Manifestation Babe CEO Report: How Much Do Life Coaches ACTUALLY Make?

Hey Gorgeous Soul!

So, I’m doing something different.


I’m putting myself way, WAY out there and have no idea where this will lead me and this incredible company. My hope is that transparency, honesty, and vulnerability will take us that much further along this incredible journey in the world of personal development and coaching.

On Saturday morning, I made a post in my Facebook group, my Facebook profile, and Instagram that went like this:

“I’m doing something DIFFERENT.”

I was inspired last night (after I journaled out something I was triggered by) to create insane trust, honesty, and vulnerability between me and other entrepreneurs who have been inspired by Manifestation Babe.

There’s so much bash going on out there about people lying about their success, inflating their incomes, increasing their stats, and pretending to be bigger than they really are.

6 and 7 figures are being thrown around left and right and people feel like they don’t know who is telling the truth anymore.

It just doesn’t work for me.

So I wanted to take a different approach. I am creating a monthly CEO report on my blog and on my social media platforms.

This monthly CEO report will share EXACTLY how much Manifestation Babe earned in the previous month, what worked for us, what didn’t work for us, AND you’ll get the inside scoop on my own mindset that month. This report will share all the major and minor mistakes we’ve made, and share insight on the successes driving us forward. I’ll also share launch numbers, our goals, and whether or not we’ve hit our goals.


I want to show everyone that if WE (me and my team) can do it, SO CAN YOU.

To get started, I’ve created a blog post with as much detail as I can remember on what happened each month and what was responsible for each monthly income.

Afterwards, I’ll recap January 2018 since it is so fresh in my mind, and give you guys the scoop into February!

Drop me an emoji or comment below if you love this idea so that I know it’s not totally outrageous and out there.

I feel like I’m putting myself so out there, but this is how we grow. This is how we connect. Even if it scares me a little — OR a LOT.

But, THIS is how the world becomes a better place… by sharing the TRUTH.

Am I right?!”

And the responses have been AMAZING. So supportive. A ton of excitement and gratitude for this idea.

Now, I get it. How do you know I’m not lying in my report? How do you know these numbers are real? Well, I wouldn’t be sharing it in so much detail if I weren’t willing to fully and totally put myself out there.

And soooo…. let’s get started with the very first CEO Report of Manifestation Babe, LLC.

Growing this company has been a wild ride so far. Allow my numbers, insights, thoughts, and inside scoops to do all the talking.

I’ll start by breaking down 2016 as a general year, 2017 in as much month-by-month detail as I can remember, as well as my income, and I will be doing each month of 2018 starting with February as a separate post.

If you are loving these CEO reports, make sure to follow me on my social media platforms or get on my email list so that you can get each month’s report and find out how we did on a month-by-month breakdown. I’ll also provide graphs whenever applicable, as my COO, Brennan, recommended would help for those who are visual. Oh, what would I do without him?

2016 Total Revenue: $8760.56

This was the year when I started Manifestation Babe. It began as an Instagram account where I felt inspired to share my favorite quotes and tidbits on manifestation/Law of Attraction. I had zero clue it would go anywhere, until one day, I felt this INSANE urge to create a course. I created a course on manifesting 101 and it propelled me into creating many more courses and products.

I spent 12-18 hours a day just creating, building, and growing. Create. Build. Grow. 2016 was one of those years where I spent a ton of time on my business with nothing to show for it. I bounced around from family member to family member when I just moved to Los Angeles and ended up on my grandma’s couch for most of 2016. Literally… on her couch.

Everyone watching me thought I was absolutely crazy. My friends stopped wanting to hang out with me because all I would ever talk about, think about, or work on was my business. I was obsessed and there was nothing that could rip me away from my new venture.

In total, I made just under $9,000 in the ENTIRE year. Yep. 80-100 hour work weeks for $9,000. With that kind of pay off, how long would you last?

If you’re in the beginning stages of your business, this is where I come in to tell you, YOU DO NOT STOP. You do not give up. You do NOT get off the roller coaster. People are going to look at you like you’ve lost your mind… until you have a year like I had in 2017 ;).

2017 Total Revenue: $601,581.08

New Year’s Eve of 2016 hits, and Manifestation Babe begins to sprout out of the ground. Rapidly. I planted hundreds of thousands of seeds and I got a taste of what I’ve been planting for the very first time.

For 2017, I will provide you with bullet points of memories, launches, successes, failures, and other tidbits that I remember. Again, expect the new month-by-month breakdown to be way more detailed for the 2018 year, but for the sake of the fact that this was a WHIRLWIND of a year, enjoy the highlights below!

January: $7,303.00

  • Still working my 9-5 job & living rent-free in my other grandma’s house with Brennan
  • Brennan is essentially unemployed, lightly catering and career hunting for 6 months
  • Launched Digital Course Babe and that helped create a nice income stream
  • Signed on one new 1:1 client

February: $5,700.00

  • Launched Instagram Business Babe (+ offered the course free of charge to my Digital Course Babe students)
  • Brennan gets hired and starts his 9-5 job at a Silicon Beach telecommunications startup
  • Moved into our own studio apartment (which we will live in today!)
  • Started my #CoffeeChat series in the Manifestation Babe Facebook group

March: $5,576.00

  • Focused a ton on adding value to my Facebook group, Manifestation Babes, so that I can keep presenting myself as the authority in the industry of mindset and manifestation.

April: $10,827.00

  • Hired my very first “team” at $30 an hour (worked with a husband-wife team that owned a marketing agency)
  • Made the decision to turn “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” into a book
  • Didn’t know I hit a $10k month until I checked my financial report in PayPal for the first time and actually witnessed the importance of tracking your money

May: $16,236.64

  • Quit my 9-5 job after realizing I get paid $2,000 a month there and my business is making 8x that much

June: $38,644.71

  • Launched “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” on Amazon, while at Spirit Junkie Masterclass in NYC
  • Launched my November Bali Retreat

July: $79,597.86

  • Launched my Rich Babe program for the first time which was my first $10k+ launch
  • Joined my first mastermind called Inner Circle at $14k/year membership

August: $69,381.84

  • Hosted the very first Biz Babe event in Las Vegas (had 10 entrepreneurs attend)
  • Brennan quit his 9-5 job and came on board to join Manifestation Babe as COO

September: $65,499.97

  • TONS of traveling started here (starting with an impromptu trip to Barcelona)
  • Launched “She’s Killin’ It: The Ultimate 21 Day Journal For Manifesting Your KickAss Life” on Amazon
  • Spent 21 days in my NLP training getting certified as a Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Success Coach, Master EFT Practitioner and Master TIME Techniques Practitioner

October: $76,169.92

  • 21 days of the NLP training continued until October 8th
  • Celebrated my birthday
  • Celebrated a team members’ wedding
  • Spent 10 days at Tony Robbins’ Life & Wealth Mastery completely UNPLUGGED

November: $52,355.89

  • Hosted my first retreat in Bali which went phenomenally well (the retreat profited me about $50,000 and costs were around $30,000)
  • Spent most of the month offline and hosting events in person
  • Got engaged!
  • Hosted the second Biz Babe event in Miami (had 12 entrepreneurs attend)
  • Dealt with my first legal issue when a client walked out of Biz Babe and told PayPal my business was a scam

December: $76,133.69

  • Had a ROUGH time mentally around this time. Going through a ton of personal growth and figuring out what I wanted in 2018
  • Signed up for Tony Robbins’ Platinum Partnership (Brennan & I, together which was a $135,000 investment in total)
  • Attended Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny event
  • Joined Lewis Howes’ Greatness Mastermind (not sure if I’m allowed to disclose the cost, so I left it out for now)
  • Let go of two team members (the ones I hired in April) after realizing our visions were out of alignment (reduced team costs by $1500 per week)
  • Assistant resigned without warning or fulfilling contractual duties (reduced costs of about $1,000 per week)
  • Launched my podcast
  • Launched my Quantum Leap Mentorship and took on 6 private 1:1 clients
  • Launched a holiday bundle that bundled together my “Become A Client Magnet” Ebook + Digital Course Babe

All book sales through Amazon (including Kindle + Printed books from June 2017-December 2017:

6,185 Books Sold!!

2018 January Revenue: $102,403.77

I started this month in Australia after having a severe 24-hour panic attack before leaving the country due to our assistants’ unannounced departure. I totally thought that my business would tank in 2018. I was so sure of it, I couldn’t see clearly for 72 hours. I was a total and complete mess.

I had a lot of fears running through my mind this month. In fact, December to the beginning of February were rough months for me mentally and I struggled with more limiting beliefs than I was willing to admit. I told Brennan many times during this period that I didn’t believe I was cut out for my business and that I wanted to quit.

Thankfully, it’s not in my DNA to quit. I spent the month allowing myself a very luxurious time in Australia. Investing about $10-12k in just having fun, being high-vibe, and spoiling ourselves. I didn’t focus on our spending, and it wasn’t until Brennan observed that we had just traveled in extreme luxury — without even realizing that I was exceeding my own 10/10/10 rule! I had only spent 10% of our earnings, while giving away over 10%, and saving more than 40%! In Russian culture, we are huge believers that the way we bring in the New Year is how the entire year is going to go. Let’s just say that I intended for 2018 to go VERY well.

Kindle doesn’t do such a great job with creating nice royalty charts and graphs like CreateSpace does, but it amounts for about 50% of the total book royalties. Whatever you see in the royalty chart above, just double it to get the closer estimate for total books sold.

My wins this month:

  • My book, “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe,” had a huge boost in numbers this month (with 600 copies selling in ONE day)
  • The highest month of revenue in the history of Manifestation Babe. Yay!
  • Made some incredible connections in the Greatness Mastermind and received a huge confirmation of how far I’ve come in 2 years of building this company
  • Flew international first class for the first time on the way home from Australia — via Fiji (Hi Tony!)
  • First launch of the free 5 Day Rich Babe challenge resulted in 4,000 sign-ups from a 3-day promotional period and an $80k launch of Rich Babe Academy

My mistakes this month:

  • I spent most of the month doubting myself, but wound up diving deeper into personal development which helped me keep my numbers high
  • No team meant a LOT of stress for Brennan and I. We each did the job of 2.5 people and we spent quite a bit of time having business disagreements. Emails piled up like a MOFO that month. Thankfully, this made us come out so much stronger as business partners than we’d ever been before.
  • Spent only 3 days promoting the 5 day Rich Babe challenge and severely under promoted Rich Babe this month. Going so much harder in February!

Intentions to take on in February:

  • Utilize my coach to keep me in check with my mindset and strategy
  • Hire a team again who can help grow Manifestation Babe into the $2-3,000,000 company I know it already is this year
  • 10,000 sign ups for the 5 Day Rich Babe Challenge that starts on March 5th
  • Sell 400 spots to Rich Babe Academy for an $800,000 launch
  • Utilize my mastermind and connections to get behind other people’s businesses/successes and invite them to support my biz as well. Brainstorm partnerships with other influencers. Really get behind the power in numbers.

Goals in 2018 overall:

  • Help 1,000 women revolutionize their money mindsets through the Rich Babe Academy program – this would create a $2,000,000 year alone
  • Help 30 women through my VIP breakthrough days (either virtual or in-person)
  • Have 4 team members on staff aside from Bren and I (including a social media manager and a graphic designer)
  • More professional photos! Lots of photoshoots planned this year to really uplevel the brand and the way it looks
  • A new website that’s more user-friendly and has a more professional look (P.S. I built my entire website & still manage it myself. AHHH!!!)
  • Grow the VIP Tribe to 1,000 monthly members at $49/month/person
  • Maximize the April 2018 Bali retreat to its max capacity by bringing a top-of-the-line videographer to capture the retreat and create unforgettable testimonials to help sell out future retreats
  • Network and build connections this year especially at the mastermind and platinum partnership

Who would’ve known that within 2 years I would be able to take something that started as an inspirational Instagram account and create a multiple six-figure business (soon to cross over the 7 figure mark within 2 months). The lessons that I have learned over the last 2 years have been more impactful than all my 25 years of existence on this planet combined.

I hope that this first CEO report was super helpful to you and inspiring to see what a multiple six-figure year looks like broken down month by month.

I’ll be making these updates on a monthly basis as a way to stay as transparent with you as possible. As a mindset coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, I want to first and foremost show other entrepreneurs what’s possible when they find something that speaks to them and STICK with it. Even when it looks like it’s not working. Even when it’s 8 months of 12-18 hour days and only amounts to $9,000.

I want to use these CEO reports as another means to inspire you and share with you that entrepreneurship isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Weird shit happens. You’ll experience some funky lows every once in a while, but in the end… it’s SO worth it. The freedom, fulfillment, and pure passion that Manifestation Babe had opened me up to has been unreal.

I can’t wait to take you on the behind-the-scenes journey with me every single month.

Do me a HUGE favor please?

Did you enjoy this report? Did you love this idea? Did it help you in any way?

Will you leave a comment below and share this with another entrepreneur who could totally benefit from this?

It would mean the world to me and help me spread this message on the power of honesty, transparency, and vulnerability. It would also inspire me to keep putting myself out there and sharing with you my wins, my losses, and lessons learned. And most likely… shut the critics up and allow more entrepreneurs to be transparent about their numbers as well.

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to share February’s report with you soon!


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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