Are You An Energetic Match To Your Desires?

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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been manifesting some pretty unbelievable goals for myself. Goals that I’ve had for YEARS now… finally coming into fruition.

It made me think tonight why these goals took YEARS when I’ve proven to myself over and over again that I am able to manifest things into my reality within a few days of going through my 5-step manifesting process. 

The answer that came to me?

I was not at all an energetic match for my desires.

I didn’t already act like the goal was mine.

I didn’t show up in life as if I had already achieved these desires.

I kept going about my day as if these goals were a “someday in the future” reality, rather than a “no, it’s already mine” reality.

By not being an energetic match to these desires, I kept them in the distance.

I was out of alignment with them.

They didn’t show up in my reality because I deep down inside didn’t believe I deserved them.

I didn’t believe they were possible for me.

And so they stayed in the distance somewhere…waiting for me to finally match my frequency to theirs.

What do I mean exactly by this?

You see, every desire you have has a frequency attached to it. It’s like tuning into a radio station. You can’t expect to turn on 102.7 KIIS FM when your car is showing you that you  are actively choosing to stay on 96.3 KXOL-FM. There is no alignment here for your desired radio station. You may wish to hear 102.7 KIIS FM…. but you’re only hearing 96.3 KXOL-FM.

Does this mean that you don’t deserve to listen to your favorite pop music?

Does this mean that it’s physically impossible for you to switch radio stations?

Does this mean you have to wait YEARS before God grants you the access to your favorite radio station?

Um no!

So why do we remain so confused by this very principle?

It’s the exact same story with your desires.

Each of your desires is like a radio station.

In order to tune in, you have to match the frequency.

You match the frequency by ACTING AS IF.

Acting as if the goal is already yours.

Acting as if you 1000% deserve to have it.

Acting as if you are meant to receive it.

Acting as if it’s already been done. DONE!

My goals that took me years to accomplish?

The ONLY reason this happened is because I refrained from following these important principles. It took me years to finally believe that I deserve to have these things. That I am ready for them. That they have always been mine and I open myself up to receive them.

So…what are your desires? What do you want right now to show up in your life?

Have you noticed that perhaps the only thing that’s keeping you from accomplishing or achieving something is the way you act about it?

Figure out all the ways that you can become an energetic match to your desires…and don’t be surprised if they flood into your life faster than you can ever see them coming.

Maybe you need to start showing up in your business as if you already earn the kind of income you want.

Maybe you need to start dressing up as if you already have a hot date with the man of your dreams tonight.

Maybe you need to sign up for a workout class and purchase that teeny bikini as if you already have the body of your dreams.

Perhaps you need to start celebrating as if you already have the house you have been wanting to purchase for yours.

Whatever it is… act like it’s already yours. Put on a celebration and scream out “YAY!!!” Because it IS already yours. It’s always been yours.

The desires of your heart were given to you for a reason. If you weren’t meant to manifest them… they wouldn’t be given to you in the first place!

I love you so much! Keep up the AMAZING work I see you doing.

Every day that you work on your mindset and work on mastering things like the art of manifestation, is an amazing productive day that will serve you for many years to come . 

To Your Massive Success, 

Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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