Feel like the Universe Is Confusing AF?

Are you frustrated with your lack of results in manifesting the life of your dreams? Convinced that the Law of Attraction works for everyone, but YOU?  Need a girlfriend to explain how this Universe works to you in a down-to-earth and understandable way?

I  got  you!


To my 16 year old brain, you couldn't said anything to convince me to read it faster. I went home and read it cover to cover. I was FASCINATED. All of a sudden, I felt like I was in control of my life, and I was excited to apply the new things I had learned.

The book was called "The Secret." And you guessed it, I'm referring to the Law of Attraction.Except… I went almost 8 years without any results.  No matter how many books I read, how many gurus I  seeked ot, and how many times I reviewed the information, I was afraid to go all in. Everytime I wanted to go all in, my limiting beliefs got in the way or something would go wrong. Needless to say, I knew manifestation on an intellectual level…but that was about it. I felt like I was MISSING something!

Does this sound like you?

Almost a decade ago, my friend in high school handed me a book. The book was called, "The Secret," and while my eyes tried to make sense of what the book was about, she simply told me: “Kathrin, this is how my grandpa has EVERYTHING that he wants. This is how money works for him, he doesn’t work for money.”

Have You Known About The LAW OF ATTRACTION
For Most Of Your Life But Haven't Seen Any Results Yet?

Why is that? Because if we just take LOA literally, we miss out on 98% of the picture. When shit hits the fan, we think there’s something wrong with us… not realizing that there is a Universal Law guiding the “shit,” and by knowing the other laws, we can overcome challenges faster.

When we experience a time delay, we believe it has to do with our lack of belief in ourselves… and we find ourselves judging our lack of results… not realizing that there is also another Universal Law guiding the time delay.

There’s a Universal Law to explain just about anything that happens in our every day human experience… but no one teaches the other laws.

It was only 3 years ago (9 years later) that I realized that there was more to the Universe than just the Law of Attraction. 

In fact, not knowing about the other 11 immutable Universal Laws can actually keep you from seeing success in your life.

We are led to believe that if we can’t manifest what we want instantly, then we may as well just give up and not even try.

If You Desire To...

+ Unleash your manifestation powers to their full potential

+ Understand how the Universe works on an entirely new level

+ Make goal-setting fun again

+ gain clarity on challenges and moments of frustration in life 

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This one hour training has the potential to change our life in huge ways.  I'm here to show you that you are not flawed. There's just some extra information you've been missing. And in literally just 60 minutes, you’ll know all of the 12 Immutable Universal Laws and be able to apply them to your life like a PRO.




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12 Universal Masterclass Transformations

I downloaded the 12 universal laws and loved how simple yet obvious they all are. We sometimes get caught up in ourselves and live below the line, and it holds us back from what we want!Thanks for the reminder on where I need to focus, I am manifesting my Dream Life right now and nothing will stop me. 

I wish I learned about the 12 laws before but it's never too late (as time is just an illusion, right?). And I loved how Kathrin layed out all the concepts so clearly and simply with examples and experiences from her life!

What I enjoyed most about Kathrin’s teaching style was that she made it feel as though we were having a conversation. You don’t need to be highly academic to understand what she’s talking about. She walks through with you every law in a pleasant and easy to understand manner. 

About me

Who is Kathrin Zenkina?

Kathrin Zenkina is a world renowned master manifestation & mindset coach, whose mission is to raise the vibration of the collective by modernizing ancient wisdom and simplifying Universal principles that guide others to get what they want & become the version of themselves they were ALWAYS destined to be. She is also a #1-Amazon-Best-Selling author, host of the top rated Manifestation Babe Podcast, and founder of the globally recognized personal development brand - Manifestation Babe® - which has grown into a $20M+ company in just 6 years. Through her own personal evolution, Kathrin has gained the tools, the knowledge and the wisdom to lead those who encounter her teachings toward more fulfillment and bringing their once “impossible” dreams to life. Her groundbreaking content, signature manifestation program, live speaking engagements and published work, have inspired and transformed hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. Kathrin’s passion for personal development has quickly become a legacy that will impact generations to come of those who are eager to discover what’s truly possible by activating the hidden power of the mind. Living as an example of the results that can be experienced from her unconventional yet easy-to-digest teaching style, Kathrin has ensured that ANYONE can gain immense value from her podcast, social platforms, and signature courses. Follow along Kathrin’s journey on Instagram at @manifestationbabe or check out her latest offerings at www.manifestationbabe.com.