5 Practical Ways To Attract More Money

Hey Gorgeous Soul!

As we begin to step into a powerful new year ahead of us, LOTS of us are thinking about the intentions we’d like to set. 

I know at least ONE of your desires is to be more abundant and attract more money into your life.

Am I right? Or am I right?

Well, I’m here to help you with that. 

I have brought five super easy, super practical, quick ways to raise your vibe in the abundance department and attract more money in the New Year.

Wait, screw the New Year… start right NOW!

Make the rest of December the most abundant AF month you’ve ever had.

Ready for the challenge?

Let’s go!

  1. Write yourself a check.

Print out a Manifestation Babe magic check and write yourself a check for an amount you intend to bring into your life for the next ____ days or ___ year. Having this visual will get your powerful subconscious mind involved by focusing on a tangible example of the exact amount of money you want to attract into your life. Keep this check in your wallet, or put it up on your wall by your desk to look at it every single day while you work.

  1. Give money away to strangers in need.

Keep a few dollars, twenties, or hundreds (whatever you vibe with right now) in your wallet for the intention of giving it away. Whenever you see a stranger who looks like they are in need of money, hand them a bill. Why? Because first of all giving is a powerful blessing to pass onto someone else, but also it sets off the manifesting process by showing the Universe that you have PLENTY of abundance already. You have so much flowing your way, you have no problem sharing it! The result? That vibration of “plenty” will attract plenty of money into your life in return.

  1. Declutter your wallet.

It amazes me how many people have their wallets STUFFED with receipts, crumbled up cash, gum wrappers, and gift cards that were given to them in 2007. Then they wonder why more money doesn’t show up in their wallets. Um… is there physical SPACE for it? You can’t expect something to show up in your life that you haven’t first created space for. Decluttering your wallet of garbage will not only help you organize, find hidden money, and breathe easier… but it will attract more abundance into your life because it’ll act like a vacuum rather than a leaf blower to money.

  1. Do some mental shopping.

Go to the mall, the car dealership, a jewelry store, or where ever else you like to shop, and buy things using just your mind. Visualize yourself buying each item that you desire and then celebrating your new purchase as if it actually happened. Get REALLY fucking excited about it. This mental exercise sets off the manifesting process of actually bringing those items into your reality. How? Well the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real or fake. Science has proven that the brain lights up the same way whether you physically do something or visualize doing it in your mind. If you go there in the mind, you will also go there in the body! Shop away, babe This is a spree your wallet will totally approve of.

  1. Look for coins on the ground and pick them up.

What do the majority of people do when they find coins on the ground? Their first thought is “Oh, it’s just a penny. Big whoop!” They will either kick it away, walk right past it, or tell their kids not to pick it up because it’s “dirty!” Well, guess what babe? Money is money is money. When you dismiss a coin on the ground, you are dismissing money. You are literally sending a vibration of “no thanks, Universe, I’m ok! No need for more money.” Instead, look for coins on the ground with child-like excitement, pick them up, and celebrate them as if you just found a thousand dollars. Again, the mind has no idea whether you just picked up a penny or a thousand dollars. All it knows is that you found more money and got super excited about it. That excitement will raise your abundance vibe and attract plenty more your way.

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Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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