February 2018 CEO Report : How Did Manifestation Babe Do?

February 2018 CEO Report : How Did Manifestation Babe Do? 

It’s time for another CEO report to summarize the month of February. I am SO grateful for all the feedback and support for the very first CEO report that summarized the entire year of 2016, 2017, and the first month of 2018. It was so scary to lay it all out there because you never know how people may react to full-blown transparency. If you haven’t yet seen it, no worries, just click here and come back to this one when you’re done.

Thankfully, I inspired a couple of entrepreneurs to come forward with their numbers and I’m excited to see many more follow suit in the coming months. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that people trust you, even more, when you’re fully transparent and have nothing to hide. It creates a beautiful bond between you and your supporters– especially future supporters who have yet to come across your work.

Sales accelerate when people trust you, and people trust you when you’re being honest. I see so many entrepreneurs make the mistake of fluffing up their numbers thinking that THAT’S what makes them credible when really, people are paying more attention to YOU than they are your numbers. And what makes you walk your walk isn’t just that you’re a millionaire and drowning in luxury, but that you CARE about people, respect your tribe, and give more than you ever ask for. When you come from a heart of gold, you’ll never run out of business. That I can vouch for any time, any day.

So February? February was a pleasant surprise. Brennan and I expected a month around $40k because we spent the majority of February just launching the free 5 day Rich Babe challenge. There were no new products, no launches, and only payment plans that were expected to come through, besides new Bali Retreat enrollees. We put about $1,500 into Instagram ads so that we can pump as much traffic into the free challenge as we possibly could so that we could expect a bigger launch. This is the most I’ve EVER spent on ads too. In the entirety of Manifestation Babe, my ad spend is now about a grand total of $1,700, and that includes this month. We LOVE the organic traffic that pours into our business, but we want to move even faster now. So hence, testing things out! I’ll keep you guys updated on how ads do for us as we keep playing around with them.

Check out how Manifestation Babe did for the month of February in 2018! 

February Revenue: $73,169.86

As you can see, we had about $63,000 come in through PayPal (our payment processor) and about $10,000 through book royalties (which isn’t pictured). This makes February approximately, a $73,000 month. As I mentioned before, it was a pleasant surprise. We made almost double what we expected to as we expect a large influx of payments to come in through the Rich Babe Academy launching in March.

In February, #TeamMB expanded!!! This was the best part of the month. We’ve been interviewing people since mid-January and came across so many incredible candidates. It was really hard to choose who would be the best fit for Manifestation Babe. When I published my very first CEO report a few weeks ago, I didn’t realize that we would receive such a MASS influx of resumes in my Instagram DM’s, Facebook messenger, and emails. I feel so insanely blessed to have THAT many people want to work for my company. You know you’ve built something special when people dream of working for you.

We brought on Londa and Priya as of February 19th and February 26th. YAY!!! Both women are absolute geniuses in what they do and Brennan and I have yet to figure out how the Universe graced us with such incredible assets to the team. It’s still early, but I’m already confident enough to say that we now possess an ALL STAR team. Those of you who are coming to the Bali retreat in April, will get to meet me, Brennan and Londa as well!

I was in a much, much better headspace in February than I was in January. I felt like I had my drive back and loved to create again. My coach has been incredible and reminds me to be grateful for how far I’ve come, rather than how much more I want to do. He also puts me into check about the fact that I’ve only been in business for less than 2 years and I still have many decades ahead of me to accomplish many more things. It doesn’t all have to be done right now, right this year–let alone this month.

I allowed myself to sleep in more than I typically would so that my mind could rest, and I probably read about 5 or 6 books this month. I know that the next season of business just hit because I went from feeling like I’ve been in the dark all of November, December, and January (winter, and now the sun is shining again. Funny that this follows the actual seasons too. My card pulls every morning have followed the same trend. All negative, low vibe, “get the fuck out of your head” messages have finally turned into positive cards on a consistent basis. For everyone asking me on the daily, the card deck that I use is this one.

In February, I also started to write my next book which is scheduled to be published in October. I have an entire team to help me make it my best piece of work yet which is super exciting for me. I literally feel like I have a coach who kicks my ass and asks me why everything is important. I’m used to creating with no limits, no guidance, and zero direction. But this time, I’m challenged to go into as much detail as I can, so that my reader can have the best experience reading my book. I am constantly reminded that it isn’t so much about me and my book—but rather the reader and what they get out of it. I love this because everything I do IS for you guys. If I didn’t receive such beautiful emails, messages, DMs, and even REAL NOTES in my P.O box, I probably wouldn’t have made it this far.

Last month I also had 3 VIP days in LA, my first platinum partner’s event in Sun Valley, Idaho with Tony Robbins (which you can read some awesome insights from here), and flushed out a lot of planning for my upcoming retreat. We also opened up our investment account and officially put our money to work for us through the market. Now THAT’s exciting. 

 Wins this month:

  • Hired the team I SO badly needed the last couple of months
  • Bali Retreat is super close to selling out!
  • Almost doubled my expected revenue

 Mistakes this month:

  • Allowed imposter syndrome to kick in after the plat trip which brought me down for a few days. Thankfully my mentor, Lewis, kicked me out of it by sharing with our mastermind how he handles imposter syndrome.
  • Back to back VIP days exhausted me, so now I know to have a day in between!

 Goals for February & Where I landed:

  • Utilize my coach to keep me in check with my mindset and strategy (LOVE my coach and definitely utilized him this month)
  • Hire a team again who can help grow Manifestation Babe into the $2-3,000,000 company I know it already is this year (Hired two people! Yay!)
  • 10,000 signups for the 5 Day Rich Babe Challenge that starts on March 5th (So far we were able to sign up 6,500 women for the Rich Babe Challenge)
  • Sell 400 spots to Rich Babe Academy for an $800,000 launch (This was obviously supposed to be a March goal as Rich Babe didn’t even open up this month. But we did finish a successful January class!)
  • Utilize my mastermind and connections to get behind other people’s businesses/successes and invite them to support my biz as well. Brainstorm partnerships with other influencers. Really get behind the power in numbers. (Had 1 powerful babe partner with me to support the Rich Babe challenge and drive traffic to the sign-up page. Also, scheduled a call with one of my masterminders and had a MASSIVE breakthrough!)

 Goals for March:

  • 403 new Rich Babe Academy students
  • Large focus on “attracting money with ease” messaging as I am feeling Spirit calling me to be the example of letting money be easy and resting more than I work
  • Work through “She’s Killin’ It” journal for my own personal development and to keep me on track in this new season
  • Finish and lock in my outline for my next book
  • Manifest my highest grossing month to date – Aiming for $150k (this includes all 403 new RBA students)—and do it with GRACE & EASE

Did you enjoy this report? Did you love this idea? Did it help you in any way?

Will you leave a comment below and share this with another entrepreneur who could totally benefit from this?

It would mean the world to me and help me spread this message on the power of honesty, transparency, and vulnerability. It would also inspire me to keep putting myself out there and share with you my wins, my losses, and lessons learned each and every single month from this point forward.

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to share March’s report with you next month!


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