EGYPT VLOG | Exploring Ancient PYRAMIDS while PREGNANT

Pregnancy wasn’t going to stop me from this incredible travel experience!

Come along with us in this vlog on a Nile River cruise & check out the beautiful artifacts we found at the Egypt Museum in Cairo. You’ll also get super exclusive footage as we ventured INSIDE one of the Great Pyramids of Giza before visiting the famous Valley of The Kings (w @historiatheboutiquehotelni6509 ) concluding our trip with a MUST SEE attraction at Abu Simbel. If you love keeping up with our travels and catching behind the scenes videos of all things Manifestation Babe, be sure to give this video a “like” & hit that subscribe button! The best is yet to come! Join the waitlist for our 2024 Bali and Egypt Travel Experience!…


2024 Bali Travel Experience…

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00:00 Coming up on this Vlog

00:24 Welcome to Cairo!

02:29 King Tut, the Golden Pharaoh, Tutankhamun at the Egyptian Museum

05:52 Day 2

06:17 The Pyramids of Giza

08:52 (Londa rides) Camel at the Pyramids!

09:12 The Sphinx

09:59 Meeting Team Egypt at the Bazaar

12:09 Day 3

13:16 Starting our Nile Cruise

14:44 Day 4 – Valley of the Kings

15:23 The Temple of Hatshepsut

16:40 Karnak Temple in Luxor

18:52 Happy Birthday Brennan!

19:15 Day 5 – Edfu Temple

20:57 Drama with the locals

22:57 Kom Ombo

23:40 Day 6

24:27 Abu Simbel in Aswan

26:47 Hurghada and the Red Sea

27:21 Rixos Hotel Review

28:41 Thanks for watching:)


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