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Ready to manifest a reality wilder than your wildest dreams?

Grab my hand, put your learning cap on, and prepare to dramatically shift your mindset so that you can manifest all of your goals and dreams. No matter where you’re starting or what you want to focus on today, there is a program, course, or book that was designed especially for you.

Below you will find descriptions of my most popular programs. Next to each description you will see a button that will lead you to a page to either learn more about the program or to enroll and get started right away.


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Manifestation Babe Academy

Ever wanted to get an MBA in manifesting and a PhD in results? The Manifestation Babe Academy will help you do just that. Designed for the soul that’s passionate about self-mastery, this 4 week long course is going to teach you how to harness the Universe’s most powerful laws to attract anything and everything you want into your life. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in inaction for way too long, allow me to give you only the results-focused content you need to make the necessary shifts to take you to the next level. No fluff, no bullshit, no excuses. Let’s go!

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Rich Babe Academy

If you feel like you’re hustling way too hard for the lifestyle of your dreams, Rich Babe Academy is where I take you on a 6 week journey to radically transform the way that you earn, save, spend, and invest money. This is where you will develop a relationship with money that’s so good, money won’t be able to keep its hands off of you! If you’ve ever wanted to manifest money with grace and ease, develop your self-worth, eliminate any and all negative beliefs you hold around your finances, and blast through the ceiling of your income cap, this is the right academy for you.

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12 Universal Laws Masterclass

Did you know that there are 12 laws that are guiding the manifesting process? Most people only know of one–the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, only knowing one of the 12 laws is why most people give up way too soon on the manifestation process. They forget that there is a lot more going on in the Universe than just simply “like attracts like.” In this masterclass, I will explain each of the laws in detail AND share with you exactly how to apply all 12 so that you can see the success you deserve.

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Tapping into Massive Wealth

No matter how financially successful we may already be, we may still be holding on to limiting beliefs about money that are preventing us from skyrocketing our incomes to the level that we feel most fulfilled at. In Tapping into Massive Wealth, we will use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to blast through 7 of our most crippling financial beliefs. This is one of the best methods proven to rid the body of the energetic and emotional attachments that create resistance to having more wealth. Also a great compliment program to the Rich Babe Academy or Unleash Your Inner Money Babe book for that extra manifestation boost.

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Masterclass Bundles

Want to binge on some of my best masterclasses, guided meditations, hypnosis recordings, workbooks, and coaching calls Netflix style? I have put together 3 bundles for you that will allow you to do just that. Whether you are looking for help in the area of self-love and confidence, finances and money, or even your online business, I got the bundle just for you.

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Goal Smashing Like a BossBabe

Did you know there’s a way to set goals that’s directly in alignment with how your subconscious mind works? Your subconscious mind is the most powerful part of your consciousness that’s responsible for being the bridge between you and the Universe. I call this nifty part of us “the seeker.” You can have your subconscious mind do 95% of the work and have more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Forget the traditional SMART goal-setting route and learn the right way to set and achieve your goals.


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Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in just 21 Days:

Beginner to manifesting money? Don’t know where to start? I designed a workbook that will get you in the habit of believing that money is an unlimited
resource AND manifest $1,000 along the way. Look at this book as a 21-day journey that will make sure you never look at money in the same limiting way ever again by the end of it. Unleash Your Inner Money Babe is an Amazon #1 best-seller with over 470 5-star ratings for a reason–it freaking works.

She’s Killin’ It: The Ultimate 21-Day Journal for Manifesting Your Kickass Life

Every single successful person out there knows that a morning and an evening routine is crucial for creating success. Having these routines keeps them grounded and focused on their vision on a daily basis. I created a journal that allows you to discover more about yourself while developing a morning and evening routine in just 21 days. Filled with inspiring quotes and thought-provoking prompts, the She’s Killin’ It journal is a must-have on your bedside table.

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