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It’s been a hot second since I checked in with you and I thought that now would be the best time to do so after I’ve recovered from my 5 day trip with Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partners.

Phew. It’s been a crazy adventure!   

I just spent almost an entire week with the smartest, brightest, and most evolved financial minds in the world. Tony brought the best of the best to Sun Valley, Idaho and we were able to learn from the Chairman of the Federal Reserve during the crash of 2008 (Ben Bernanke), top hedge fund managers like Ray Dahlio, and so many more. It was called the Platinum Financial Trip and it was mind-blowing.   

I’ve never spent so much time surrounding myself with not just millionaires, but HUNDRED millionaires and billionaires. Literally not just on stage, but actually being with them in the AUDIENCE. They were attending the trip to not just teach, but learn too. 

I learned so much about the practical strategies of investing, but of course, since I’m the mindset fanatic, I paid CLOSE attention to everyone’s psychology.  I was most fascinated with the billionaires. Keep in mind, I’m talking about SELF-MADE billionaires here. They were ALL self-made and it was AMAZING!  

So…how DO billionaires think and act around money? What got them there?   On the last day of the event, I made a list in my little textbook and wanted to share all the fascinating trends with YOU! 

Because I’m committed to helping over 1,000,000 people rebuild their relationships with money and free themselves from financial stress, why not continue on the money discussion and share the tips from the very top 0.000001%? 

Without further ado,  here’s how billionaires REALLY think and act around money:

  1. Billionaires are very level headed around money

 This is so important to note as the number thing I notice amongst people is that their mood goes up and down as their money goes up and down. When things are going well, they’re happy. When things aren’t going so well, they’re severely upset. You can predict people’s moods based on outside circumstances such as how the economy is doing, how much they got paid last week, and whether or not they got the promotion at work or not. Billionaires stay level-headed and grateful for their financial circumstances year round. You can say that the reason why they’re level-headed around money is because they have TONS of it in their bank accounts, but remember, money doesn’t change who you are and your behaviors. It’s your behaviors and attitudes that affect money. They trained themselves to act this way which led to their insane wealth.  

  1. Billionaires see things as opportunity, while everyone else sees fear.

  Did you know that there were more millionaires made during the Great Depression than any other time in history? A similar thing happened during the crash of 2008. Most people don’t realize that one of the BEST times to create wealth is when everything goes on sale. During a crash, the average person gets extremely fearful and sells off their assets. Everything goes down in value, and people think that the best thing to do is get the HELL out of the market. 

Billionaires know that the way to accumulate more wealth is to capitalize on the massive opportunity when no one else is taking advantage of it. They look at what everyone else is doing and do the COMPLETE opposite. They pump more money into the market when everything is on fire than when things are going well.  

I loved hearing this because I know that the Law of Rhythm states that nature is seasonal and cyclical. Winter is ALWAYS going to come around. The difference? While most people freeze to death in winter, the smart ones are snowboarding and skiing on the mountain enjoying themselves and thriving in the chaos of everything going around them.   

The world always comes back around. Spring is the season that follows winter. Please KNOW this because I can’t explain how many people I see living in fear everytime winter comes around and miss so much opportunity in being HAPPY and THRIVING. The only certainty we have here on Earth is change. Be flexible and get excited about the change. There’s more opportunity in this world than we can even see regardless of the season or cycle.  

  1. Billionaires are in it for the long-term game.

 I believe that a TRUE abundance mindset happens when you let go of instant gratification. What’s the rush in having it RIGHT NOW? If you’re in a rush to have the car, the house, the Chanel bag, and the millions of dollars RIGHT NOW, then you’re living in scarcity. You believe that you’re going to run out of time and that if you don’t have it now, you’ll never have it.   Billionaires send their money to go to work for them. Did you know that most billionaires didn’t earn their way to billions of dollars? They INVESTED their money. They sent their dollar bills to go and multiply themselves so that they didn’t have to work as hard in creating wealth.   

Most people believe that the only way to create wealth is to win the lottery. Again, the instant gratification mindset–is the ultimate scarcity mindset. Billionaires are totally fine waiting 10-15 years to be financially free before indulging in luxury. Meanwhile, your average person is putting luxury items on credit cards and then struggling to pay it off their entire lives.   

After this week, I had some major realizations of how I am more than willing to create a nest egg for Brennan and I so that we have absolute financial freedom from the returns of our investments ALONE, rather than have everything we desire right now. We still live in our studio apartment and I still drive my white Jetta from college. We can basically afford to buy a HOUSE right now and go pay in CASH for a brand new luxury car. However, we decided that we would much rather have hundreds of millions in the bank by the time we’re 40 years old, rather than hold off on making major investments in our future. That’s the billionaire mindset, and that’s how most billionaires got to where they are now. 

If you’re in instant gratification mode right now, I just want to ask you… what are you in the rush for? Who are you trying to impress? Would you much rather be set for life in the future, or keep working to maintain your current lifestyle until “retirement?” No judgments here, just some questions to ponder. This also isn’t to say you can’t ENJOY luxury right now. I’ll be the first one to admit I LOVE flying first class, enjoying 5-course high-end dinners, and Louis Vuitton. You can absolutely do whatever you want. In fact, I highly recommend spending 10% of your income to spoil yourself right now, but that’s the thing. It’s 10%… not 90% 

  1. Billionaires work hard so that they can give hard.

This one is so counterintuitive for most people, but makes so much sense to me. Billionaires don’t have to work another day in their life to maintain their lifestyle. They have enough cash flow that they can support multiple generations below them and still won’t ever run out of money. However, here’s the thing that I noticed. They work HARDER now than they did when they were first creating their wealth because NOW they get to do what they actually LOVE to do. And most of the time what they end up doing is giving back to society.   They spend their time attending events, learning about investment opportunities (to support others who don’t have the liquid cash to get started on their dreams), they create charities and foundations or attend fundraising events and give back a FUCK TON of money, and they also spend a lot of time TEACHING. They want everyone to win the game. They believe in abundance and aren’t afraid of sharing their best tips and tricks on how to win the game of wealth once and for all. They are really big on GIVING and admit that it’s their number one driver now that they don’t actually HAVE to work. So this “winning the lottery so that you can never work another day in your life” mindset? It’s not even close to how billionaires actually think and act. Lastly, I noticed in their thought processes that there isn’t a shortage of opportunity. As Tony said multiple times over the course of the week, “your next opportunity is around the corner. They are a dime a dozen.” So effing true. If we live in an unlimited and abundant Universe, then there are unlimited opportunities in front of us at any given point in time. It’s our responsibility to notice them and take immediate action so that we can actually capitalize on them. When we are opportunistic, that’s when we not only change our lives, but everyone else’s as well. 

Did you love these tips and want to know MORE on how to begin investing and master the practical strategy of wealth? I highly recommend starting with Tony’s two books: “Money: Master The Game” and “Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook.”   

If you learned something new in this blog post, will you do me a favor? Will you respond with a comment below and let me know? I read every single response and it keeps me delivering the best of the best free content your way! 

I love you SO much! Cheers to your path of billions!

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