Still Searching For Your Life Purpose

Life purpose. Life purpose. LIFE PURPOSE.

What the hell is my life purpose?!?!

 I bet you can agree with me that the phrase “life purpose” has become the biggest buzz phrase of the spiritual community this year.

Everyone is talking about it.

Everyone is in search of it.

It’s alllll the rage right now.

People are legit freaking out if they haven’t discovered theirs by 30 or 40.

And people are so sure of their lives if they discovered it at least in their twenties.

So what’s the big deal?

And how can you find your life purpose if you haven’t yet?

First and foremost, I wanted to let you know that if you are one of those who is unsure of WHY they’re here on planet Earth… you can stop freaking the ef out.  Relaxxxx.

You have MANY purposes for being here on this planet.

There isn’t a single “life purpose” that defines you. You actually have many! How cool is that?

And I think that this email today will give you some clarification as to what YOUR unique purposes are in this lifetime. Maybe today you’ll finally figure out one! Maybe you’ll figure out three! Things are about to get exciting.

But really… what’s the big deal?

Why even bother?

A HUGE discovery I made this past year (2016) was that the bridge between you and your most abundant state (where money, happiness, fulfillment just FLOWS to you) is combining your life’s work with your life purpose.

Your life purpose can basically be the bridge to magic land.

Whatever magic land looks like to you.

Millions in the bank?

A happy family?

A life of insane adventure and world travel?

That kinda magic land.

You see,  I’ve worked many jobs.

I have also tried (and failed many times!) to run online businesses. Most of which were boring…unfulfilling…so HARD… and made me dread even showing up!

I THOUGHT that fitness and coaching others on getting into the best shape of their lives was my life purpose just a year ago.

But BOY was I wrong.

Not because there was something wrong with the business model… it just didn’t suit what I was actually put on this planet to do!

Looking back now, I see that most of the days I dreaded my business. People weren’t listening to me. I was getting lost in the social media noise behind all the other health & fitness coaches.

I would have really high weeks financially… then some weeks completely dead. At some point my income went to $0 for almost a month!

I was freaking out.

I was confused.

There was also so much resistance between me and my OWN fitness too!

Weigh tloss became impossible. I lost motivation for working out. Clean eating? HA!!!

Looking back I realize now that I was doing a lot of things I thought I HAD to do. That was the issue. I was forcing shit left and right because I wasn’t living up to my actual potential, I had a hard time getting into the flow. 

Fast forward just one year, after operating a successful life coaching business, coaching others on manifestation and mindset for almost a year, I NOW realize that I am finally in the flow. Every single day I reach towards more and more abundance.

NATURALLY…with the least amount of effort possible.

Not to say that I don’t actually put in the work on a daily basis…but the fact that the work is ACTUALLY FUN for me!

Business ACTUALLY feels easy to me right now.

I enjoy the ef out of my clients, my students, and the creation process behind all of my emails, courses, social media posts, and blogging that I occasionally do.

Life is actually FUN now, for the first time ever.

Finding my true life purpose actually ended up being an important puzzle piece to the way my life is now.

And today I want to help you!!!

Are you struggling to figure out what you’re meant to be doing?

Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to combine your purpose with your work and create a profitable business out of it?

I wanted to write to you today as we approach the new year to share with you my own process on how I came across my life purpose, or at least gained SOME clarity over what I was meant to do… which inevitably turned into Manifestation Babe.

I hope the following brings you MASSIVE clarity for going into the New Year! Make 2017 the year of YOU, babe.

Here are the simple questions to ask yourself and steps to take:

#1.  Figure out what you absolutely LOVE to do.

What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun? What brings you absolute joy in your day to day life? If you could DREAM and pick something you would love to do and get paid for it… what would it be?

#2. Figure out what you’re super good at doing naturally.

You were born with gifts and talents that are UNIQUE to you and that no one else does in the same way as you. It usually comes in the form of being naturally good at something. Are you athletic? Really good at cooking? A great artist since childhood? Really good at giving others advice? Really good at tech related stuff?

#3. Figure out what comes really easy to you that others constantly ask for your advice on.

This is a clue as to where you can benefit OTHERS with your gifts and talents. Do people constantly ask you for advice when it comes to something that comes really easy to you? For instance… are you a naturally great organizer and planner? Do people constantly ask you for help organizing their closets? This is part of a gift that was given to you by God, the Universe, etc!

#4. Look into what you spend the majority of your time studying or reading about that is actually enjoyable to you

I found that 99.99999999% of my books have to do with spirituality. I was already reading an entire book every few days when it came to manifesting, or meditating, or finding happiness, etc. This was a BIG clue for me to realize that I can spend hours and hours learning how to be a better spiritual life coach to my clients…therefore actually enjoying the tedious processes of becoming a better coach every day.

#5. Ask yourself what a PERFECT day in your life would look like

Something you’ll realize here is that a perfect day will most likely involve you doing #1-4. You just want to prove to yourself that you can literally make the above answers into a career or business if you can do them every day of your life. That’s how work becomes fun.

#6. Look at the patterns in your answers between numbers 1-5 & start to to infuse your current work or way of life with it.

Look into any repeating patterns you find in the answers to the questions above. Whatever you answered over and over again is a big clue to you that this is part of your life purpose/calling.

You were given these natural abilities, talents, pleasures, gifts, etc FOR A REASON. You have a unique way of sharing them with others that no one else has. There is a big reason why you tend to LOVE doing something over something else.

Some people were meant to be accountants and LOVE numbers. Some people were meant to be doctors and LOVE healing others.  Makes sense?

There is a reason behind what you love to do, what you’re good at, and the fact that it’s part of your life purpose!

And again, let me remind you, YOU MAY HAVE MANY LIFE PURPOSES. There is no need to stress over the “RIGHT ONE.”

Having more than one is normal. You don’t want to label yourself and convince yourself that you HAVE to do one thing over another. You have free will. You can be an equal success making a living with ANY of your life purposes.

I truly believe that.

As your soul evolves on this planet, you may find that your purpose changes, and that’s totally normal as well.

But figuring out at least one? And just using that as a starting point?


So… now that you found at least one of your life purposes. What do you do with it?

Start using it, duh!

Figure out a way to infuse your daily life with your life purpose.

Find a way to bring more and more of your life purpose to your current work or career.

Live in the energy of your life purpose.

When you start to infuse your daily life with your life purpose, you get into that natural flow I talked about earlier.

You start to build that bridge!

And from there?

Opportunities start to open up to you.

Ideas start flowing your way.

You begin to attract the right people to you at the right time.

All of a sudden it makes sense to you on how you can build a business or start a career based around your life purpose. But until you make that discovery, you won’t move forward in that direction.

This is exactly what happened to me this year. 

Make sense?!

You’re closer to that dream life than you think. 

To Your Massive Success, 

Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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