FIJI VLOG | Heaven on Earth is Kokomo Private Island

This was our very FIRST TIME visiting Kokomo Private Island and it was literally a dream come true!

If you know me, you know Brennan and I used to watch travel videos incessantly. Travel influencers, vloggers, you name it I’ve seen it!

But when our friends Jeremy & Angie visited Fiji, we were SO captivated by this location, Brennan schemed to make it a massive surprise — a dream trip manifested! And I just have to say…. as shown above, the videos do not do the beauty of this location justice!

Of course, after traveling all over the world, it’s hard to fully describe in words the breathtaking experience we had at this Fiji island resort. Paradise? Heaven? Let’s just say, it was one of the TWO only places in the world that left me in tears when we were leaving….tune in and check it out!


Kokomo Private Island:

Vlog Chapters:

00:00 Coming up on this Vlog!

01:26 Helicopter to Kokomo Private Island

02:27 Three Bedroom Sunset Villa Tour

06:05 Date Night Dinner – Walker D’Plank

07:35 Kokomo Trampoline – ICONIC!

10:54 Gym Tour & Workout

11:52 Private Astrolabe Reef Adventure on Yacht – Snorkeling & Fishing

14:50 Teaching Brennan How to Dive 16:23 Scuba Diving Astrolabe Reef

18:33 Eating our Ruby Snapper – Fishing Success

20:28 Sunset Villa Dinner

21:55 Goodbye Kokomo!

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