SYDNEY VLOG | Park Hyatt Sydney, Raising an Aussie baby, & Taronga Zoo. + BLOOPERS

I manifested the BEST surprise during our trip to Sydney, Australia!!

Australia is a very nostalgic travel location for us. It’s been this sort of safe haven that’s held us during the “in-between” moments of our lives where we were just about to experience massive growth and transformation, both in our personal lives AND our business! 

Needless to say, bringing our baby boy with us was so special! Tons of memories have been made here and this trip was no different! We shared some really funny moments, took Orion to the Taronga Zoo, found amazing food in the city AND Brennan surprised me with a trip of my DREAMS!! 

Tune into this travel vlog to find out WHERE the surprise trip is going to be, and catch BTS footage of our shenanigans in Sydney!


Searock Grill
Harbourfront Seafood Restaurant 
Taronga Zoo


00:00 Coming up on this Vlog!
01:04 Day 1 in Sydney – Hotel: Park Hyatt Sydney
03:54 Betty’s Burgers at Circular Quay
04:47 Shopping in the Sydney CBD
06:14 Chanel purse Unboxing
08:47 Strolling the The Rocks, Opera House
10:59 Dinner at Searock Grill
12:14 Day 2
12:27 Brunch at Harbourfront Seafood
15:54 Water Taxi to Taronga Zoo
16:29 Taronga Zoo 
18:51 The BIG surprise!!!


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3