The BIG SECRET to Visualization!

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Happy Manifest Monday!

Due to the day of the week that it is, I wanted to bring you a super duper manifesting hack that I learned nowhere else, but my mind-blowing, mic droppin’, life-changing NLP (neuro-linguistic training) master practitioner training.

If you didn’t know, yesterday started the very first day of an intensive 15-day training where I’ll be getting certified as a master NLP practitioner, EFT practitioner, TIME Techniques practitioner, master success coach, and master hypnotherapist.

Life’s kinda wild during these intensive training sessions, but they’re so worth it nonetheless. Can’t wait to share what new service I’ll be offering that will come out of my masters, but I’ll save that for when I actually graduate ;). It may or may not be live 1:1 intensive coaching (in the form of a massive breakthrough session).

So, as promised in the tile, I wanted to share a BETTER way to visualize.

Better? Yes, better.

Turns out, even as a manifesting teacher, I’ve been doing it wrong too lol. Oopsie!

We’re always doing the best we know to do in the moment, and there are tons of opportunities to grow.

Ok… so you know how normally when you’re visualizing, you step into the picture and fully “associate” in it? You see, hear, feel, smell, taste everything from your own senses. You pretty much see the whole scenario from your own eyes and you feel like you’re living in the moment as if it already happened—whatever “it” may be.

That’s a great START to visualizing… but apparently, there’s been a missing piece all along.

You must step OUT of the picture (or dissociate from it) and see yourself in the visualization, too.

Why is it important to dissociate after you associate? And do the steps one after another? Well, because the subconscious mind takes everything literally and wants to conserve the most amount of energy.  It’s smart in that way.

When you associate into the memory, your subconscious mind sees that whatever is coming through your third eye is IMPORTANT. It flags whatever you are visualizing as “hell yes, this looks fun! Let’s work on it!”

BUT… if you then don’t dissociate out of it and don’t visualize the SAME scenario seeing YOURSELF in the visualization (think looking at the back of your head, for example, as you stand on stage or write a book) then the subconscious mind doesn’t do anything about it. It may work on it a little bit, but it’s not as motivated as it can be.


Well, when we are associated, our subconscious mind sees our desire as ALREADY completed. Our subconscious mind can’t tell between real or imagined, it thinks that whatever you’re seeing is already real life. Although this is a GOOD thing, if you don’t show your subconscious mind that you are actually part of the image, and that the image isn’t complete until you are an actual PART of the image… it does nothing about it.

It conserves energy, because it’s “already happened”… So no need to go further.”

Fascinating right?!

Even though you will receive tons of amazing results just by gaining crystal clarity on what it is that you want to accomplish, and seeing yourself already accomplishing it, you can take it even one step further and actually task your subconscious mind to get majorly involved.

Why is it so important to get your subconscious mind involved?

Your subconscious mind is the COMMUNICATOR between you and the Universe. It regularly brings your desires to the Universe, and together, they work on a plan to give you everything you need in the physical realm to make it happen.

Your subconscious mind is so powerful, and it amazes me how many of us barely know a thing about it or let alone how it works!

To give you a clearer example of how to apply this new knowledge it would look something like this:

DESIRE: A brand new white 2018 Range Rover Sport with white leather interior.

ASSOCIATE: Seeing the road through your own eyes, your hands wrapping around the steering Range Rover wheel, cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway. Smelling the brand new leather, and hearing your favorite song coming from the incredible sound system.

DISSOCIATE: Seeing all the same in the above description, but from the perspective of the passenger seat. You are now watching yourself as the driver experiencing all of the things that you initially associated with. 

First associate, then dissociate.

Super cool stuff, right?

Thought I’d pop in and drop some new #MindsetNerd knowledge on you as I pick it up. Can’t wait to share even more incredible tips in the next email.

Hope you have an incredible day!

To Your Massive Success,

Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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