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Life calling you to set some seriously big goals?

Don’t even know where to start?

Overwhelmed with how to make it happen?

Tired of New Years Resolutions that lead to nowhere?


Do You Desire To...

Set some badass goals that actually SPEAK to you

Get your subconscious mind involved in your goal-achieving in a BIG way

Make goal setting fun again

Feel INSPIRED by your goals

Completely revolutionize a key area in your life

Uplevel your mindset around your goals in a MAJOR way

Become an instant energetic match to your goals

Make smashing your goals tangible and EASY

Know how to chunk down your goals into bitesized pieces

...Then "GoalSmashing Like A BossBabe"


On December 31st, 2016, I sat down with my boyfriend to write down three obsenely huge goals of mine for the upcoming year.

The ball was about to drop on 2017 and I wanted to make sure that the new year was going to be epic.

I used this exact goal setting process that night.

The results?

I achieved all three goals by July of 2017.

In fact, I surpassed one of them by 5x the number.

How did I do it?

Was it magic?

Or was it a freak accident?


It was science.

The science of decision, massive action, and major manifestation, that is.

And now I invite you to comealong for the journey & try the 


for yourself.

It’s time to make the next year of your life, the


 year of your life!

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Who is Kathrin Zenkina& how can she help me?

I am a master mindset coach, success strategist, master NLP practitioner, master hypnotherapist & master TIME techniques practitioner.

I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction, manifestation & the power of the subconscious mind for over 8 years. It is my intention to bring to you the best of the best information & condense it in a way where you can actually APPLY it and see results like never before.

You only live once, so you might as well harness all of your inner super powers.

Unlike what most people believe…ALL of your goals are achievable. It’s just a matter of having a system, believing in yourself, and activating parts of your mind that may have been asleep all your life.

This training is going to absolutely revolutionize the way you set your goals forever.

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