Would you LOVE to feel UNSHAKEABLE inner certainty? To know that regardless of what life throws your way…you’re gonna thrive…because that’s just who you are?

Enrolling in the Manifestation Babe Academy means getting your MBA in manifesting. I’m sharing everything they never taught you in school…but absolutely should have.

Aka: The exact foundational building blocks required to take your BIGGEST dreams from your vision board…to your REAL LIFE.


It’s time to break through the fear, CONFUSION & doubt that’s been holding you back so that you can finally... 



Is your soul craving a simplified, actionable, and effective AF crash-course in Manifestation... that's been proven to work?

If you’re on this page right now, it means you crave results. You’re hungry for wayyyy more than you’re currently experiencing...and this ravenous appetite keeps going un-satisfied. 

You’re ready to experience massive success. And deep down, you’ve always known you were made for more. The good news?  Your success is already inevitable. (And no--I’m not just blowing smoke up your a**--I 100% mean it when I say that everything you’ve ever wanted and then some is already yours.)  And inside MBA, you'll see exactly how.

Your Higher Self led you here.

Let me know if you can relate to this:

Your life feels stagnant. You're uncertain about what you’re “supposed” to be doing with your life. You don’t know if you’re doing it “right” and that thought alone is zapping your confidence. Your relationships might be losing their passion. And you’re becoming discouraged by your career or business. 

If you’re like all the other dreamers out there, you’ve been watching the successful manifestors live out glamorous lives of freedom, luxury, and fun on the internet. You’ve been stalking them on Instagram, on YouTube, and wondering, what makes THEM so special? And why are you still here, not getting any further ahead? 

They all say they manifested their lives to be this way… and that if they could do it, so could you, but for some reason…. it’s not clicking for YOU.

And even though you're trying to make things happen… nothing is actually shifting in your physical reality.

And yet still, you have this inner knowing that even though things aren’t quite 100% amazing right now, one day they will be.

There’s a whisper–a tiny little voice–urging you to trust yourself. To have faith. To seek out the answers. To take action.

And now you’ve been led to this very page.

You’re wondering if there’s some secret knowledge that “successful people” just AREN’T sharing with others. You realize that there must be something you just don’t know.  

I certainly felt this way. 

So what REALLY changed for me? How did I become a millionaire by the age of 25?

How did I become the master manifestor I am today?

What was the switch that flipped that took me from being unable to afford Los Angeles rent, to traveling the world full-time with the love of my life, and earning over 6 figures every single month?

You’re looking for that missing key that you haven’t found just yet.

The answer? I simplified everything.

I demystified manifestation. I made it easy to understand. And most importantly, easy to implement. 

I modernized and simplified complex ancient teachings that have been around for literally thousands of years so that anyone could apply them (including you, babe).

Manifesting is actually really easy. Creating the life of your wildest dreams is so much simpler than you think.

Let's lose the complexity and learn a much better way.

Very soon you WILL get the hidden blueprint that you’ve been craving. I’m gonna lay it all out for you.


Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of The Manifestation Babe Academy

Let’s get straight to the point.

Most of what you’ve been taught about manifesting is WRONG.

It’s ineffective.
It’s counterproductive.
And quite simply, it’s just NOT working.

It’s leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disappointed with very little to show for all the hours and hours you’ve spent building your vision board and chanting your affirmations.

How do I know this? 

First of all...I used to be that person wasting my time.

And I wasn't alone.

In recent years, google searches like “how to manifest” or “how to use the Law of Attraction” have dramatically increased

And though more people than EVER are living their dream life today thanks to the readily available information out there, there are so many people out there who aren’t. 

And the reason for this is because the easily searchable and readily available teachings out there don’t take into consideration the deep-seated, unconscious, limiting beliefs that no commonly taught technique like, visualization or positive thinking, could ever overcome.  

I used to fall into the outdated belief that manifestation is a logical, conscious mind process rather than an intuitive, subconscious mind one. A process that could just be forced through action rather than one that is allowed

through embodiment.

Thankfully I learned that there’s a much simpler way to easily and effortlessly manifest the life things you want without getting caught up in the dogma of “just think it and it will happen.”

If that actually worked…. You wouldn’t be here right now reading these words on this page, would you?

I’ve been lucky enough to discover the success principles of manifestation at a young age and go through the frustrating trial and error of what works vs what doesn’t early on. I’ve spent the last 14 years of my life studying all the mechanics of creation to figure out what actually works and what is just a bunch of fluff that’s been passed down and regurgitated. 

Trust me… I’ve literally tried EVERYTHING.

And it wasn’t until I was about 8 years into the journey of all the trial and error that things finally clicked for me. I figured it out. I cracked the code!

Manifesting is MORE than just tapping into the Law of Attraction.

It’s more than sitting on your couch visualizing $1,000,000 and expecting to open your mailbox that same day with a million dollar check. It’s more than sitting in front of your computer making a digital vision board to slap onto the background of your phone and expect to live that reality by the end of the week. 

There are much deeper elements that just aren’t being commonly talked about or taught. 

When things finally clicked for me, I went from being $25,000 in debt and living with my grandma, to becoming a millionaire at the age of 25, marrying my soulmate, traveling all over the world, and growing a very successful business in just 2 years time. 

When you understand what truly works and what doesn’t, everything changes. 

In MBA, I  share everything I’ve learned from studying the Laws of the Universe, the Subconscious Mind, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Neuroscience, Energetics, Spirituality, and how I tested it all on myself and my students over the last 7 years.

You see, most courses, books, and gurus out there will tell you to just “think positive, never feel bad about anything, get rid of everything ‘low vibe’ in your life, and live in a perpetual, unattainable state of ‘love and light’” to be able to manifest your desires...

….as if you have to be some kind of always-happy robot to attract more money, wild success, a romantic relationship, world-travel and a dream career. 

And that’s not the fault of those who teach the old paradigm of manifesting. 

I used to be that teacher too.

I have a different approach when it comes to manifesting your desires. One that’s much more effective, much more sustainable, way more attainable, and respects each person’s unique style of manifestation.

My approach to manifestation is about completely rewiring the subconscious mind (the part of your mind that lies underneath the surface and is responsible for creating 95% of your reality); releasing the things that are getting in the way of you receiving the things you want; and tapping you into the limitless potential of your divine soul... 

Now THAT’s where all the fun begins.


 Even millionaires have bad days. Even the happiest people have negative thoughts. 

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you to learn that every human being is designed and wired differently. So why are we still creating one-size-fits-all approaches?!

My methodology takes into consideration that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. You are GOING to have a bad day. You are GOING to get flooded with negative emotions and “bad vibes” from time to time. You can’t spend your entire life avoiding what you don’t want to think or feel just because it’s uncomfortable. You can’t spend your entire life obsessing over every single thought just to make sure you’re “thinking positively 100% of the time.”


So that manifestation becomes an easy, effortless, natural process where your reality shifts according to your desires on autopilot. Yes, I said autopilot.

Do  Tell  Me

Do any of the following sound like you?

Are you feeling frustrated by the lack of results showing up in your life? Looking for clarity about next steps? 

Tired of wondering if “you’re doing it right?”  

Feeling stuck in inaction because it seems like you’ve already tried everything and don’t know where to go next? 

Overwhelmed by the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone? 

Sick of re-living the same boring year over and over again?

Need someone to make things simple? To show you the way? To prove to you that, YES, you can do it too?

Feeling burnt out from working hard and chasing your dreams with little to show for it?

Tired of looking for the secret hidden strategies that all successful people supposedly know that for some reason you don’t?

Want to take your life from “meh, it’s okay” to “holy sh*t this is amazing?”

Ready to become a ridiculously successful manifestor… for life?

If you answered yes to even one of the questions above, The Manifestation Babe Academy was created for you.

This is the only program that you'll ever need when it comes to manifesting your dream life.


The Manifestation Babe Academy is a 20-week deep-dive experience taught exclusively by Kathrin Zenkina (hi--that’s me!!) — #1 Best-Selling Author, Host of the globally recognized Top 10 podcast, the Manifestation Babe podcast, and manifestation coach to hundreds of thousands of women.

MBA has been intentionally designed and curated to give you the best of the best when it comes to manifestation techniques, spiritual principles, and success strategies. Most importantly of all, MBA is uniquely results-driven. Because it's mainly the RESULTS that matter, right?

Each module of the program has been pre-recorded and is accessed via a student-only portal. The modules are released one at a time and each module has an implementation workbook.  You'll also have a schedule available to keep you organized and accountable to getting through the transformational material. Scattered throughout the program are Q&A calls, as well as virtual breathwork classes via Zoom. The Q&A sessions are where you’ll be able to get all your juicy questions answered as they arise throughout the program. The breathwork classes are where you will breathe through any stress, frustration or overwhelm that may come up as you face your fears and recreate your entire life. 

The recordings for both the Q&A’s and the breathwork classes are then sent out to members of the program via email. You get lifetime access to every module, Q&A session, and breathwork classes at the end of the program along with all of the bonuses that are revealed on this page. 

Rather than throwing a ton of meaningless material at you, I teach you ONLY what you need to know to implement ASAP. 



Building a strong foundation as the primary co-creator of your life (1 module)

You can’t be expected to build the castle of your dream life without first setting up a strong foundation. In the FOUNDATION phase of the program, we’re going to set powerful intentions that the Universe can’t help but get behind, dig into the primary motives behind why you desire the things that you desire so that you become an irresistible magnet to them, and dive into what makes this program so effective—creating change at the highest hierarchical level. 



Unlearn everything you think you know about manifesting (3 modules)

I don’t even have to tell you that most of everything you’ve ever learned about manifesting is probably wrong. Because if you already knew everything you needed to know, you wouldn’t be on this page right now. You’d already be living your best life, too busy to even scout such a program in the first place. In the UNLEARN phase of the program, you’re going to be unlearning outdated manifestation misconceptions that are keeping you stuck, learning how reality is created on a scientific, psychological, AND spiritual level, as well as how to tap into the immutable Universal Laws that literally control every aspect of manifesting your dream reality.



Release the crap that’s clogging up your field and getting in your way (4 modules)

The biggest reason why most people don’t get what they want in life is because they hold onto the things in their energetic field that are literally repelling their dreams. And the worst part about it is that most (like 90%) of those things are unconscious--meaning you don’t even know they exist. In the RELEASE phase of the program, we’re going to implement the most effective tools proven by neuroscience and ancient spirituality to release core, past-life and generational beliefs that are keeping you in a vicious cycle of creating a life less than what you truly deserve.



Rewire your brain to manifest on autopilot (2 modules)

Your brain is an incredible, powerful and super malleable tool that we can use to turn on the process of manifesting on autopilot. After we’ve released the crap that’s clogging up our energetic fields and getting in our way, it’s time to dive into the REWIRE phase where we will use even more tools to encode new, empowering beliefs into our subconscious minds. No more detrimental habits, beliefs, and thought patterns over here!



Relearn the things that actually matter in the manifesting process (3 modules)

In the RELEARN phase of the program, this is where we dive into the ultra juicy advanced manifestation goodness. Now that you’re a clear and clean slate and you’ve rewired your brain with new empowering beliefs, you’re going to implement the no-fail 4-step manifestation formula to manifest ANY desire that lights your heart on fire. This is also where you will learn never-before-taught content on creating your own UNIQUE manifesting process. We will be using the system of Human Design to learn how to easily manifest according to your unique type, strategy, authority, cognition, arrows & activated centers (some Human Design terminology you’ll learn very soon!).



Recreate the life that you’ve always known you’re destined to live (1 module)

In the RECREATE phase of the program is where you’re going to become the full embodiment of your Higher Self fulfilling her/his/their highest potential. At the end of this program manifestation is no longer a concept to you anymore—it is a daily living and breathing EXPERIENCE. You will be equipped with tools that keep this a lifelong process. No more falling off the bandwagon, ever. You’ve taken the red pill and there’s no going back. You know how this shit works and you’re going to bank on it for life.



Here is the tried, tested, & proven                          



manifesting your dream life:

Get access to 14 exclusive MBA meditations, hypnoses, TIME technique visualizations, and subliminal audios, all used to effectively and EFFICIENTLY reprogram your subconscious mind as you gradually move through the transformation process.

$1,999 value

14 EXCLUSIVE Audio Downloads

Have a question about something that's come up for you on your manifestation journey? You're sure to find the answers you need inside of this MASSIVE Q&A Vault packed with over 40 on demand expansive Q&A sessions, each labeled with the questions covered inside and timestamps for easy access.

$3,997 value

On Demand Q&A Vault

Each module contains an implementation workbook which will take everything you learn inside MBA and actualize it in your REAL life. The workbooks are where the REAL work happens and where transformation meets reality!

$2,997 value

14 Transformational Workbooks 

Team MB's certified Breathwork Facilitator and Creative Director, Rachel B will be taking you through 5 transformational and healing breathwork sessions to help you release emotions you've been holding onto for YEARS and get you that much closer to your Highest Self in just 45 minutes.

$997 value

5 LIVE Breathwork Sessions 

In this workshop you’ll discover how to release lifetimes of subconscious programming & limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in survival mode instead of experiencing the successful, prosperous, EXPANSIVE life you are ACTUALLY meant to be living! Uncover the deep subconscious programming that is keeping you from reaching the levels of abundance you most desire, and learn how to shift your perspective to feel empowered in your personal self worth to manifest your MOST abundant reality.

$555 Value

Breakthrough to Abundance Workshop 

Wanna learn how to align your frequency and set POTENT intentions to create a life you actually DO want. In this workshop I simplify the manifestation process so you can access your innate manifesting gifts AUTOMATICALLY! Uncover the sh*t that’s REALLY holding you back from manifesting your desires, embody the frequency of your desires so you can magnify yourself and attract them with ease, and get access to the ultimate manifestation blueprint so you can take manifestation from concept...to WAY OF LIFE!

$555 Value

Make Manifestation Second Nature Workshop

It’s time to tap into your innate manifesting abilities babe! In this workshop you’ll get the keys to attracting ANY desire you want, so that you can turn your vision board into your real life, WITHOUT overworking yourself, getting plagued with self-doubt, or falling into old patterns of self-sabotage! Learn how to release all the obstacles that are getting in the way of you embodying your most magnetic self and attract ANY desire you’ve ever wanted! 

$555 Value

Manifest Your Dream Life Workshop

Ready to ditch the what ifs and confidently dive into the unknown to radically UPLEVEL your life?! After this workshop you’ll finally understand exactly how to TRANSFORM any area of your life so that you can achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of! Discover how the sabotaging beliefs, behaviors and subconscious programming you’ve picked up throughout your life experience has dimmed your light and kept you from bringing your deepest desires into your physical reality.

$555 Value

Manifest Your Glow Up Workshop

Imagine how supported you’ll feel and how much faster you’ll skyrocket your results with thousands of students ALL going through the process with YOU?! Nothing beats a high-vibe community that has your back. To give you an intimate community experience and allow you the support you deserve to keep coming back to the work, you’ll get access to an exclusive accountability program and receive all the tools you need to find the right accountability partner for YOU!

High-Vibe Community & Exclusive Accountability Program


A new addition to MBA is our amazing Peer Mentorship Program. We have recruited past-graduates from the latest round of MBA that are going to help provide you support throughout the ENTIRE duration of the program. These students have done the work, experienced both the ups & downs of transformation, and are now going to share with you from their perspective the BEST way to complete MBA and get the results you came for. In addition to their support in the Facebook group, you’ll also have the opportunity to ask our mentors questions LIVE on two separate Zoom calls!


Supportive Peer Mentors



You're also getting access to:

In addition to the CORE content,

Money, money, money. For most people, a love-hate relationship, but for you at the end of this bonus? A relationship that keeps on GIVING. If you've ever wondered how to manifest money and how to manifest LOTS of it, while simultaneously paying off your debt and living abundantly, this is the bonus made just for you.

Bonus #1 

The Rich Babe Prosperity Masterclass



13 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $2,497

Bonus #2

BIPOC Healing Ancestral Trauma 3-Part Series with Juliet C. Obodo



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $1,997

To best support our students who identify as BIPOC, Juliet C. Obodo, Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and future Doctor of Clinical Psychology with a focus in Ancestral Trauma, is going to lead our students through a pre- recorded 3-part series healing ancestral and racial trauma. Juliet will also hold an exclusive LIVE town hall call with any BIPOC students who wish to participate. There will also be a closing call with Juliet to integrate everything you've learned from Juliet and how that ties together at the end of MBA.

Bonus #3

Rich Babe Financial Freedom Playbook



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $997

Create your own customized, personalized BLUEPRINT to financial freedom and know EXACTLY what to do with your money in the most soul-aligned way. Got debt to pay off? I GOT YOU BABE! This is the EXACT blueprint I used to pay off $25,000 of my debt in a single year.

Bonus #4

Money, Sex, Magic Bonus Module



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $499

Your sexual energy is one of the most potent desire magnets you can ever tap into. Imagine… just by having more fun in the bedroom, whether it's with a partner or even by yourself, you'll be able to attract your desires at a MUCH faster pace, and even attract endless amounts of cash into your bank account. Allow me to blow your mind as I show you how to drastically enhance your life through experiencing orgasmic pleasure in this bonus module!!! 

Bonus #5

31 Simple And Effective Manifestation Rituals That Actually Work Guidebook



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $199

Ever wanted to learn manifestation rituals that were simple and ACTUALLY worked?! This is the OFFICIAL “recipe book” for my most effective manifestation rituals that are simple, easy to implement, done in under 5 minutes, and actually work!

Bonus #6

Vanessa Engels Ocean Breath Call



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $199

Want to learn an extremely powerful breathing technique that has the power to regulate your entire nervous system and support you in releasing any energy that isn't serving you? Breath Expert, Vanessa Engels, teaches you exactly how to use a technique called Ocean Breath to literally HEAL your body with your breath. This technique is the first step to reconnecting to your core self and will allow you to experience an immense amount of inner peace.

Bonus #7

Exclusive Pre-recorded Q&A with African Shaman Makhosi 



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $199

Ever wanted to learn from an African Shaman and get all your “out-of-this-world” spiritual questions answered? In this pre-recorded bonus, you'll get the chance to listen to Shaman Makhosi (who is also my personal Shaman!) answer ALL kinds of amazing questions like how to navigate being in the VOID, how to enhance your own psychic abilities, how to find a Shaman to work with and SO MUCH MORE! 

Bonus #8

Pineal Gland Wellness



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $297

In this 30-minute bonus module, you'll learn exactly how to optimize the Pineal Gland, or otherwise spiritually known as your Third Eye, and how to decalcify this gland to create a CLEAR, open portal to receive! This was a HIGHLY requested bonus module and is completely included when you sign up for MBA!

Bonus #9

Tapping Into Massive Wealth



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $1,497

Tapping into Massive Wealth is a 7-day program designed to help you release resistance around your top 7 limiting beliefs around money, wealth, and abundance. As a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner, I will show you one of the BEST ways to remove energetic disturbances from the body when it comes to resistance around finances (and quite honestly, any other area
              of your life!). This is the technique that saves me every single time from getting stuck in fear, anxiety, and inaction!

Bonus #10

Make Money Work For You Masterclass with Brennan O'Keefe 



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $999

Brennan O'Keefe is the CFO of Manifestation Babe, as well as Kathrin Zenkina's beloved husband! In this program, you're going to learn exactly how to create, save, invest, and manage your money so that as you manifest financial abundance, you'll know exactly how to make it work FOR you and create the life of FREEDOM you've always dreamed of!

Bonus #11

Awakening & Activating Feminine Magnetism w/ Mel Wells



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $222

Take it from no one other than the QUEEN of embodied leadership and intimacy to show you exactly how to tap into your divine feminine essence and become a pro at receiving the desires you so deeply want in your life. Tapping into your innate feminine wisdom will not only help you more enjoyably manifest your dream life but also fall madly in love with yourself in the process, connect deeply with your body and break free from thousands of years of conditioning placed upon us by the patriarchy. 

Bonus #12

Embodying The Manifestor Within w/ Dr. Stephanie Burgos



13 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $222

Dr. Stephanie’s passion is in helping you first become aware of the lower vibrations within your body that are the bottleneck to your creative potential. Once recognized she offers tools to help you integrate and release the lower frequencies so that you can ALIGN and become a Magnetic Match to the frequency of your Abundant AF Life! This masterclass w/ Dr. Stephanie Burgos will open your awareness to one of the missing keys to becoming the ultimate creator and embodying your manifestation!

Bonus #13

Sacred Cycle Moon Manifestation w/ Ayesha from Oath Oracle



14 Epic Bonuses!

And on top of ALL that, you’ll also get access to

Valued at $222

Ever wanted to use the power of Astrology to figure out exactly how you were BORN to manifest? Wanted to dive deeper into the sacred moon cycles and find out how you can flow WITH the moon rather than against it? Your success is already written in the stars-- Astrologist Ayesha will point you in the right direction and help you tap into your innate gifts that are already there.

Did you think that once MBA is over all the transformational work goes away?! Nope, that's not how we roll. After you complete MBA, you'll get the chance to join the graduate rounds of MBA so you can participate in MBA over and over again and keep building relationships with your fellow MBA babes! You'll also receive a Post-MBA Guide to set you up for success once the program ends so you feel confident in taking on this journey independently!

Post-MBA Guide

At any point, we can be faced with an unexpected life event or circumstance that may get in the way of our inner healing. To help support you no matter where you are in life, our team crowd-sourced over 500+ resources like books, articles, support groups, help lines, podcasts, coaches, therapists, etc, to create a massive Crisis Resource Master List to offer you any additional support you may need outside of MBA.

Crisis Resource Guide

Throughout your entire experience inside MBA, you'll have access to a private Office Hours email where you can reach out and ask questions or seek support! The entire Manifestation Babe team is here to support YOU in your journey. Got questions? Need reassurance you're doing this right? Need a few words of encouragement? This is EXACTLY the place where you can do that!

Office Hours

MBA is a program that requires commitment, and deep inner work, so to help provide you with additional accountability, you'll have access to 3 pre-recorded accountability calls with members of Team Manifestation Babe & our previous peer mentors! The topics for these calls are: Moms, Parents, & Busy People: How to Manage Your Manifestations w/ A Busy Schedule, Confidence & Taking Action, and What Happens After MBA! 

PRE-RECORDED Accountability Calls

MBA is literally designed to set you up for success, so to provide you with the utmost support in staying on track during MBA, you're going to get a custom time management sheet with every module that lists out exactly how much time the module will take to complete, along with accountability questions for you to answer so you can easily plan MBA in your calendar!

Time Management Sheets

Ever wanted access to HUNDREDS of FAQ videos where I answer ANY manifestation question you can think of? Well, you're in luck! Inside your members portal you'll receive access to a MASSIVE FAQ library filled with tons of videos where I answer questions that've been asked in MBA! From subconscious reprogramming and money manifestation, to relationships & Human Design, I answer it ALL! Think of this as a virtual Kathrin that will answer ANY question you have during your experience inside MBA! 

MBA FAQ Library

Our Commitment To Your Success


Here’s All The Additional Support You’ll Receive Inside MBA


As a way to create a conscious community and a space for real life accountability, you'll get the chance to join our peer mentors LIVE for 3 calls inside MBA. On these calls you'll get the chance to connect with your peer mentors face to face, ask questions, and receive accountability & connection all in one place! 

LIVE Peer Mentor Accountability Calls 

“I finally feel like I am on the inside, who I always knew I was supposed to be.

I wanted clarity on business. My sister and I are getting ready to launch, too. I wanted self love. I've never had so much self love in my whole entire life. I didn't even know this was possible. I've had $11,000 checks deposited in my account. I've had $6,000 checks deposited in my account. I've been to Mexico, I'm in Bahamas. I'm going Sarasota, Florida at the end of this month. I'm talking about abundance in every area. Every area. But mostly, I think what's most important is I finally love me completely. Completely. And I'm freaking awesome. And I know that so much now. So I hope you enjoyed this transformation because I know I sure did.

Holly Allen

“I have a book that's coming out in the next month that was written literally during MBA.

So I went from I didn't think I could even do this to it's happening. And it's just the beginning. I know that so much in my life is changing. And I am stepping into my full power as an entrepreneur and just embracing life and embracing the best version of me. And I'm just so grateful for this program.

Jenae Tate

Kim Strobel

“I had a lot of work to do when it came to the releasing of the old hurts

and the resentment and also just that not enoughness, not really believing in my ability to attain my goals. And I feel like all the visualizations and the hypnosis and all of those things worked at such a deep level for me that I was able to release a lot of that. And when I did that, it freed up the ability for more abundance to come into my life. And so I know that this is just the beginning

Lamonica Wilkins

“I wrote out exactly what I wanted in a partner, three pages, and he has found me. 

He treats me like a queen. My business is back. I'm getting traction on social media. I've been elected to be a community leader through a couple of churches in my area...

There is no fear now.

I'm ready to continue changing my life. Hell, I completed 16 weeks at MBA. Didn't even complete 16 weeks of college, so I'm very proud of myself. 

“I now have a deep sense of connection with the universe, and I know that God's source of whatever will always have my back. 

And I can accomplish anything that's aligned with my highest self on purpose. I manifested a beautiful brand new apartment.

I also manifested $50,000 in cash.

I got a tax return that I wasn't expecting at all. And for the first time in a long, long, long, long time, I could actually say like in forever, I feel like I'm flowing with life and not going against it. So TMBA truly changed my life forever.

Stephanie Angelino

Brittany Hoopes

“I just feel so freaking thankful and proud of that version of Brittany who decided to invest in herself...

because at that point in time, I was just in this habitual, sort of unconscious way of thinking. And now after the program, I know it doesn't have to be that way. I get to decide. I get to decide what I want to believe, what I want to think, and I can align that with my goals.

Check Out What Our Past Graduates are saying about MBA!



World-class Manifestor

Become a

 and attract everything you've ever wanted

Missy Bench

“MBA has changed my entire life, truly…I am a graduate of the first round of MBA - Spring 2021. When I look back, I can hardly believe the magic that has become my life since graduating! 

When I started MBA, I was averaging 5-6K months in my energy healing 1:1 business. I was also playing small and felt embarrassed to share my new profession as an energy healer because I thought my family and friends would think it was too “woo-woo”. Inside, I knew that this was my life’s purpose and that I was finally using my natural gifts and talents to help people transform but I still wasn’t “owning” it! I joined MBA because I wanted to manifest 10K months in my energy healing business. 

I’m Chinese-American and the interesting thing was that there was an uptick in Asian American hate crimes last spring. I felt very triggered. And I realized that part of my wanting to hide was due to racism - things I’ve picked up in my own life, my mom’s fears, and also ancestral hiding.  I knew that I wanted to work with a shaman so I listened to my intuition which told me to find an Asian woman shaman. And I found one right there in MBA! I worked with Sherry Ren who was a fellow student in MBA. On my journey with her, I discovered other past life reasons why I hid my gifts which were mostly due to safety reasons at the time. I was told to keep my gifts hidden to keep myself and my village safe. After I did some deep work I emerged from the depths feeling so much stronger, lighter, and more clear. And guess what? 2 weeks after graduating from MBA, I had my first 10K month!  

MBA has been life-changing for me. But it’s not a one-and-done course. It’s a lifelong process to use the tools and information we learned in MBA to keep uncovering our blocks so that we can manifest from our whole and worthy selves. I’m now working on my shadow word “Powerful”. One day soon I will know that it’s safe for not just me, but for all of us, to live in our full and authentic power!

Nicolya Williams

It felt like I was undoing years of what I had normalized. I chose to join MBA because of the work specifically with minorities. I felt like too many coaches did not understand how this added a different layer to healing the money mindset. Coming into the program I was not sure what to expect, but it blew my mind. And that is an understatement. I started to learn all about the QUANTUM field and the double split experiment etc. For me learning the limiting belief blaster and working through that was life changing. 1. I did not know how many limiting beliefs I had 2. I did not realize how much I was buying into them. And I was buying into my limiting beliefs more than my faith in what was available for me. This created a massive shift for me and I actually use this with my daughters currently. I want them to have these tools from a young age. Right now I am going back through tMBA for a second round to keep doing the inner work. Its been even more eye opening the second time around based on my foundational knowledge from the first round. Since MBA I finally had the courage to launch my coaching certification program and finally hit my first 5 figure launch while having Covid. As a single mother, and black woman in this coaching space I never once thought this could happen for me. I cry even thinking about it, but I know this is from the commitment I made to tMBA and to my vision. I also published my 11th book all about mindset. I am forever grateful for this program. The connections I made and the learnings I have embedded. It truly changed my life in ways that I can’t even fully put into words. This is why I am always sharing how appreciative I am with the tMBA team. I actually recommend it ALL 👏🏾THE 👏🏾TIME and will keep doing so ! I am forever grateful truly. 

“When I joined MBA I wanted to master my money mindset, but I was frustrated with the process due to all of my childhood experiences and growing up in poverty. 

Janine James

“MBA has changed my entire life, truly…my entire life. From my mindset to my physical reality...

I took tMBA twice in 2021, I had two really massive shifts during both times. Below are just a few of the big ones: I got a senior role at Twitter with the exact salary I wanted. I got a car! I had a lifelong fear of driving despite having my license. I overcame lifelong insecurities about being neurodivergent (this was HUGE for me…the minute I worked on this everything fell into place). I stopped putting love interests on a pedestal. I ended a romantic relationship that was not serving me. I manifested $3,000…twice. I got a huge influx in clients for my side business (I work as an intuitive advisor and tarot card reader). I healed the relationship I had with my father through forgiveness. I literally became my higher self. Truly! When I look at what I’ve scripted about I’m blown away. I physically and emotionally have become the woman of my dreams. I overcame my fear of abandonment and feeling unlovable. 

Since completing MBA, I find that I am overall a lot more confident in myself. I am also far more present versus thinking about the future or the past.I use to always fantasize about what life would look like to be a woman who had it ‘all together’. I now feel like I have become that dream person…I have made peace that I am far from perfect and in a strange way I think that makes me even more magical.  Prior to this program I found myself longing to get married and waiting for someone to come and save me, but thanks to Kathrin I now recognize that the only one who had the ability to save me was myself. I absolutely love the woman I have become this year and I cannot wait to see what she does next! 

I healed myself from past conditioning, my limiting beliefs, and established a healthier relationship with my ego. I connect more with my higher self and I trusted that everything I have and need is within me. Every cell in my body knows that I am deserving, capable, and enough. My inner child is supported, loved, and valued. I completely understand the magic behind the ‘be, do, have’ mentality The tMBA program has literally been a game changer for how I show up and glow up! I’m literally living my best life in ALL aspects spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally! I woke up each day telling myself “I am living my best life” and this is the life I have prayed for. The universe has been working its magic this month.

Proud to share that after 2 years of hard work, action, patience, and trust… I manifested my promotion of being a full time, salary builder on my team! I MANIFESTED IT!!!! IT’S OFFICIAL!!!! I up-leveled my career! Ready to step into this new role and walk with purpose + be impactful in the work I do.

But wait there’s more.. I manifested my dream proposal with the love of my life in Maui! We took a helicopter ride in Maui and landed in the rainforest. As we landed it started to rain on us and he got down on one knee. It was magical, spiritual, and so extremely romantic. With 5 years of patience, it resulted in the most beautiful and epic proposal with my dream ring and man. What ran through my head, my higher self telling me how deserving I am of this love, this moment, the woman I have transformed into, this love, and of this man.

Rachelle Ann Bautista

“It has been such a beautiful journey of self discovery for me. Biggest win was being able to do the inner healing and work through the shadow work.

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I’m so excited to share a program with you that’s been on my heart for the last few years. I’ve been passionate about teaching women like you how to reprogram themselves for success and create ANY kind of life that they want. I created MBA to be much more than just your average manifestation program. It breeds transformation on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. I've made it my mission to show you what's possible for your life inside of MBA. It's time to take manifestation from concept...to way of life.

The Manifestation Babe Academy is the culmination of EVERYTHING that has helped me and the women I have coached to manifest our deepest desires and fulfilling lives that we live today. If you’re looking to manifest more money, your dream business, dream career, your soulmate, your best health, and anything in between—you’ll find that all inside of MBA. 

I’m a spiritual teacher, a manifesting expert, a best-selling author, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, master Hypnotherapist, and the creator of the exploding personal development brand– Manifestation Babe.

Today, Manifestation Babe, LLC serves over 340,000+ women collectively and I have faith that I can help you transform your life too.

If you just try on this new way of thinking inside of MBA (you can always go back to your old ways later,) treat the process like a game you get to play, and see for yourself how your reality shifts as a result… your life will never be the same again.

The Manifestation Babe Academy is one of those programs your future self will be thanking you for lifetimes to come.

I have certainty that will be the case because of the certainty that I have in my methods and their ability to change the course of your life forever.



Your time to manifest a reality wilder than your wildest dreams has come.


If You Are

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Welcome tough love and thrive with a mentor who can lead you over the edge of transformation

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Looking for a get-rich-quick scheme

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I know it’s a big commitment, and you might be feeling a little scared right now…

But let me ask you this: If fear hasn’t yet given you the results that you are looking for… why not try something new?

Why not play a game?

 Why not play a game that for the next 20 weeks, you will show up in your life as if your success is already inevitable? That the entire Universe is conspiring in your favor? That your intuition, your soul, your inner guidance led you to this program for a reason… and that it never leads you astray?

If you’re afraid of trying something new… you may never experience the success you deserve.

It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true.

I’m laying it all out for you. I’m making it easy on you. The Manifestation Babe Academy is where your long journey of seeing very little results for your investment ENDS.

Only when you take a risk… bet on yourself.. try something new… does the Universe show up for you in a really big way. 

I’ll be here to guide you. You will get the BEST transformational manifestation program you’ve ever experienced in your entire life, but you must show up for yourself first, and push that SIGN UP button to see the effects.

Come witness what happens when you decide to fully go for it and take action on what you deserve most in life.

You might be asking yourself how things will be different this time…worried you might invest in “another one of those programs” and not see results.

If you made it this far down this page, it’s probably because you’re considering enrolling into The Manifestation Babe Academy.

I know we don’t know each other yet, but I can promise you this: There is nothing I leave out of The Manifestation Babe Academy when it comes to fully transforming your reality as you know it.

This isn’t one of those courses where I’m going to offer you an upsell to the “next level” or leave out some “expert secrets” that you’re not ready for, and can find in the “graduate program.”

I can’t ever bring myself to do that.

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High-Vibe Community & Exclusive Accountability Program 

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With MBA, You’re Getting

Hear What Even More Past Graduates Are Saying About MBA

Tanya Rose

I took the leap to join MBA because I had a full body YES that this was what I needed. Because I started implementing all the advice Kathrin shares via podcast, emails and Instagram and was witnessing change in my life. I also did the 4 week MBA in March and that unlocked something and I wanted more! 

My biggest and most impactful shifts during MBA would be feeling whole. Feeling complete and feeling enough. Feeling confident to say I want to be rich, I want to live somewhere hot. and even confident enough to say no. Feeling comfortable being temporarily uncomfortable (lonely or confused). I feel alive! 

Post MBA, I am unrecognisable. I have lost about 10kgs, and I eat more of what I want and even what's classed as 'bad food'. I am inspiring family and friends to live a life that brings them joy. I am actually happy, I am confident. I can see and truly believe that my old friends also love and accept me for being me! I am moving to Greece (yuuup sunny Greece!). My dating life is unbelievably amazing! The kind of men and dates I thought were impossible. I'm doing it my way, without this pressure to sleep with people or be overtly sexy. I feel so worthy and enough and I am totally more clear on what I want overall! 

I manifested my dream contract job! It's aligned with my values, mission and the most perfect team and puts me on trajectory to reach my financial goals. I manifested a group of soul sisters and business besties that keep me accountable, keep me laughing and inspire me daily. My family respect and accept what I do. I no longer feel judged or out of place around them. I manifested a move to....GREECE! 

“Before joining MBA, I truly can't tell you where I was. It feels like I was fast asleep, living on automation, hating myself, my body, some of my circles and totally out of alignment. It's like I wasn't alive. 

Meli Psychic Medium

I felt scared and ashamed to let anyone know of my abilities. After taking the 5 day freebie with Kathrin I felt this was it! This would be the help I need to overcome those fears and I was right. However, I discovered so much more. I never realized I had such a huge witch wound! Participating in the breathwork session opened so many doors and rid myself of the limiting beliefs that my abilities were evil. I now have been able to share my abilities on various social media without feeling as though I am doing something wrong or going against God. I’ve been able to break the chains that held me back and I have met so many people that I know I manifested into my business! I have manifested a social media manager as well as several students that are interested in me mentoring them for their own intuition abilities. I have MBA and Kathrin to thank for all of this! I never would have stepped out of my comfort zone if I didn’t have the help from and encourage given to me in MBA.

“Before joining MBA, I was wanting to kickstart my psychic mediumship business but had a lot of blocks and limiting beliefs.

Andrea Alejandra

 I was heavily drinking and smoking. I was miserable but forcing myself to believe I should be happy because I had everything that was expected of me to have. I made the leap because my intuition/ highest self would NOT shut up about it lol. I was even dreaming about MBA! My WHOLE entire life has shifted and changed. I manifested not one truck but TWO! An RV! I lost almost 50 lbs! I started and have been able to stay sober (this was something I had battled with for years) I released the idea of me having to go to law school. We hit the road and now travel full time in our rv. Currently we’re staying in Sedona AZ, where I am working through a shamanic apprenticeship to become what my soul has always wanted to be. I even started a podcast called The Law of Love, which has always been my dream. But more importantly I have made massive internal shifts. The ego and shadow self work we’re the most life changing thing about this program. MBA gave me the roadmap to becoming my highest self and that alone was worth every penny X100! The world shines in new colors, the food tastes better, music feels more joyful and source continues to show up for me. All because I took that initial leap of faith. I’ve manifested more money than I’ve invested in the program, and given me the faith to keep investing in myself. To keep growing, learning and expanding. 

“Before MBA, I had just graduated from Washington State University with honors. Forcing myself to work in politics and go to law school because I thought that’s what I wanted.

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