Manifestation Misconceptions

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I am currently in West Palm Beach gearing up for the next 6 days where Brennan and I will be attending Date with Destiny — Tony Robbins’ 6 day  life transforming live event. We are SO stoked and can barely sit still in our hotel room waiting for the minutes to count down before we have to be at the convention center in the morning! EEE.

I just finished a livestream in the Manifestation Babes Facebook group talking about the four most common manifesting misconceptions I come across my FB group members, social media friends, and of course, clients/students. I wanted to recap them for you here so that you can take these tidbits with you and know that you are NOT alone in the questions/confusions you may have when it comes to the topic!

#1: “Can I manifest ____?”

I hear over and over again the following questions like, “Can I manifest love?” “Can I manifest a relationship?” “Can I manifest money?” “Can I manifest a car?”

Because the Law of Attraction is a universal law just like the Law of Gravity, it applies to EVERYTHING we can possibly think of. Just like the Law of Gravity works the same for you, your car, your dog, and your house, the Law of Attraction works the same exact way whether you are manifesting a new hot ride, a hot new boyfriend, or a couple thousand bucks.

The inner work…the energetic work… remains the exact same. The only thing that differs is your intention & the massive action you take toward what you want depending on what you want. Obviously if you’re manifesting a relationship, you wouldn’t hire a financial advisor to help you. And vice verse. If you were manifesting a steady income of $10k per month, you wouldn’t go find your money on Tinder. The action and intention will differ (the deets), but the manifesting process is the exact same.

#2. “I’m so bad at manifesting.” or “I don’t know how to manifest.”

The thing about this is this… you have manifested your entire life up until this point. The current reality that you are experiencing is a result of what you spent the majority of time focusing on up until this point. So you’re already a master manifestor. You’re not necessarily new to manifesting itself. However, you’re probably new to becoming a more intentional and positive manifestor. Which is where all the fun stuff comes in! This is where you can start to learn more about your desires and get crystal clear on what you really want to bring into your life. Then apply it to your unique manifesting process and watch it unfold in your reality!

#3: “If I have negative thoughts, will they manifest?”

Shortly after being introduced to the Law of Attraction for the first time, a lot of manifesting newbies become more aware of their negative thinking patterns. This awareness quickly shifts into a panic because they worry that all their negative thoughts are going to instantaneously manifest into their realities.

You see, everyone has negative thoughts. Even the people with mindsets at their peak will have a negative thought from time to time. That’s because thoughts aren’t really ours. At least not always. Thoughts are shared by the collective consciousness and are just another form of energy exchanged between us human beings. Sometimes we will have a random negative thought appear into our minds and  have no idea where it comes from. It’s not our job to process each and every single thought that comes in. It’s up to us to decide whether we want to FOCUS on this thought long term.

It’s what you persistently FOCUS on that manifests… not really the thoughts you think themselves. If you find yourself constantly focusing on your negative thoughts, then I would say switch your focus ASAP if you want to prevent manifesting them.

#4. “Can you manifest a relationship with a specific person? What if I’m trying to manifest my ex back into my life?”

This question is probably one of the top most frequently asked questions in my Facebook group. The truth about this question is that YES it’s totally possible to manifest a relationship with a specific person… but ONLY if the relationship between the two of you is for the highest good for the both of you.

The issue arises when you apply force to a relationship and demand that the two of you come back together and form a relationship. This force can be applied by constantly focusing on the specific person. This messes with the free will of the other party involved, and I’m a big believer that you never want to mess with someone’s free will. Not only will the energy be off between you two (because force is… well, forceful), but if you’re a believer in the Law of Karma, this forceful energy may come back to you later on in a future relationship.

Instead of manifesting a relationship with a SPECIFIC person, focus on manifesting a relationship with your IDEAL mate. Why not open up an empty page in your journal and write down all the qualities you want in your DREAM partner. Get crystal clear on what you want and leave it up to the Universe to bring you your soulmate. If your soulmate ends up being that specific person you initially wanted to manifest, then awesome! This relationship will serve the both of you for a long time to come. But please leave it up to the greater good of all involved.

Speaking of relationships, soulmates, and manifesting…

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2018 is the year of fulfilling relationships for the Manifestation Babe community. Whether that’s a relationship with yourself, with a partner, with your higher power, your finances, or your health, you will find that life is so much more fulfilling when you are happy in ALL aspects of your life.

And yes, you can have it ALL.

Forever and always 🙂

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Kathrin Zenkina

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