Is “Hard Work” Aligned With Success?


I know if you stumbled across this blog post today, it’s because you’ve been wondering how much harder you must work in order to finally reach the success you’re desiring.

The subject line resonated with you and now you want answers.

Perhaps you’ve been hustlin’… and you’ve been hustlin’ HARD.

But you’re tired now.

And you’re wondering to yourself… is this REALLY the path? Is this the only way? Is this how I get up the mountain?

If you’re tired of hard work and the hustling mentality that people are promoting left and right, this email was meant to make it to you today.

For most of my life, I had always believed that hard work was the ONLY key to success.

Bloody, sweaty, painful, tiresome, dull AF, never ending HARD WORK.

The kind that calls for 18-hour days.

The kind that calls for doing 34567890 things at once and trying to stay semi-sane at the same time.

The kind that makes you cry from frustration when you finally submit something and it comes back with less than stellar results.

The kind that makes you wonder why you’re not good enough to get a YES, a promotion, or a raise when you’ve been slaving away day after day.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that.

I’ve done the Bachelors of Science in Biology while working 30 hours a week at a local movie theater.

I’ve done the entrepreneurial 100 hours a week, while making way LESS than a minimum wage job would have paid me for 100 hours a week.

I’ve done the all-nighters to get a project done, just to have it all erased seconds before I clicked “save.”

Is hard work necessary in order to succeed?

Why is it so painful?

Is there even a mountain to climb?

Or is it just an illusion?

Or has everyone been bullshitting us all along?

I write this today to share with you the TRUTH.

Where does this truth come from?

It comes from personal experience, client experience, years of personal development, a year of consistent meditation, and centering/aligning myself with source.

Sidenote: How do you know what’s TRUTH vs what’s an illusion?


Truth = FEELS GOOD. Feels exciting. Feels “right.” Allows us to get excited about the unlimited possibilities of the statement.

Illusion = feels off. Does NOT feel good. Makes us unhappy just hearing it.

It’s the TRUTH that took me from working 80-100 hours a week on something totally misaligned with who I was and making $3K a month, to now working 15-20 hours a week on something I absolutely LOVE, is in alignment with me and I’m earning $6-7K a month.

See the difference?

Working more or harder is NOT the magic sauce of success.

And NO, money isn’t the ONLY reflection of success, but I will tell you, I am ALSO way more fulfilled.

The TRUTH about success is actually this:

>>You can drop the struggle right now.

>>You can drop doing what you hate because you think it’s the only way to bring you money.

>>Life is MEANT to be easy. Life is meant to flow. It’s supposed to feel like you’re in the right place at the right time.

>>If you are rushing, feeling the NEED to do something because everyone else is doing it, and the entire thing feels like an upstream swim… it’s the path of most resistance.

>>Money does not come strictly from hard work. It comes from aligning with the energy of having money. That’s it. The energy of having money = feeling like you’re ALREADY wealthy long before it appears into your life.

>>Success should feel INSPIRED and the only action you need to be taking is INSPIRED action.

>>If you’re taking massive action on something that feels out of alignment with you and just simply does not feel good, it will never bring you fulfillment (the best byproduct of success.)

>>It is in your divine birthright to find your OWN success though your OWN journey. Stop trying to follow someone else’s path.

>>Success naturally falls in your lap when you follow the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance is when you’re following your JOY

>>You can make a fuckton of money by doing what you love. In fact, what you love is where your most abundant self resides. Don’t feel guilty for charging others for sharing your gifts & talents.

So what’s all this chatter of “hard work” and “hustle hustle hustle till you die?”

Human beings tend to over complicate simple things.

We think that life truly can’t be THAT easy.

If it’s THAT easy, everyone would be successful, right?

We can’t sit still so we keep ourselves in motion by working tirelessly and keeping “busy.”

Selfish people want others to believe that their level of success is impossible to reach. It’s the “don’t even try… because then there will be less for me” mentality that some of us get into.

We don’t REALLY believe in abundance and that there’s more than enough to go around.

We hear that we have to take “action” on our goals and so it’s action we take…18 effing hours a day straight. Doesn’t matter what kind of action, as long as it’s action.

Does this mean that I should just sit around and do nothing, Kathrin?

Not at all, because in order for the Universe to keep up the flow of all of our desires, we must keep taking action on them.

The difference between hustling & allowing is simply this:

Directionless, forced action = hard work.

Inspired, focused, feel good action = allowing it come to you. Receiving the flow.

I truly believe that when we work too hard, we become too attached to the outcome. We become stressed. We stop believing in the miracles of life. We start limiting what’s possible. We literally cut off the flow from Source.

So, if you’ve been tirelessly working, and you think that the only way you’ll find success is through hard work…

I challenge you to stop.



Ask yourself questions.

Assess your feelings about what you’ve been doing.

Take a weekend getaway.


Read a book.

Take a bath.


Ask for guidance.

Whatever you need to do to detach yourself from the hustle and tune into what YOU actually need to do.

And what you need to do… is to take a step back… in order to take two steps forward.

I love you so much and you deserve all the success you want in this world.

To leave you off today, I want to share with you a quote from one of Abraham Hicks’ workshops:

“Humans often think that when they get their sights on something that they must find a way to think about that, think about that, think about that, and rein it in like a fish on the line. It’s not like that at all. It’s that, once you’ve set your sights on it and it’s in your vortex, now your work is to CHILL. Your work is not to figure out what the path is, the path is being revealed to you. You just have to figure out how to be receptive to the information about the path.”


To Your Massive Success, 

Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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