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Wow, I am literally crying tears of joy and gratitude right now as I just made this post on Instagram. I keep thinking about the red carpet analogy that Kathrin made during the Make Manifestation Second Nature workshop that the Universe will roll out a little bit of the red carpet each time, and you just need to follow it. This has been my EXACT experience. I’ve stumbled upon so many amazing rooms and met so many generous people who have made Clubhouse a magical place for me. I can’t tell you how much my energy has shifted from stagnant and shrinking to vibrant and expansive.

Babes, really take action and follow the nudges! Don’t dismiss them! Embrace the nervousness and discomfort. The Universe has it all planned out for you. We got this!

Hello Manifestation Babe Team,

I saw Kathrin share a story on reviewing any of MB course/program and I am here to share my experience of the 5 Day Make Manifestation Second Nature Workshop.

It is from this very workshop that I started believing in my ability to manifest a life of my choice. The information shared in the workshop was highly valuable, insightful, helped me have a lot of ‘aha’ moments and my whole being has been operating in a different way since then. So much wisdom shared dismantled quite a lot of my limiting beliefs right there and then (the beliefs which kept me from believing in manifestation in the first place). Within a month of the first day of the workshop, I manifested my dream job, I manifested a good caretaker for PSP ridden moma, and I was able to go and meet my boyfriend after a year of not meeting him and some situation always coming in the way of wanting to meet him. I have been using the tools provided in the workshop, as well as shared in small (and not so small) wisdom filled captions on MB’s instapage, to manifest myriad aspects of my life.

I would love to gain more from the MB programs in the future. So very grateful for this organization and team.

I think the Make Manifestation Second Nature challenge audios are magic. I started listening to both the meditation and hypnosis before bed, and have manifested maybe 5 or 6 interviews since Friday.

I got a call from a place I interviewed at back in 2018 and they were going through some changes and wanted to know if I was looking for work. I had a refresher interview with them on Monday, got an email for an interview which I had this morning, schedule a different interview for Friday, had a call less than an hour after the video interview this morning for a different interview also vida video for this afternoon and got a call an hour or so after that job local to me which I applied for on New Year’s Eve and they’re seeing about getting me in for an interview tomorrow afternoon. I’m expecting to hear back this afternoon about the one from this morning, and later this week about one from last week and Monday


Things are definitely happening and I’m so excited for it! Thank you Universe and thank you Kathrin for the audios and the challenge.

Day 3 was WILDD.

Kathrin was speaking things that I had already been thinking/hearing/seeing in just the last two days, There is no such thing as coincidence. Thank you for sharing your gift and purpose, Kathrin! A shift is happening. I feel it.

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