Stressing? Fear Of Missing Out?

Hey Gorgeous Soul!

I missed you so much!

Those of you who are American, you know that this past weekend was a big one.

A big weekend of food, family, giving thanks for our blessings, and especially those SALES.

I don’t know about you, but did your inbox just BLOW UP too? It seemed like everyone hit “send” at the same time on their email providers. However, I snagged some really great deals over the weekend. I’m SO grateful when people are not afraid to promote their businesses and know they have something to offer, and we benefit through receiving amazing products that add value to our lives.

I left my family in Seattle with new pajamas, a course or two I invested in, some books, electronics… you know the drill, lol!

This blog post isn’t about that though.

This blog post has some value I know you, especially babes in business, will totally benefit from.

I’m here to talk about FEAR OF MISSING OUT. Gasp.

I’m here to talk about TAKING PRECIOUS TIME OFF.

I’m here to talk about ENERGY and how it’s truly the UNIVERSE WHO DOES YOUR MARKETING.

You see, I spent the holiday weekend with family that I haven’t seen since May of this year and some family that I had yet to meet (meeting my boyfriend’s dad for the first time. #Pressure).

I had just THREE days to completely immerse myself with spending time with loved ones and I chose to completely UNPLUG for the full three days.

The old me?

Would’ve totally FLIPPED.

The old me would’ve checked my phone every 3.5 minutes to see if I had an email, a notification, or an “urgent” social media post to schedule on Facebook.

The old me would’ve thought that:

If I wasn’t actively working, I wouldn’t make ANY money.

If I wasn’t actively checking my shit, my loyal followers would see me as old news.

If I wasn’t actively responding to my clients, they would stop paying me.

All kinds of crazy thoughts would’ve gone through my head, and I won’t lie, those thoughts DID go through my head for a short period of time, but I used my infamous Manifestation Babe limiting beliefs exercise on each and every one of them and didn’t let them affect me one bit.

While I succeeded with ignoring my phone and laptop almost completely (with the exception of fulfilling Manifestation Babe merchandise orders and answering a few emails here and there that needed time sensitive responses), I did take notice (upon plugging back in…) of the massive amounts of emails I received with other coaches, like me, dropping their AMAZING Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals left and right.

This is on sale.

That on sale.

65% off this course.

86% off that course.

Buy 1 session, get 1 free!

Invest in this, get that included!

My coaching package, 50% off!

I eventually contracted an unfortunate disease by Monday night.

I contracted the disease called FOMO.

FOMO= Fear Of Missing Out

I started to think, omg I forgot about Black Friday!

Omg… I forgot about Cyber Monday!

I don’t have anything to offer.

I don’t have anything to put on sale.

I don’t have any new bonuses to whip out and offer.

Shit… I missed out by not offering some amazing value to my clients and those on my email list, and I will not make a difference. I will miss out on money. I will miss out on clients. I will miss out on precious business.

Shit I ALREADY missed out!




Entrepreneurial babes… does this sound familiar?!

How many times has this happened to you?

Maybe you’re someone who decided to unplug this holiday weekend and experienced the same feelings I did?

Do you ever feel stressed about what others are doing and what you aren’t doing yourself?

I believe we’ve all been there at some point. 

What is the point of me telling you this?

My point is this:

>> The most successful babes in business from my experience are babes who put on their blinders and zoned in on what they had to offer and paid ZERO attention to anyone else.

>> The most successful babes in business are those who only look at others for inspiration, but never competition. Because, listen… there is PLENTY of success to go around. No competition necessary. #ThinkAbundance

>> The most successful babes in business are those who follow divine inspiration and don’t force things. That’s not to be confused with persistence and drive. Not forcing things just means that if it doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t make your heart sing, and it feels off… then don’t fucking do it. Your soul is screaming NO at you.

>> The most successful babes in business allow the Universe to do their marketing. They know that by putting themselves out there, doing what they humanly can, and believing in their value… the Universe will do the rest. The Universe will take care of them and bring their work in front of the masses.

>> The most successful babes in business are grateful for the entire journey. The ups, the downs, the turnarounds, and bumps. They are in business because they feel that their products or services reflect their life purpose, and they know that the money will take care of itself as long as people come before profits.

Personally, I’ve never written an email, Instagram post, or created a course without divine inspiration coming to me first.

I use my intuition to tell me when something feels right and will be received by my babes in the best way possible.

I also use my intuition to tell me when something feels wrong and won’t be received the way I intended it to be.

This blog post was this morning’s divine inspiration.

I truly believe that there is at least one person out there who needed to hear this message. Who needed to understand that they are already good enough. They are doing everything right. There is no need to compete with someone else. There is no need to compare themselves to others who are doing similar things.

Just because so-and-so is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to as well.

You are constantly being guided by the Universe in your business.

An offer that works for someone else… won’t work for you.

If it wasn’t divinely inspired, don’t bother with it. It won’t work anyway.

Stop stressing out babe. You’re not missing out on ANYTHING. 

Taking precious time off is so important.

Family is important. YOU are important.

You are not going to lose business just because you focused on what you needed.

Isn’t that the whole reason you went into business anyway?

Isn’t freedom one of the BIGGEST reasons why you started your business?

Don’t ever feel guilty for unplugging.

Don’t ever compare yourself. 

You’re WAY too special and unique to be compared.

You have something unique to offer and I want you to believe in that.

Those who are meant to buy from you, invest in you, learn from you… will.

I once heard a life changing quote that said:

“You can say all the right things to the wrong person and they won’t be sold. You can say all the wrong things to the right person, and they will be sold before you ever even spoke.”

Your business is going to thrive no matter what. Believe in that shit.

If you truly believe in the value you offer, LOVE your customers or clients, take care of yourself in the process, the Universe will reward you greatly. It will do all the marketing for you. It will do the heavy lifting for you.

If you have a DESIRE to go big, to be in business, to market yourself online… it was put in your heart FOR A REASON.

You weren’t put on this Earth to pay bills and die!!!

You were put here to manifest your dreams into reality.

Treat your business like energy. Pour as much love, trust, faith, and positivity into it, and that’s what it will return to you.

Trust in what you’re doing.

Decide what it is that you want, and stick with it.

Don’t allow yourself to contract FOMO.

Focus on what’s important!

To Your Massive Success, 

Kathrin Zenkina 


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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