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I get it. Coming into a new Universe can be overwhelming. Buttons, tabs, forms, and pages, oh my! Where in the world do you start?! First of all, if you are brand new to the world of Manifestation Babe, hello! WELCOME! I am so excited for the adventure we’re about to embark on together.

If we haven’t already met, my name is

Kathrin Zenkina

and I am known as a manifestation coach and thought-leader to over 100,000 gorgeous souls across the globe.

I am the host of the Manifestation Babe podcast that now has over 1 million downloads, I’m also a #1 Amazon best-selling author, speaker, and self-made multimillionaire.

What is now a multi-million dollar personal development and coaching empire once started as a teeny tiny Instagram account that I created in early 2016 to keep myself inspired and empowered while I lived on my grandma’s couch. (You can read my full story on my “my story” page for the full breakdown of how I even ended up on my grandma’s couch in the first place).

The exact resources, tools, and principles that I used to create a 180 degree shift in my life can be found here at Manifestation Babe. No matter where you’re starting from, I know you’ll feel at home here in no time.

The Start Here page is the perfect place to find the most popular resources that have helped Manifestation Babe members dive into manifestation without excessive information overload. This page has been carefully curated for the beginner who will eventually move on to the more advanced teachings taught in my Academies: Manifestation Babe Academy and Rich Babe Academy.

Once you’ve looked at the resources on this page, I invite you to check out my other offerings on the programs page.

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I built an incredible community on Facebook where you can come and develop soulful friendships, celebrate your wins, ask for help, or tap into the plethora of livestreams I left for you under the hashtag #CoffeeChat that you can search through the group search bar.

Please be sure to read the group rules before sending us a request.

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Ever wanted to get an MBA in manifesting and a PhD in results? The Manifestation Babe Academy will help you do just that. Designed for the soul that’s passionate about self-mastery, this 4 week long course is going to teach you how to harness the Universe’s most powerful laws to attract anything and everything you want into your life. If you feel like you’ve been stuck in inaction for way too long, allow me to give you only the results-focused content you need to make the necessary shifts to take you to the next level. No fluff, no bullshit, no excuses. Let’s go!

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If you feel like you’re hustling way too hard for the lifestyle of your dreams, Rich Babe Academy is where I take you on a 6 week journey to radically transform the way that you earn, save, spend, and invest money. This is where you will develop a relationship with money that’s so good, money won’t be able to keep its hands off of you! If you’ve ever wanted to manifest money with grace and ease, develop your self-worth, eliminate any and all negative beliefs you hold around your finances, and blast through the ceiling of your income cap, this is the right Academy for you.

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