ROME VLOG | Eating our way through Ancient Italy

Next stop on our family tour in Europe – visiting Rome, Italy!

This Rome Vlog almost didn’t happen because Brennan ALMOST didn’t make it! He got stuck in an elevator in France right before we had to leave for our flight. Thankfully he got out just 2 minutes before our car left for the airport!

In this Rome vlog, you’ll see that Italy instantly stole our hearts!  We started this trip with a little walking tour to show our grandparents the area, and the richness of its history truly comes alive in all of the scenery. From cathedrals to The Colosseum – Ancient Italy is absolutely breathtaking.

We did some shopping while we were here and of course got some AMAZING food (every pasta imaginable & even pizza for breakfast – Cacio e Pepe is LIFE) and let me just tell you, if you want to travel internationally with a baby – Rome is where it’s at! Italians LOVE babies.

We felt so welcome everywhere we went, and it was so much fun spoiling the grandparents, indulging in the cuisine and overall taking in the beauty that IS Rome. Press play to tune into our Rome Vlog now. Arrivederci!


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Oppio Caffé:



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Vlog Chapters:

00:00 Coming up on this Vlog!

01:23 First Meal in Rome

02:36 Shopping and Exploring

05:41 Dinner at La Nuova Piazzetta

07:09 Breakfast at D’Angelo

09:48 Trevi Fountain Crowds

11:50 Good Gelato vs. Bad Gelato

13:17 Lunch at Rosati

14:01 Trevi Fountain + Colosseum Photoshoot

15:27 Pizza for Breakfast at Oppio Caffé

18:21 Presents for the Grandparents!

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