Where gorgeous souls just like you come together to further integrate the principles of manifestation and continue to expand into their                                   

highest potential


So you just got your MBA in Manifesting...

You’ve undergone a uniquely profound transformation and you may be asking yourself – “Now what?”

How do you take everything you’ve learned over the last 20 weeks and integrate it into your life now that MBA is over? 

The truth is, manifestation is a lifelong practice and embodying your highest potential is an ever evolving process that unfolds moment to moment as you continue to shift energetically, and align more and more with the vibrational frequencies of your desires.

As you reach new goals and levels of success, your vision for your life inevitably will shift and expand also. Continuously applying the wisdom you’ve gained from MBA is truly the key to expanding deeper into your visions for the future.

The transformation doesn’t end here babe. 

Your abilities to tune into your intuition, align your vibration with your deepest desires, regulate your nervous system to reach higher levels of success & fulfillment and manifest your wildest dreams into physical form are like muscles that grow stronger as you exercise them. 

Are you ready to keep the party with your Higher Self going?

Want to go EVEN DEEPER?

It’s time to continue on your journey toward bringing all of your wildest dreams into reality and align more and more with the truest most authentic version of yourself. 

Inside the Manifestation Babe Collective you’ll get the additional support & resources that will help you to further integrate and build upon the life changing tools, strategies and wisdom you’ve gained inside of The Manifestation Babe Academy, so that you can continue your journey to make manifestation second nature!

Plus – you’ll get access to a community of master manifestation babes just like you to network, bond and grow with along the way. 

Are you ready to take things to the 

next level?!

Every single month you’ll get to join Kathrin as she goes live to answer more of your questions about manifestation, spirituality and how to create your absolute best life!

$497 value

Monthly Live Q&A calls with Kathrin

Join Kathrin and Rachel as they alternate in guiding you through a transformative live breathwork session each month. 

$199 value

Monthly Live Breathwork Sessions with Kathrin & Rachel from Team MB

Continue your journey post-MBA and expand your spiritual education with masterclasses hosted by guests who are experts in their industry and will share new material not covered inside MBA. You can expect calls around a range of topics like money, astrology, human design, energy healing, relationships, and so much more! (Guest Experts to be announced) 

$199 value

Monthly Guest Expert Calls + Live Q&As

Ever wanted a customized manifestation journal to help you tune into your desires and stay on top of your mindset on a DAILY basis? Now you'll get the chance to do that with a fillable, digital manifestation journal that's designed to help you stay connected with your intuition, address negative thought patterns as they come up, and track your manifestation progress on a YEARLY basis! 

$99 Value

Daily Digital Manifestation Journal

Get access to tons of specially curated journal prompts to help you gain more clarity in various aspects of your life to help further your internal and external transformations! Want to tune into your higher self? Are you feeling lost and stuck right now? Feeling overwhelmed or anxious? You'll find the perfect journal prompt just for you! 

Manifestation Babe Journal Prompts


Get the opportunity to attend ALL LIVE Q&A and breathwork sessions with the upcoming Manifestation Babe Academy cohort! (This has NEVER been offered before!)

$2,999 VALUE

Access to Participate in MBA LIVE

  • Negative Thought Pattern Reframe Guide to help you reframe ANY negative thought or belief instantly. 
  • Meditations & Audio Library for various topics like visualization, higher self activation, overcoming overwhelm, and so much more! 
  • Playlist Library with tons of playlists for rage dancing, shaking, higher self visualization, meditation, and more 
  • Book, Course, & Certification Recommendations - extensive updated list of books, courses, and certifications from Kathrin & our guest experts! Updated monthly! 
  • Manifestation Exercise Card Deck - a constantly updated card deck that will allow you to find new ideas for challenges and exercises to get used to taking action. A new challenge will be released every month! 
  • MBA Encyclopedia - Wish you could be pointed to the exact module, tool, or workbook you might need inside MBA? This encyclopedia will have a breakdown of MBA based on specific life experiences and you’ll know exactly what module, workbook, or tool you should reference! 

$1,997 VALUE

Massive Manifestation Babe Resource Bank

Connect with other like-minded members who are on their spiritual expansion journey and get the chance to participate in monthly prize giveaways and exclusive offers! 


Private Exclusive Community

WHEN YOU JOIN You’ll get ongoing support to further your success through:



You’ll get ongoing support to further your success through:


Right  F0r Me?

Is the Manifestation Babe Collective  

Have you completed The Manifestation Babe Academy in its entirety including all of the homework assignments & assessments? 

Have you paid in full or completed your payment plan entirely for MBA?

Do you want access to more exclusive training material from guest experts in the spiritual and personal development space? 

Are you loving the MBA bonuses and want access to more exclusive training material from guest experts in the spiritual and personal development space? 

Do you want to receive ongoing support post MBA to draw upon in your daily life? 

Do you find yourself wanting more tangible tools to apply what you’ve learned inside of MBA on a daily basis? 

Are you interested in being able to participate in future live rounds of The Manifestation Babe Academy with new cohorts? 

If you answered YES to the questions above then consider this divine alignment at its finest – The Manifestation Babe Collective is absolutely for you! 



Get Inside The


Enhance Your Awareness 

Expand Your Potential



Integrate Your Practice

*This Manifestation Babe Collective is exclusively for MBA graduates and will only be open for admission 2x/year when new rounds of The Manifestation Babe Academy open for enrollment. 

The Manifestation Babe Collective is a membership created exclusively for MBA graduates who are looking for guidance & support after completing the 20 week transformation process inside of The Manifestation Babe Academy. 

After recognizing an overwhelming desire from post graduate students to receive continued support in their manifestation journey, The Manifestation Babe Collective was created to provide additional resources and a community of like minded babes who are committed to their growth and personal expansion. 

I’m so incredibly passionate about continuing to serve my students at the absolute highest level. I just know that this collective will grow into an amazing community & resource for your expansion and I cannot wait to see you inside! 


I’m Ready To Make Manifestation Second Nature & Massively Uplevel My Experience! 

Kathrin Zenkina

Ready to Get Your MBA in Manifesting? 

*Completion of The Manifestation Babe Academy is required prior to enrolling in The Manifestation Babe Collective 

“This is my vision board created during MBA Feb 2021. And I am checking things off like a BOSS.”

"Moved to South Carolina. Bought my dream house. Have a beautiful fenced in yard for the doggos. Lovely outdoor living spaceK. 6-figure year. Loving myself for me. Launched my website for my WhipKnits biz. Smiled more and spread joy."



“I recently celebrated my first 100k month. It's never how we plan it but once you vibrate and hold the feeling - anything & everything is possible.”

"My vision: To create healthy environments for others, that are safe & expanding. And every single day, I see this vision being realized through the aligned action steps I take. I commit to playing big. All consequences included, the highs and the lows."


“The mental shifts I've made because of MBA have changed my life forever!”

"Created a journal routine, nightly routine & morning routine. Manifested my dream spouse by doing my own healing work. Stopped breaking promises to myself. Finally created and launched a product and course. Travel more now that I ever imagined possible. Bought our dream retirement house. Quickly shift from low energy to high energy. Shift from "I can't do this" to "Let's problem-solve for a solution. I show up as my highest self more days than I don't and I take steps each day to be better."