OUR FIRST AFRICAN SAFARI IN KENYA (Wait till you see the BABIES – rhinos & lions!)

We took a trip to Kenya, flew on a private jet from Kigali, Rwanda, and stumbled upon…

BABIES! Baby Rhinos, Baby Lions. All the Safari Babies.

This adventure took us to the Samburu region of Kenya, and we stayed at the @TheSafariCollectionKenya property of Sassab. There we were graced with the most incredible experience, thanks to our incredible tracker, Justus, and our guide, Mike. We saw our first giraffes, elephants, crocodiles, baboons, and everything you could imagine — we even got to see the SUPER endangered and rare Wild Dogs! We had monkeys break into our bathroom and p**p everywhere, ran into the most poisonous snakes, and had a darn good time being escorted by armed rangers so we wouldn’t get eaten by the Leopards at NIGHT! WHAT? After we wrapped up our trip in Sassab, we hopped on a Safarilink bush plane, and flew to the next Safari Collection property — Solio Lodge, tucked into a mountainous region in Kenya. Solio Lodge is a private conservancy, focused on allowing Black and White Rhinos to reproduce since they are such a decimated, endangered population of incredible animals. There, we met our family. We had the honor of being led through the bush by Fred Kinaya, a Masai tribe guide, and Blackie, a Samburu tribe tracker. They became our family the moment we met them, and they were incredible teachers but became even better friends. We saw BABY rhinos, learned about Rhinos, and explored the incredible reserve. We explored the Aberdare Mountains, where we saw OUR FIRST LEOPARD! This was such an incredible experience, and we cannot wait to share it with you! If you feel called to support this beautiful region and people (like we did), you can donate to one of the many programs supported by The Safari Collection (we donated to Feeding Young Minds — giving 1000 kids meals for the whole year!). Link is here: https://www.thesafaricollection.com/f…

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as we did! CHEERS KENYA! Till next time!


00:00 Our First African Safari in Kenya

00:48 First Private Jet Experience

02:21 Safarilink plane to Sassab, Samburu

02:46 Welcome to Sassab, Samburu — Safari Collection Property Room Tour

05:10 First Game Drive — Wild Dogs

05:55 Second Game Drive – Samburu National Reserve – Giraffes, Elephants, Crocodiles, Monkeys

07:05 Bush Breakfast

08:39 Taking Photos at Sunset in Sassab

08:46 Getting Escorted by Armed Rangers

10:23 Taking off to Solio Lodge

11:00 Solio Lodge Room Tour

12:21 Seeing the Vervet Monkey with Blue B*lls

13:30 BABY RHINO!!!!!

15:07 Donating to Feeding Young Minds

18:00 Fred talking about seeing everything — including rangers killing poachers

20:04 Horseback riding with Zebras



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