April 2018 CEO Report : How Did Manifestation Babe Do?

Check out how Manifestation Babe did for the month of April in 2018! 

April Revenue: $79,589.54 

This month we hosted the Manifestation Babe Bali Retreat, went on vacation to Singapore, and I had a quick speaking engagement in Milwaukee. We were out of the country for 19 days out of the month and I was completely off-line…so it’s safe to say April was a quiet month.

Thankfully though, we’ve set up enough recurring payments to create almost $70,000 of revenue for a month in which I did very little online promoting. The only new thing I launched during this month was my $8 masterclass about the 12 Universal Laws and that created about $10,000. It was really cool to see that a small offer could have such an impact on income AND people’s lives. My Manifestation Babes LOVED this masterclass! 

The Bali Retreat this year was AMAZING, probably my favorite yet, because of the team that I had behind me. Brennan and I hired Zack Kravits (His Youtube channel is here), who probably made the most EPIC video we have ever seen capturing the magic of the retreat. We also had Londa with us who made everything SO easy for me and the girls. Of course, Brennan was there as well being the big macho male figure to round us up and make us feel safe at all times of the trip. We ended up finding an exquisite chef (that we didn’t have last time) and added two new activities into the retreat that weren’t present last year– Sunday’s Beach Club & The Bali Swing.

After Bali, Brennan and I celebrated his birthday in Singapore and this was a trip where we REALLY rewarded ourselves for kicking off another successful retreat AND closing our highest revenue month EVER in March. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton, Brennan gifted me a Chanel bag that has been on my vision board for YEARS, a Louis Vuitton wallet, and we gave Brennan a watch upgrade as well. It felt so good to give back to ourselves this month after giving, giving, and giving to our valued clientele.

With every single month that passes, I realize more and more how VALUABLE my time is. I’m making a ton of adjustments from this point on until the end of the year to reduce the amount of work that I do in my business. I’m learning to set more boundaries, and clearly define the kind of people I want to keep attracting into all the Manifestation Babe offers. I feel SO blessed for the work that I do, and want to create a maintainable workflow that I can manage for the rest of my life. I truly plan on leaving Manifestation Babe as one of my legacies… so there is a TON still left to accomplish.

Wins this month:

  • Another successful retreat! WEE!
  • Brennan and I invested majorly into the business via providing a top-tier retreat experience, hiring Zack as our cinematographer (who was also recommended to us by Lewis Howes), and it’s proven to pay off MAJORLY.
  • $80,000 month via recurring income & an $8 offer = inching closer and closer to the $100,000 recurring revenue floor.
  • Celebrating our successes in Singapore
  • First official speaking engagement in Milwaukee was a success
  • Getting back to LA and deciding to stay for 10 weeks before we head out to travel again.

Mistakes this month:

  • Not staying in Bali long enough! (Yes, seriously… that’s the ONLY mistake this month)

Goals for April & Where I Landed:

  • Create the Manifestation Babe Academy – 4 week live course
  • Take 4 days completely off from business in Singapore (Took off 3 out of 4 days)
  • Rock the 2nd annual Manifestation Babe Bali Retreat and give the 12 women who joined an unforgettable experience in Bali (DONE!)
  • Generate a minimum of $90,000 (via recurring payments & smaller offers I already have on my website) – (We did almost $80,000 which is just $10,000 short of the goal)

Goals for May:

  • $500,000 launch for Manifestation Babe Academy
  • THAT right there is my biggest and only goal for this month. I have 100% faith the team and I GOT THIS! I know the power of MBA and its ability to change lives and I’m so excited to bring this course out into reality.

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Thank you so much for reading my CEO report from April of 2018! It’s amazing to look back on the growth of Manifestation Babe and transparently share our wins, goals, and mistakes to help inspire you and give you some perspective into the growth of our business! 

Kathrin Zenkina 


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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