EPIC Masai Mara Experience at Sala’s Camp – do you think Giraffe Manor is worth it?

Part TWO of our amazing trip to Kenya is officially HERE!

Brennan and I landed in the Masai Mara National Park, where we would be staying in a luxury tent at Sala’s Camp by @TheSafariCollectionKenya One of my favorite parts was that we practically got an immediate game drive on the way to where we were staying because there are SO MANY ANIMALS. We happened to be staying here during mating season for the Hyena’s—but don’t you worry, we managed to keep this vlog PG13! The property we stayed on was absolutely gorgeous! We had a riverside view from our room with Tanzania’s border just on the other side of the river from us. On our first sunset game drive we got to see tons of beautiful wildlife and finally got the closest we’ve ever gotten to a LEOPARD. There were a ton of animals on our wishlist for this trip and something I came to discover was that the key to seeing all of them on this trip would be letting go of our expectations for seeing them. We did in fact get to see all of the wildlife we hoped to, including a bunch of male lions AND finally found a cheetah!! We even got to witness our first live kill when the cheetah we found took down a baby thomson gazelle, which although it was an emotional experience for me, it was also really beautiful to witness the circle of life before my eyes. Both Brennan and I spent a lot of time pondering just how precious life really is after this trip. During one of our game drives we were also able to visit a Masai village where we met some of the most incredible people ever and our guides, Eture & Kopai, had us literally in tears at the end of our stay when they gifted us the most beautiful necklaces to take home with us. We ended our trip with a stay at Giraffe Manor where we got to of course feed the giraffes and take some gorgeous pictures! It was so much better than I even expected and I cannot wait to come back to Kenya and bring our family and of course baby O with us!


00:05 Landing in Masai Mara National Park

00:24 Arriving at our tent at Sala’s Camp

02:38 Tour of our room

04:40 Heading out for our first sunset game drive

04:52 The closest we’ve ever gotten to a leopard

06:03 Lions that we spotted on our game drive

06:51 We found Black Rhinos!

08:47 GAME DRIVE TIME (day 2)

10:31 A male LION

12:22 Sharing some perspective on life during our game drive

13:48 Visiting a Masai village


15:51 Finally found the CHEETAH

18:52 Leaving the Masai Mara National Reserve for Giraffe Manor

19:48 The beautiful gifts we received from our guides

20:05 Arriving at Giraffe Manor

22:45 Feeding the Giraffes!

24:07 A little more info about Giraffe Manor

26:06 Feeding my girl Daisy before we leave


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