Hustle OR Flow?

It seems like there’s a battle going on. A struggle. A fight.

Hustle, hustle, hustle to get shit off the ground and putting up a fight and a push to claim what you deserve?


Tap into flow...the place where things just happen. Where you sit in receiving mode and just… receive things that you are an energetic match to.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally struggled with deciding which energy I want to tap into.

Half of the entrepreneurs on Instagram and Facebook are pushing the idea that we need to be up before the sun, in bed no earlier than 3 pm, and on our computers at ALL hours in between. We can’t have more than one pee break, and we certainly can’t have more than a 10-minute lunch break… OR ELSE. Our businesses simply won’t flourish. We won’t accomplish jack shit, and god forbid we deserve our success unless we actually worked for it. The hustlers are usually seen… well… working, but also drowning themselves in luxury. Louis Vuitton, the latest iPhones, and fat mansions flood their social media profiles. They worked for it, so it’s ok.

On the other hand…

The other half of the entrepreneurs on the same platforms are shunning the hustlers. They claim that there is no point to taking so much action. That the Universe will simply provide everything and anything you need without lifting a finger. Get into flow, and the clients, the customers, the money, and the happiness shows up. Spend more time having fun. Their favorite mantra is: the more fun I have, the more money flows to me. They believe they deserve success whether they worked for it or not. They’re always found hiking, shopping, enjoying lunch with their best friends… and making just as much in their businesses as the hustlers. They also live a life far greater than their imaginations. Things seem to always be going so well for them.

Which energy do we tap into?

Which one’s the right one?

Do we have to choose?

With such a MIXED message on the social media platforms…. it can get confusing. I often find myself in hustle mode shaming myself for not being in the flow. Then when I find myself in flow mode, I find myself shaming myself again for not working hard enough.

It drives me crazy.


I realize I could have a balance of the two.

I can tap into both the masculine (hustle) and feminine (flow) energies in cycles and seasons.

Ever since I released myself of the guilt and shame that I had to be one or the other, my stress levels went waaaaayyyy down.

I came to the realization that both energies lead to success in life, relationships, health, and business. We can have successful men AND women. Both energies are needed as much as the other.

But how do we find the balance?  Both of them work really well, at least for myself and my clients, so choose which one resonates most to you and leave the other.

1) Experience a hustle & flow cycle every day

My favorite way to tap into both energies on a daily basis is to start my day in flow mode. First, figure out WHAT aligns with your overall mission, dreams, and goals that you must get done today. Pick 1 or 2 that feel really good to you, and sit in stillness (or receiving mode) to gain crystal clarity on your inspired action. This can come from meditation or even brainstorming in a journal. Your inspired action will be given once you set the intention of what you’d like to accomplish. It also helps to visualize the desired outcome (already finished with a successful competition) so that you can tap into that energy of manifestation. Once you feel inspired, centered, aligned and ready to take action, get into hustle mode for a few hours and just work. Work hard, work focused, but don’t work on anything else besides your 1-2 tasks for that day. That way, you’re not hustling on anything that doesn’t align with you.

2) Experience hustle & flow seasons

Something else that really resonated with me for many different months of this year is to be okay with experiencing seasons. I have noticed that I have gone through periods of weeks where I am LOVING working. I have an impeccable work ethic to begin with, but in this season I am just OBSESSED. Obsessed with creating content, live streaming, writing, working on projects, and even writing books. I put flow on the back burner, keep my goals in front of me, and hustle, hustle, hustle!  Then after a few weeks, as I start to get burnt out in hustle mode, I’ll make a switch to flow mode for anywhere between 1-2 weeks. This is my rest period. This is where I spend more time journaling, reading books, watching reality TV shows, traveling, and Instagramming, rather than getting anything actually productive done. The amazing thing that happens in these seasons is that my flow mode restores and re-energizes my hustle mode, and my hustle mode makes my flow mode that much more powerful in resting and manifesting.

I believe that both are super important, but there is not one that is more important than the other. Do what feels right to you RIGHT NOW.

Does it feel better for you to read a book than to write a blog post? Then do that.

Does it feel better for you to ride a bike than to sit behind your laptop? Go do that shit.

Does it feel better for you to sit behind your desk and pump out content than it does to go to the beach with your friends? There’s your answer.

Follow your intuition, always. Your intuition is very in tune with the energy that will benefit you most, and it will not lead you astray.

Remember that the entrepreneurs on social media have no idea what season or cycle you’re in so please don’t allow them to sway your opinion, make you feel guilty for where you are, or shame you for working too hard or not too hard.

Another word of advice that I have for you? Don’t follow someone who shames you. Period.

You know what’s best for you, boo.

To Your Massive Success,

Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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