5 mistakes you might be making when manifesting

5 mistakes you might be making when manifesting:

Mistake Number One: You ask more than once.

Asking for what you want is step number one of starting the manifesting process. It’s really crucial. If you’re in my course, you’ll know this from the 5-step no-fail manifesting process I share in week 3. If you don’t ask…how the hell will the Universe know what to deliver to you? It’s like shopping on Amazon. You can’t expect Amazon to figure out what to ship to you unless you put the damn thing in your cart and actually submit the order, right? 

It’s the same thing here. The only problem? You ask more than once. Some of you might find yourself asking over and over and over again. You think that the Universe forgot, or somehow didn’t hear you. This creates a desperate energy around what you’re asking. Think about it. When you get asked on a date over and over and over again to the point where it turns into begging, would you jump into saying yes? NO! It would be a complete turn off! So why do we do the same thing to the Universe? 

The Universe heard you the first time. Trust me on this one. Asking more than once will hinder your manifestation results. You need to TRUST here, babe. You were heard loud and clear the first time.

Mistake Number Two: You create limits for what and how fast you can manifest.

For some reason, we humans like to create limits. We create all sorts of made up rules about what we can or can’t have. If we didn’t make the shit up, we believe the person who did. Key word: It’s all MADE UP. The limits don’t exist. They’re simply a product of what we believe.

For some reason, we tend to believe that something grand like our dream business, our soulmate, or a luxury 5 star vacation is harder to manifest than a cup of coffee. We think that because coffee is so cheap, so commonly found, and so “small” that it’s easy for the Universe to bring it to us. Whereas a 10 day trip to Bora Bora in an overwater bungalow with your sweetie is really hard and will take a lot of time. Let me fill you in on a secret: The energy between the two desires is exactly the same. It’s just energy. It doesn’t take any longer to manifest one than it does the other. It’s all in your head.

Time doesn’t exist in the Universe. It’s a human created concept, therefore, stop creating limits. Be a manifesting queen already and get to work on manifesting some cool shit, dammit! You only live once.

Mistake Number Three: You don’t create space for what you want.

You want a new wardrobe. You have been visualizing the perfect new winter coats, the scarves, the sweaters, and the 5 different styles of jeans for a month straight now. You know it’s coming. You’ve done the work. You believe in it. It’s totally already yours, but… you forgot to make more room in your closet. It’s completely stuffed with your old clothes. Where are the new clothes going to go?! Forgot to think about that, huh?  

Creating space for what you want is vital to manifesting it. This is according to the Law Of Vacuum in the Universe. When we clear out room in our lives, the Universe has no choice but to fill up that empty space. It’s like a vacuum for opportunity. Look and see where you might need a good spring cleaning. Is it time to detox your belongings? Your relationships? Your body? Where should you create space in order to bring in more magnificence into your life?

Mistake Number Four: You overanalyze the “how.”

Listen babe, when you stress out about how things are going to happen, you are getting involved in a process that you aren’t supposed to be part of. It’s NOT up to you how the intention you set unfolds. When you get involved in the process, you take away all the magic of the Universe.

It’s like someone taking your job away. Imagine if your coworker came into work one day, sat at your desk, started messing with all your powerpoints, all your files, and even answered the phone pretending to be like you. Literally taking YOUR job away from you….and you don’t get paid that day. You got nothing to do. You have no involvement. They just got all up in your work.

That’s what you do to the Universe. You give the Universe absolutely nothing to work with when you hold on SO tightly to the process. Focus on the outcome, but not the process. Your only job is to follow the  inspired action that comes to you as a result of setting your intention. Don’t take the Universe’s job away. You are a CO-creator, not a sole creator.

Mistake Number Five: You see detours as denials and give up way too fast.

Ah. This happens way too often. You give up 5 minutes before the miracle. Seeing detours as denials is one of the surest ways to block yourself from attracting what you want into your life.

When something happens and you don’t end up getting exactly what you want, it is not a denial. When you prayed and prayed for something to happen on July 11th, and it’s now July 12th and the thing still hasn’t happened, it is STILL not a denial. You are never denied what you want. You are never denied your desires. Your desires were put into your heart for a reason and you wouldn’t have these desires if they weren’t meant to manifest.

When you feel like you are being denied something, it’s actually just a detour. The Universe is either asking you to be more clear, work out a limiting belief, or it’s simply bringing you something even BETTER. The rule of the game is always, “this or something better.” Because everything always happens for your highest good, you need to start trusting that any sort of detour is not a sign to give up. Don’t give up on your desires. They will eventually manifest.

To Your Massive Success, 

Kathrin Zenkina


Self-made multimillionaire showing u how to defy all logic & manifest ur most unrealistic dreams! Mama to baby Orion <3 

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