Using Spiritual Principles To Erase Debt

Hey Gorgeous Souls!

I am SO excited to finally announce that I have achieved my biggest goal of 2016.

I am COMPLETELY debt free as of last night!!!


Before I get into some of my biggest and best tips when it comes to erasing debt using spiritual principles that I teach, I wanted to share with you a super quick story. I know this story will resonate with so many of you, and if anything, it will only inspire and encourage those who feel like they are drowning in their debt at the moment.

On January 1, 2016 I was officially $25,000 in debt, and no… they were not student loans. They were investments I made into my personal development. I believed that I was worth paying high level coaches, attending prestigious seminars all over the country, taking courses from other experts in my fields, and…well, you get the point. My debt wasn’t traditional debt. I didn’t buy a car I couldn’t afford, it wasn’t any student loans… but it was just as scary in the moment as debt can be. It was STILL debt.

I wanted to be successful SO badly, I got my hands on anything and everything I knew that would uplevel my life. Even if I couldn’t afford it at the time. Well… OBVIOUSLY I couldn’t afford it, so I filled up 5 different credit cards for a total of $25,000.

Have you been in this position before?

Debt can be scary no matter how it’s accumulated and it can bring up a ton of negative feelings like guilt and shame. Guilt and shame were feelings that haunted me on January 1, 2016 when I finally opened up my statements for the first time and faced what I owed.

The very first thing I did on that day was I opened up my journal and wrote down in my own handwriting “I have a $0 balance on all of my credit cards by January 1, 2017.”

Did I have ANY idea how I was going to pay it off in a year? Nope.

The ONLY thing that I did have? I had faith. I trusted every single book I read. I trusted my coach. I trusted every manifesting expert I bought courses from at the time. I trusted that by making it a goal, having faith that I made these investments for a REASON (I always KNEW deep inside that I was doing it for my highest good), the money would come.

And the money… it sure came, so much faster than I expected. Hell, I am debt free 10 days early! 

At the time I made this goal, Manifestation Babe (which started as an Instagram account filled with quotes that inspired me) didn’t exist. That means I wasn’t coaching anyone 1:1 yet. I didn’t have any of my digital courses that I was selling. I had an income that was enough to support me through my direct sales business, but not NEARLY enough to shell out an extra $25k to pay off the debt.

So how did I do it? 

I wanted to take the opportunity to blog about my EXACT tips and advice I followed to become financially free in just a year’s time. I hope this list will give you the encouragement you need in the upcoming year to make 2017 YOUR financially free year.

  1. Face your money– The very first thing I did was sit down, open up all of my accounts, and literally write down on a piece of paper what I owed. If you’re ignoring your debt right now, just know that money is ENERGY. Any energy of neglect will lead to more financial distress until you just FACE your damn fears. Remember, you are in a relationship with your money. Is neglect a great way to improve that relationship? Nahhh.
  2. Release all feelings of guilt & shame and forgive yourself – Are you holding any resentment toward your debt? Do you feel guilty for buying something you should’ve waited for? Are you feeling shameful for spending more than you earn? FORGIVE YOURSELF. Any feelings of resentment towards your money keeps it in a negative vibration. Realize that debt was a choice you made to pay something off that’s important to you over time. That’s ALL that it is. When you change the meaning of what debt is… it changes your entire perspective. It makes it so much less of a monster than you make it out to be.
  3. Set your intention – Never underestimate the power of goal setting. In the beginning of this year, ALL that I did was set an intention. Did I know that I would grow a successful life coaching business just a few months after setting that goal? NO! Did I have ANY evidence that the money would come? NO! All that I did was set the intention of being debt free by January 1, 2017. I wrote down what I wanted and when I wanted it. The Universe made note of that immediately.
  4. Don’t focus on DEBT. Focus on being financially free– One of the biggest mistakes manifesting newbies make? They set the intention of being debt free. They constantly repeat to themselves: “I am debt free. I am debt free. I have paid off my debt.” Saying those affirmations will actually manifest MORE debt. How you may ask? Well, because your subconscious mind takes EVERYTHING literally… by saying the word debt… you will stay focused on debt. Instead, focus on a $0 balance on your credit cards. Visualize that money growing in your savings account instead. See the flow of an abundance of money coming into your checking account. Visualize financial freedom. Notice how my intention was ” I have a $0 balance on all of my credit cards by January 1, 2017? and NOT “I am debt free by January 1, 2017.” It truly does make a difference. Make the Law of Attraction work FOR you, not against you ;).
  5. Start taking action– This one is obvious and really simple, but so many take simplicity for granted and delay taking action on what’s obvious all the time. Create a plan for your debt repayment. You may not be making the kind of income you think you need in order to pay it off by the date you chose, but that doesn’t matter right now. The inspired action WILL come. The money you need WILL come, but you MUST start where you are right now. Close out of this blog once you’ve done reading, and make a simple $50 payment… or something you can afford right now. Start that momentum TODAY. Momentum is what gets the party started, and by party, I mean the Universe starts getting involved. You never know what genius million dollar idea will come your way tomorrow. You never know what unexpected check you might receive next month. You just NEVER know. It’s not your job to know! Your job? Just do what you can right now. Start wherever you are. Make the first repayment TODAY.
  6. Stay grateful– Throughout the entire process, you MUST stay grateful. Every single day I would open my bank account and just smile that I had money in there. It didn’t matter if it was $5k, or $5. I would feel grateful that I had the money in my account to support me that day. I would celebrate whenever money would come in, and if I had bills to pay, I would be grateful for the services I received in exchange for those bills. Gratitude was one of the biggest reasons why my income grew so much in the last year.
  7. Change your money mindset– your money mindset is EVERYTHING in this process. I took an intensive money mindset course in the beginning of 2016 that taught me the TRUTH about money. I worked really hard on believing that I was worthy of money and that I was worthy of being financially free. 

And that’s it! That’s literally what took me from being $25,000 below zero, to financial freedom…plus savings in the bank. If this post encouraged you in any way, be sure to leave me a comment below or share the link with a friend!

I love you all so much babes and I hope you got value out of this blog post!

To Your Massive Success, 

Kathrin Zenkina



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