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You saved my life and I am so grateful for you! I found your podcast at a very difficult time for me mentally and since listening, following, and doing the free seminars, I have completely changed my life to be focused on happiness, gratitude, and love and in turn, have been blessed beyond measure.

I just have to say I am so grateful. I stumbled across your podcasts back in November! I seriously cannot even explain how much my life has shifted! I’m currently working on day 14 of the Unleash Your Inner Money Babe workbook and I’m already so close to achieving my manifestation goal!

I got a nudge from the Universe to download some of your freebie guides and listen to your podcast again. I cried with happiness while listening to the guided meditation tonight - which I’ve never done before! Envisaging a scene from a goal I’m manifesting. I just want to say thank you, you’ve given me ME back.

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