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I know so much craziness is going on all around the world, but I’ve come to grips that we can’t always control everything. Sometimes, we gotta let go and believe that what’s happening is for our highest good and believe that Mother Earth is doing some purging and she’s releasing a lot. She’s preparing us to come together in a much stronger unity and bond and birth a new sense of appreciation for the planet that we were blessed with.

Earlier this week, I set up a Manifestation Babes Rebuilding Hope fundraiser to raise money for the Direct Relief Foundation as a community and directly impact those who have been affected by the world disasters. I set a pretty ambitious goal of raising $33,000 and I believe in all of my heart we can reach this goal no problem.

I often get asked, “Kathrin, how do I get into alignment? How do I align with my goals and dreams? I feel so lost about this.”

This is such a great question that I thought I would answer it in this week’s blog post.

I don’t know about you, but have you ever been struck with the “expert’s curse?”

It’s that place you get into when you’ve been doing something or practicing something for SO long that you forget how to answer a newbie’s question? I feel like I’ve been living in alignment for so much of my life now, that I think everyone else is too.

But then I get asked this question over and over again and realize that there was once a time in my life when I was living out of alignment and not showing up for what I truly desired.

Allow this to be a little guide to help you get into alignment with anything and everything you’ve ever desired:

  1. Get super clear on what you WANT. So many of us are really good at understanding what we DON’T want. Ask someone what they want and the first thing they’ll tell you is “I don’t want ____.” Ok, but what do you WANT. Get outcome oriented. If you were to reach your desired dream destination, what would it look like? Be as specific as possible. Involve as many senses as you can.
  2. Ask yourself, “What would the version of myself who is ALREADY living the outcome be doing? Thinking? Acting like? Believing in? Dressing like?” Based on your answers to these questions, start to tap into and embody the version of yourself who is ALREADY living the life of your dreams or has the thing that you desire. This is the fastest way to align with the vibration of your desired end result.
  3. Work through any doubts, fears, or limiting beliefs that come up and feel like a wall between you and your goals and dreams. This wall is an illusion, but will feel like a real wall as long as you refuse to address it head on. My favorite way to work through what’s keeping me from aligning with my goals and dreams is to whip out a journal and ask myself, “why do I believe that I CAN’T have it?” Whatever comes forward is the limiting belief in charge. Take this limiting belief and reframe it into an empowering belief using an affirmation or mantra that resonates with you.
  4. Take massive inspired action in the direction of your goals and dreams. If you have any nudge, urge, or guidance to take action on something–do it, and do it in a BIG way. The Universe is always delivering you exactly what you want. The only way to NOT get it, is to stay still when you are given clear instructions to take massive action.

I have used the four steps above to go from $25,000 in debt, broke, working a soul-sucking 9-5 job, to aligning with the version of myself who was financially free, traveling the world with no limitations, and earning multiple six figures a year in her own business.

Once I got into alignment, removed all of my limitations, and took massive action… that reality that was once a DREAM became my new reality.

And guess what?

If I can do it… so can you.

Did this help you? Drop a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear from you 

To Your Massive Success, Kathrin Zenkina


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