If you’re in online business, you’re most likely always on the lookout for the next BIG thing that’ll boost sales, conversions, and get everyone and their grandma on your email list.

As I definitely have, I’m sure you’ve come across many business coaches out there who are either coaching you or selling you on THE sales strategy “guaranteed” to make you millions.

They have the template, the funnel, the social media graphics pack, and the exact posts you supposedly “must” copy & paste or you will NOT be successful.

Sound familiar?

Oh my god… did I fall into the trap of believing this when I just started my business.

I was told over and over again that if I did not have the perfect template strategy on how to market my coaching services, backed up by 20 different ads with A/B testing… I did not DESERVE to be successful.

Yes. They said it. DESERVE to be successful.

When I first heard this fear based & quite honestly, scarcity minded message from the “experts” I was earning about $3k per month in my business. My email list had about 2,000 people on it.

Since then, I’ve YET to create a sales funnel. I’ve yet to bug my email list every single day pushing a sale. And I’ve yet to figure out how to set up a Facebook ad.

I also forget to “sell” ALL the time. I am probably the worst promoter you’d ever come across in the online world (and quite honestly, I’m setting the intention just NOW to get better at it. I know my courses are some really valuable shit… people need that kind of content.)

However…The revenue that my business, Manifestation Babe, has been generating on a monthly basis?


Yep, six figure months every single MONTH with zero fancy strategy.

This is something I would’ve only DREAMED of creating just 12 months ago.

Did you know that success in your business is mostly based on your energy, your belief system and YOUR rules that you create?

Hint hint: There are no rules to success in this lifetime. There are no rules in business. You CREATE the rules.

Million Dollar Strategy Manifestation Babe

If you believe you need a fancy funnel, a website that cost you $20k to put together, an email list of 500,000 people, and a team of 10 people to be successful… then that’s exactly what will be required of you in order to see success.

If you believe that you don’t need a funnel, a massive email list, and all you need to do is show up online and deliver massive value to be successful… then that’s exactly what will be required of you to see success in your business.

Everyone has a technique, strategy, and template to share…but what worked for someone else works for them because it aligns with THEIR belief system, rules, and energy. Not necessarily yours.

When I work with my clients, or the women at my Biz Babe events, I make sure to reiterate this at least 1,000 times. My biz partner Karina and I make SURE to give everyone options, because there is NO template to success. Like zero.

You take what feels good to YOU, and run with it. What feels good to YOU is what should be implemented. It’s a signal from your subconscious mind letting you know that this strategy makes sense in your biz.

Eventually… I’ll apply a little more practical stuff into my business like a couple of funnels here or there, maybe some FB ads… but for now I can count on my energy to attract all the clients I could possibly need to create a life by design.

Alignment is EVERYTHING.

As long as your energy is in the right place, you are focusing on solving problems for people and LOVE on your audience, the sales will occur naturally and almost automatically.

I don’t have a million dollar strategy for you today, but I do have a way to help you take your business up 100 levels in just two days.

My biz partner Karina Ramos and I are hosting our second Biz Babe event in Miami on November 19 & 20. This event is THE event for online entrepreneurs to come and master the mindset of a 6 & 7 figure business, become a natural sales expert using sales psychology, learn the ins and out of doing your own PR, branding, marketing, and everything in between.

Karina and I packed over $42,000 worth of value into this 2-day live event, and we mean business for the 15 women who show up.

The first Biz Babe hosted in Vegas event went so well, we decided to do it all over again.

For all the important deets, what’s included, and what to expect from Biz Babe in Miami, head over here to read more and enroll before we sell out:

We have already filled 3 of the 15 spots at the next Biz Babe and this one will be the only one available until at least early 2018. If you have any interest in learning the ins and outs of online business from 2 bossbabes who took their online businesses from 0-multiple 6 figures in under a year, this would be the place for you.

Hope to see ya there!

To Your Massive Success, Kathrin Zenkina

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