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When I was 16 years old, a friend handed me a book. The book was called, “The Secret” and it was the first time the word “manifestation” ever entered into my vocabulary. As you may have guessed, this book marked the start of my life’s work and obsession. For the first time, I understood that I was 100% in control of my internal AND external reality.

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Shortly after I was born, the Ukrainian mafia chased my family out of our home in Ukraine.


A couple of my family members had already immigrated to the United States years before, and with their help, we embarked on a challenging journey.

My family fled the country, under the cover of night, vanishing across the border to safety. Tantalized by the prospect of opportunity, we left our Russian home — for Los Angeles, California. In 1993, my family of 5 started a brand new life in a brand new country with less than $900 USD. We were in survival mode.

Growing up, I spent most of my childhood living in my own imagination. Teachers would constantly mark me down on my report card for staring out the window and daydreaming. This was the only way I could cope with all of the bullying, name calling and alienation that I went through from elementary school to high school. For most of my childhood, I always thought that I was a victim of circumstances and that life was happening to me.

My family had no money, my parents fought all the time, and eventually divorced when I was eight (when my mom had enough of my abusive father). I had no friends at school, and I was more than 30 lbs overweight due to the suffocating stress I could not find shelter from. I often dreamt of my family winning the lottery, the popular boy at school finally liking me and making me popular too, and for a magic fairy to poof my overweight body back into shape so kids could stop spreading rumors that I was pregnant. My life became a game of brainstorming all the ways that I could please others kids so that they would like me.

After discovering The Secret and learning about how to manifest for the first time, I realized that I didn't have to do anything to fit in.

I could be myself and change my reality just by changing my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

For the first time in my life, I stopped allowing my past to determine my future. With these new insights, I began making improvements in my life. As a result, I started to attract more positive experiences, which grew as I kept reading, learning, studying, applying and practicing.

Things were pretty dandy in life until one day, at the age of 22, I had an awakening at a Tony Robbins personal growth seminar. In the midst of applying to medical school, I decided to finally break free from my box. I heard a voice ask me a question. The question was “who are you living for, Kathrin?” It started as a whisper until it became a deafening roar. I couldn’t shake this voice from continuously asking me this question. Finally the answer came to me– “everyone but myself.”

For so many years of my youth, my family pushed me into the sciences. Anytime someone would ask my mom what I wanted to be when I grew up, she’d immediately answer “doctor.” So medical school naturally became that path for me. It was a path that represented the American Dream to my family. The path of certainty, success, and most importantly–job security.

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In 2015, I decided that I no longer wanted to do what everyone else wanted me to do.

I no longer wanted to settle for a life that looked good in the eyes of society.

I was tired of my predetermined path and wanted to pursue what I wanted to do.

That weekend after the seminar, I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years, swiped my credit card for $15,000 to attend another personal growth seminar, and decided to move back to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Washington.

Realizing I had no money, no job, a failing online business I had started my junior year of college, and no way of affording LA rent, I ended up living on my grandma’s couch. This was the beginning of my bold attempt to chase my out-of-the-box dreams.

One night on my grandma's couch, I had a conversation with myself.

In this conversation I realized that The Universe gave
me the best opportunity to test all that I knew.

If I could manifest my way off this couch–then I can help others accomplish ANYTHING. I decided that I would have the BEST comeback and success story of anyone else that I knew. It was the ultimate test I needed to prove to myself once and for all, that manifestation was absolutely real.

That night I decided to play a game for the next 12 months. The game worked like this: I would live every single day as if my success was inevitable. I would go for my biggest goals and dreams as if I absolutely could not fail. I would develop the ultimate success mindset and ignore the fact that I had no money in my bank account and slept on someone else’s couch. If by the end of the year I succeeded, then I would continue the game for the rest of my life. If I had failed, well, I was already at my lowest point. I would stop playing the game and stay on this couch forever.

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That week I started an Instagram account and named it @manifestationbabe

It was a place for me to hold myself accountable to this new game.

As I started to re-learn what I learned at the age of 16, I needed a place to capture my thoughts, my insights, my breakthroughs and my aha
moments. As I started to manifest more of the things that I desired into my life, people started asking me how I was doing it so that they could learn too.

So, I began to teach them my most powerful mindset and manifestation tricks. I shared with them everything that I was learning and watched their lives transform as well. Within 2 years, I built Manifestation Babe to a multi-million dollar personal development company. I got off the couch, moved into my own apartment, fell in love, traveled the world with my fiance, and manifested every single thing that I have ever wanted in my life. Now I get to wake up every morning and ask myself the question, “What else is out there for me?” Even with all of my successes, I know just how truly limitless our lives are. The answer is “so much more.”


Now my purpose has grown way beyond just changing my life.

I believe I was put here on this planet to make a massive difference and remind others of their infinite potential.

Today, Manifestation Babe has helped over 100,000 women across the globe see massive success in their lives too. It’s a blessing to get to wake up each day and witness the lives of others radically transform just by applying the spiritual principles that I teach in my courses, masterclasses, and books.

Now that you’re here and you’ve gotten to know a bit more about me, I’m so excited to hear more about you. Whether you start with my podcast or jump right into one of my academies, I can’t wait to witness your incredible success story too. If there’s one thing I can leave you with before we get started, it’s this: Your success is inevitable and you are always on the right path. There is more out there for you and you’ve just barely scratched the surface.

To Your Massive Success,

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Kathrin Zenkina

is the creator of
Manifestation Babe.

She created this company for people who are obsessed with taking their life to the next level, unleashing their inner magic, breaking through their limitations, and “manifesting a reality, wilder than their wildest dreams.”

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Kathrin decided to forgo medical school. At this time, she revisited the book “The Secret” and re-entered the world of Law of Attraction. Before creating Manifestation Babe in 2016, Kathrin was $25,000 in debt and making less than $1600/month in income with her failing online business.

Since starting on Instagram as @ManifestationBabe, her business has generated over $1.6M in the last 12 months, she has built a coaching empire, become the Amazon best-selling author of “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe,” created her two premier programs: Manifestation Babe Academy & Rich Babe Academy, built an online community of 100,000+ followers, and has been featured in podcasts and well-known online magazines.

You can learn more about Kathrin Zenkina and the Manifestation Babe community by following her on Instagram at @manifestationbabe or by joining her thriving Facebook Group community, Manifestation Babes.

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