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Whether you are looking for help in the area of self-love and confidence, finances and money, or even your online business and the mindset of a super successful entrepreneur, I got the bundle just for you.

Each bundle contains an e-book (or other printable item), an Emotional Freedom Technique (AKA “tapping”) script, downloadable graphics or screensavers, a hypnosis (or two), a meditation (or a few), and a few masterclasses or coaching calls all custom tailored to the topic in which you need the most guidance with right now.

Feel free to choose one (or ALL!) and get ready to come out on the other side a better money manifestor, a more success-minded entrepreneur, and FILLED with confidence and self-love.


This is the perfect bundle for you if you are looking for more love and compassion in your life. The Self-Love bundle is perfect for anyone looking for more self-love practices, reduced stress and anxiety, self-acceptance, and an introduction to meeting your higher self.


What’s Inside?

  • Printables & E-book: Limiting Belief Blaster Workbook
  • Tapping: Tapping for Releasing Physical Pain, Overcoming Anxiety, Releasing Negative People
  • Graphics: Self Love screensavers
  • Hypnosis: Fully Trusting & Surrendering in the Universe, Self-love & Acceptance
  • Meditation: Grounding & Chakra Activation, Anchoring Positive States, Meet Your Higher Self
  • Masterclass: Anxiety Is Your Gift, Unfuckwithable Confidence, Unfuck Your Mind

The Biz Bundle

This is the perfect bundle for you if you currently own an online product or service-based business that you want to grow on a massive scale. Learn social media practices, adopt the mindset of an ultra-successful entrepreneur, and unlock the creative juices that will give you the ultimate edge in growing your online empire.

What’s Inside?

  • Printables & E-book: Confident Livestream Guide
  • Tapping: Tapping for Upper Limits, Releasing Negative People
  • Graphics: Biz screensavers, Checks for Money Manifesting
  • Hypnosis: Getting Over People Pleasing & Low Self-Worth Cycle
  • Meditation: Unleash Your Creativity
  • Masterclass: 6 Figure Facebook Group, 5 Figure Months, Dream Client Attraction, Copywriting for Magnetic Selling
  • Coaching Calls: Soulstagram – Master the art of growing a brand on Instagram the MB Way, Profitable List Building, Branding Masterclass with Jordan Duvall

The Money Bundle

This is the perfect bundle for you if you’re someone who’s ready to bring more money into your life. Money is your most important relationship that determines the quality of all of your other relationships. When money is tight or scarce, you don’t show up in life as the best version of you. When money is abundant and freely flowing, you have more options, choices and opportunities to choose from. You can focus on the things that are most important to you rather than stress about paying for the experiences that you desire in life.


What’s Inside?

  • Printables & E-book: Morning & Evening Routine for the 7 figure earning babe E-book, The Science Of Getting Rich E-book
  • Tapping: Tapping for Upper Limits, Overcoming Money Resistance
  • Graphics: Money screensavers, Checks for Money Manifesting
  • Hypnosis: Wealthy Babe
  • Meditation: Money Manifesting
  • Masterclass: 5 Figure Months, Unfuck Your Mind
  • Coaching Calls: Creating Your First 6 Figure Year, Money: Your Most Important Relationship