The game-changing question that generated $500k in my coaching business.

I remember like it was yesterday, sitting in front of my computer, frustrated with ANOTHER “no show” for a discovery call. 

I sat there READY to deliver value, share how I can help my potential client take her coaching business to the next level, and feel like I made a difference in someone’s life that day.

But they never showed up.

Frustrated, I remembered asking myself why people didn’t value my time. Who would put something on my calendar and not dare show up?! Do they not know who I am?!

Minutes later after staring at a blank screen on my no-show Zoom call, my eyes immediately darted to my journal.

I opened it and wrote a question at the very top of the page.

Little did I know, this very question would take me from earning $10k per month, with 8-10 discovery calls to get through per week, to earn $75-100k per month and never getting on another discovery call again.

This question took me from signing 3-4 clients per month, to having a waitlist of clients with a number in the hundreds. I’m talking over 200!

This very question freed my time. It allowed me to pour focus into what mattered to me. It allowed me to be who I wanted to be, and took me on an adventure around the world.

It created my dream business.

What was the question you may ask?

“What would the version of Kathrin Zenkina with the multiple six-figure business be doing differently right now?”

Clarity immediately hit me like a lightning strike.

This question inspired my subconscious mind to get deep with myself.

I went on a rampage of what I wanted my business to look like. I wrote about what I would and wouldn’t settle for. I wrote about what I would do with my time and the types of clients I would actually give my time to.

I realized that the version of Kathrin Zenkina with the multiple six-figure business wouldn’t have discovery calls. Not only would no one waste her valuable time, but she would actually charge even more for 1:1 time.

That night I took off my discovery call calendar and DOUBLED my prices.

Of course, my ego freaked out.

It immediately let me know that there’s no way people would pay me these prices, especially not if they don’t get a chance to get on a free call with me first.

But that version of Kathrin Zenkina that I journaled about?

Her business would thrive either way.

Her business would look exactly as she declared it would look like, because she’s stepped into something so much bigger than her fears.

She was ready to work with those who were ready to take their life to the next level.

She was ready to massively impact her clients.

She was excited about the thought of showing up to her sessions and SERVING her clients.

She was ready to build a prosperous coaching EMPIRE.

That day, that question changed my entire business. I mean LITERALLY. Massive shift overnight.

I signed 3 new clients at my new rate within the next 24 hours. NO DISCOVERY CALL INVOLVED.

The Universe was behind me 100% in this decision because it was actually coming from my higher self. I created space for what I actually wanted and COMMANDED that it came in.

Asking myself what the highly successful version of myself would be implementing in my business gave me the perspective shift I needed to grow this baby. To make Manifestation Babe the empire I deeply desired for it to be.

I knew I was here to impact lives and I couldn’t do it if my time was undervalued by others just looking for an opportunity to get a free call–and not even show up.

And so I invite you to ask yourself this question too.

Ask yourself what would the PROSPEROUS, highly successful version of yourself do differently right now?

Is there something that’s not serving you in your business that you’re just itching to change?

Why not make that change today?

How would it feel to have a business looks EXACTLY as you want it and for the Universe to follow my work.

I remember what it was like to START my business. Make the necessary mistakes I needed to make. Get rejected. Get my first YES. See my very first PayPal notification. Experience all the ups and downs of a newbie business.

I especially remember DREAMING of what it would be like to really leverage my time and invite more passive income into my life, so that I can spend more of my time doing the things that made me happy.

I remember the day I taught myself to create digital courses. I remember teaching myself how to package my information and sell it online so I could serve even MORE people.

I remember attracting my very first Manifestation Babe student.

Today Manifestation Babe produces anywhere from $50k-75k per month in passive income alone aside from digital course revenue. This doesn’t include live events, 1:1 coaching packages, or VIP Breakthrough Days.

You deserve to have a prosperous business in 2018.

You deserve to make all your dreams come true.

This is YOUR year.

Make it count!!!

To Your Massive Success,

Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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