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It’s been a few months since I started BBD. There were some major things that shifted and how I was operating. The first is that I made more offers and because of that I saw an increase in business. But more important than even that, I was able to 10x what I was charging by getting clear on exactly who would benefit the most from what I was offering. And then also having a really clear strategy of how to price according to the value I was bringing. I was able to create through the essential model a really clear vision for the customer journey, how everything fits in together in a really cohesive branded way. I also hired my first Virtual Assistant. I know I’m almost to make the most incredible quantum leap in my life and my business and because of that I’m gonna be able to impact and change the lives of countless others.

My biggest dream had come to reality and I transformed my business to be 100% online. I finally found what is aligned with my soul and my heart. This one is a huge one for me because I finally let go of the belief that I’m not a person that can commit totally. For example, I’ve spent $1500 on Facebook campaigns to grow my list and to warm up my audience before my upcoming launch in February. From a few dozens on my list, it is growing to two thousand people in one month. I applied an up-selling strategy which enabled me to get those 2 thousand leads. Not only for free, but I even get paid for them! My entire investment is 150% now. The last major transformation that I had was that I overcame my biggest fear of public speaking and I spoke in front of 100 people in my own event and it was amazing! I know now every cell of my body that anything and everything is possible and no one can stop me.