The Craziest “Ask For A Sign” Story To Date

Hello, gorgeous soul!

I just got back from the Spirit Junkie Masterclass hosted by Gabby Bernstein in New York City, and initially, I thought that I would write to tell you all about how amazing it was, a few takeaways here and there, and the lessons I learned so that you could learn them too.


As always, not surprising to me anymore, the Universe had a bigger vision and lesson in mind.

My reason for writing this today has nothing to do with Spirit Junkie Masterclass (except for the fact that yes, it was amazing, and yes, I hope you go next year!) but a story of what had happened while I was in New York City on my last day there.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass (I’ll refer to it as SJM from now on) was supposed to be a culmination event for me.

A culmination of finally being able to quit the job that I took on when I first moved to LA  to support me while I was building my coaching business.

A culmination of the secret project I’ve been working on the last 90 days that I told no one about except for my boyfriend and my incredible team — my first book! Check out Unleash Your Inner Money Babe available on Amazon here.

It was totally everything I envisioned and more. The success I had experienced over the last month of my business, all came together with one big firework event. I decided that after re-investing every single penny I earned back into my business, it was time to reward myself. Like REALLY reward myself.

Louis Vuitton status reward.

After I said bye to all of my friends at SJM, I left the event and marched straight to the Apple store so that I could make one final business investment before the REWARD.

One thing I forgot to mention was that leading up to SJM, I  had a cough that had been ongoing for the last 2 weeks or so. I didn’t have a chance to get my butt to the doctor’s office or urgent care because of how seriously busy I was (lesson learned to never ignore health issues again).

That night in particular, I started to feel really sick.

After leaving the Apple store, I decided that I would march into Louis Vuitton, buy the two bags I’ve been eyeing for the last 4 or 5 years, make it super quick (I was seriously feeling like shit by now) and march back to my room to go straight to bed.

On my way there, walking 10 blocks north of Manhattan to the only Louis Vuitton store that was open late on Sunday night, I had this urge to slow down.

Something felt off, and I couldn’t tell why.

I immediately assumed that my old money story started to come up again. I could always justify spending thousands of dollars on my business, but I had issues spending it on myself.

The old money story of me not deserving it kept creeping back up, and I literally worked through my 8-step limiting belief process (that I teach in my book!) as I walked to the store.

I kept telling myself the new story, but the feeling never went away. I knew I deserved this. I mean, I work so hard!


Being the little human that I am, compared to the almighty Universe, I decided to allow my guidance to step in. I needed to know why I was feeling this way.

I declared, “Universe, please give me a sign of whether or not I am meant to purchase these bags right now, and make it SUPER CLEAR. I need a crystal clear sign that I cannot ignore. And I need it ASAP.”

Knowing that sometimes my signs take a couple of hours or days to appear, I decided to put a little sense of urgency to the mix. I didn’t have time to wait!

I actually have never asked for a sign this way, so I had no idea what to expect.

I let it go, and arrived at my destination.

Walking into the store, I was immediately greeted by an Indian gentleman who worked at Louis Vuitton and helped bring me 7 different styles of every single bag so that I could see them all in front of me and make my decision. I was telling him that I was celebrating a big month in business, and we got into talking about which bag would serve me best.

I texted all of my friends pictures of each bag to help me make my decision. Finally after coming to an agreement, I decided to go with the duffel bag for all the traveling that I planned to do this year and the classic Neverfull MM that would hold my laptop, my journals, and all the other crap I carried around with me at all times.

As I handed over my credit card to the guy I just spent over an hour with choosing my new bags, he hands me my card back and tells me I need to call my bank.

Fuck, I forgot to warn my bank I was traveling. This wasn’t some $50 purchase either. Of course it looks fishy!

I dialed the number on the back of my card, and the strangest interaction of my life ensued.

After asking a couple of questions to confirm my identity, the woman on the other line told me my account is locked and would stay locked until I received a letter FIVE TO SEVEN BUSINESS DAYS LATER, sent them a copy of my SSN (wtf? Hell to the no!), and only THEN  would they tell me why my card was locked.

I kept asking for an explanation…like seriously demanding one. I was so confused.

Was the amount too high and triggered a fraud warning? Was it because I live in LA, and tried to purchase the bag in NYC? Why can’t you confirm my identity in other ways? HELLOOOO?

Still, she kept telling me that there are discrepancies that she cannot discuss with me until I prove my identity by MAIL, and they wouldn’t even give me an explanation until AFTER I proved my identity. So this is like a 2-week process we’re talking about.

You know what this conversation felt like? It felt like I was the THIEF of my own credit card, calling the bank and asking for them to unlock it AS THE THIEF. The way this woman was talking to me so secretively, she wouldn’t take anything I said as truth. It was just so weird.

I almost thought I called the wrong number. Was I even on the line with an actual bank?!

Confused, angry, and shocked, I had to tell my incredibly sweet Indian friend that my other cards were in my hotel room (they weren’t, but I was just way too upset to think about anything else) and I had to leave the store. 

I called a Lyft back to my hotel room in Chelsea, and texted my parents. They had the exact same card as me and I explained the situation to them. They told me that it was the strangest interaction and they were in the wrong for treating me that way.

As I approached my hotel, IT HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS.

This wasn’t actually an issue. In fact, I had this feeling of relief knowing that I RECEIVED MY SIGN.

The sign was clear AF. It got me out of the store. I left without my bags. Everything happened as it should.

When I got inside the room, I ordered some dinner to be delivered to my room, and decided to call back the card company and speak to a new representative. It’s still inconvenient to have my account locked… I kinda need my card.

After being on hold for 45 minutes, I finally got to the supervisor in charge that evening.

The supervisor asked me a couple of questions, and told me that my account was no longer locked. In fact, she deeply apologized for the interaction I had earlier and claimed that there was no reason for that other representative to speak to me like that. She wished me an amazing night as I hung up the phone and sighed a big sigh of relief.

WTF just happened?

Then it all came together.

The reason why I felt off that night, besides feeling sick as a dog forcing my body to walk 20 blocks up and down Manhattan for a PURSE, was that I was rushing the process.

I was rushing the process.

I was treating my success like an endpoint. I achieved something and it was time to reward myself super quickly, and time to move on to the next project.

I received my sign that I really need to SLOW DOWN and enjoy the process. That it was ok to enjoy my success for longer than a transaction at Louis Vuitton.

I needed to reward myself emotionally more than anything.

As a recovering workaholic, this is something I almost never do. I work, work, work and move onto the next project without EVER enjoying the process. I needed something to halt me in my tracks and tune into the emotion of success rather than the physical proof of it.

I received my crystal clear sign that night, and it gave me the exact experience I needed to learn my lesson.

Which leads me to the point of sharing this story with you.

If you are EVER unsure about something, the Universe will always give you the answer/sign/experience that you need in that moment.

It works like clockwork, and will never fail you. All you gotta do is ask.

And remember that you can ask for it to be CRYSTAL CLEAR. You can even ask for it to show up ASAP. You call the shots here.

You will receive what you need when you need it.

If there’s one more thing I learned from my experience at Spirit Junkie Masterclass this weekend, it was that we all develop a spiritual relationship of our own understanding, and a spiritual connection of some sort is just as important as any other relationship/connection you have in your life.

Will you open up a conversation with the Universe and start asking for your signs?

I promise your answer is always on the horizon waiting for you to ask for it. Got a similar story to share? I would love to hear it!

Leave a comment below and let’s open up the conversation!

To Your Massive Success, 

Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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