An Identity List

Here’s where this bridge exercise comes in. I first learned about it from my friend Colin Boyd, and it’s something that I use myself, and it has been LIFE CHANGING! It’s a morning journaling prompt exercise that I would love for you to try. Of course, it doesn’t have to be in the morning, but I have found it so effective to start my day on such a very high vibration and such a good note, that I suggest at least trying it in the morning.

I call it the “I am the type of person who…” exercise. The identity part comes from the “I am,” and then the bridge is “the type of person who.” Open up your journal, and every single day, you make a list of everything that you want to do, to feel, to experience, to become, to manifest, to attract, etc. For example, you might write, “I am the type of person who easily and effortlessly receives $10,000 in his/her/their business on a monthly basis.” Be as specific as you want.

Remember, it’s not just things we manifest. We can manifest ANYTHING, you guys! You could write out what you want to feel or experience or BE. Like, “I am the type of person who loves and respects herself unconditionally.” “I am the type of person who has beautiful, bountiful friendships.” Don’t limit yourself!

Just like with the concept I shared earlier about making affirmations more effective by adjusting the wording to make them absolutely true, this exercise works the same. The wording is a little bit different so that we can melt resistance and blocks. Our brains won’t automatically reject these truths about our identity and who we are becoming.

Reality Needs to Match Identity

If you make your identity list every day with, say, 10 to 20 different things, you’re going to be surprised and amazed with what comes through! You’re going to naturally start to think, to believe, to feel, to vibrate, to behave like that type of person until you actually ARE that person. Reality needs to match identity. It’s quantum physics. There’s no way around it.

A simple example that one of my teachers used once really helped cement this concept for me. While talking about identity and how it shapes everything, he asked a student if they wanted a cigarette. The student said, “no,” and when asked the reason said that it was because they were not a smoker. If your IDENTITY is a non-smoker, you would never even think about a cigarette. Unlike a smoker, who IS thinking about cigarettes.

The same truth applies to your identity list. Your identity is going to shape your thoughts, your perceptions, your perspectives. Your identity shapes the actions you take, your behaviors, how you respond to situations. So when you SHIFT YOUR IDENTITY, you SHIFT YOUR REALITY.

Want Another Simple Tool You Can Use RIGHT NOW?

If you are as excited about this exercise as I am, you might also be interested in another very tangible, practical tool you can use right away, no matter where you are in your manifestation journey: a vision board. I have been learning about and making vision boards since I was 16, so, trust me, I know there are endless vision board trainings out there that will teach you how to slap a bunch of random pictures together and call it a “vision board.” But THIS is not that.  

In my latest program, Vision Board Alchemy you’ll learn:

  • How to get crystal clear on what you want
  • A step-by-step layout of my updated, FAIL-PROOF, 5-step manifestation process with actual examples of how to use it practically
  • How to build your vision board in a way that’s in alignment with the manifestation process, your subconscious mind, and spiritual laws
  • Techniques and hacks for people who aren’t visual or “not good at” visualizing (There are SO many more ways to make a vision board than you can even imagine! + a secret hack for making your subconscious believe what’s on your vision board is already real)
  • A step-by-step tutorial to create a digital vision board as well as ideas for going BEYOND the traditional vision board
  • A visualization to bring your vision board to life (collapsing the timeline between “then” and “NOW”)

Vision boards are one of the most valuable processes for manifesting real life RESULTS. I don’t want you to miss out! I’m so excited to see where these tools take you!



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