SINGAPORE VLOG | Hawker Stall Hainanese Chicken, Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, Gardens by the Bay

Singapore has become one of our all-time favorite “layover” destinations!

Anytime we’re traveling in Asia, we love stopping in Singapore for shopping, food and just exploring a really beautiful location. This also happened to be when we finally nailed the travel sleep routine for baby O on the airplane, which was amazing because it was one of the easiest flights we had while living the “digital nomad” life with a baby. It was a quick trip, but we had fun returning to the @ritzcarlton Millenia Singapore, in a room overlooking the Marina Bay Sands and the whole city! We ate tons of insanely DELICIOUS food, explored the Gardens by the Bay & of course got some shopping in. Tune in & comment below what your favorite part of this trip was! ___________________________


Ritz-Carlton Milennia:…


Thai Dynasty:…

Marina Baby Sands:….

Gardens by the Bay:

Manifestation Babe Website:


00:00 Coming up on this Vlog!

01:10 Rushing to the Airport

01:59 Hacking the system with @singaporeair

03:09 What we love about Singapore

03:33 Touchdown in Singapore

04:48 Day 2!

05:58 Marina Bay Sands Shoppes

7:00 Pool diapers contain poop?

08:45 Hawker Stalls

10:33 MIND BLOWING Tom Yum Soup

12:02 Last Day in Singapore

13:17 Gardens by the Bay

15:13 Australia up next!


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