Digital Course Babe


  • Do you have a service-based online business?

  • Are you a babe with heart, soul, and passion who is ready to release her innate gifts and talents to the world?

  • Are you tired of trading dollars for hours and getting completely burnt out in your current business?

  • Are you tired of repeating the same information over and over again to each and every one of your clients?

  • Do you know you were meant to get your unique message out into the world but just don’t know where to start?

  • Ever dreamed of creating a product that you only had to create once and sold over and over again forever and ever?

  • Are you ready for uncapped passive income to support your biggest dreams and goals?

  • Does not understanding the tech side of creating your digital course paralyze you from getting started?

  • Are you ready to be shown an EXACT step by step system on creating your first digital course?

Adding digital courses into my business model has CHANGED my life.

And I am confident that it will change yours too.

The day I created my very first course, my business took off. 

Clients started to seek me out 1:1 for my expert advice. I started to attract more and more potential clients to my social media accounts. I grew my following by almost 20k in under just 10 months. I started to create passive income that I could only dream of. Literally making money while I sleep!

Over the last 10 months, digital courses have allowed me to pay off $25,000 worth of debt and become financially free for the first time in my life. Digital courses took me from barely making $1.5k a month to breaking regular $100k+ months… with over 90% of my business coming from courses.

Just like you, I’ve always had a passion for teaching. But, I had zero clue where to start.

I knew I had gifts to give to the world. I knew I had things I wanted to share. But how exactly I could get it out to others who were looking for them was beyond me.

Then one day I decided to open up google and literally teach myself step-by-step how to master creating digital courses. This was my project of 2016. How to build an online course 101.

The process was tedious. I made many mistakes. It was trial and error on a daily basis.

I’m talking hours on YouTube. Hours on google. Investing in many other courses and products that taught the tech stuff I needed to know. Thousands of dollars later, I finally got an idea.

Like all other boss babes determined to build a business…

I figured it out.

Since creating my first digital course, and moving on to created 4 other digital courses, I’ve been able to reach people all over the world. I have students from the UK, Australia, Brazil, the Netherlands, Japan, and the list goes on. I am able to spread my innate gifts and talents to anyone and everyone no matter where they are located on this beautiful planet.

And the best part?

I can work from ANYWHERE in the world.

As long as I have my laptop, I can create a course, promote it, and earn an amazing compensation in return for giving valuable information to others.

The information that you are currently teaching to others whether you realize it or not, can become your very first digital course.

It can be your ticket to financial freedom.

It can be your intro to growing an incredibly successful online business

Even through all the trial and error, the mistakes I’ve been, and the hours I’ve spent teaching myself how to create my first digital course, it’s still been a blast mastering this skill.

And I know I was now led to teach it to you.

I’m ready to share my EXACT techniques with every babe that has the same passion that I do.

You can build your first digital course in just a few weeks, working just a few hours at a time, while spending no more than $30 a month to maintain your website, your email list, and the rest of the back end.

Such an insanely cheap expense with such a great return, right?

There are digital course creators out there making over 6 (and even 7) figures just creating & selling courses.

Yes, I’m being serious.

How would it feel to support your family on something like this?

My newest course, Digital Course Babe, is teaching you my EXACT step-by-step system WITHOUT the mistakes, the errors, and the headache.

I’m saving you from all of that.

Since my coaching and personal development business, Manifestation Babe has taken off, I’ve had many of my clients ask me how I’ve created my courses.

They often ask me how I promote them, how the back end of my website works, how I make my selling automatic, how I attract new leads on a daily basis, and especially how I turn my followers into students and clients.

I’m ready to share it ALL.

The best part? I teach this entire course in screenshare mode. Meaning, you will see exactly what I do on my own computer to get my course up and out to the world!

This is for all you business babes out there who are ready to start creating your OWN courses.

I don’t care how technologically challenged you are, Digital Course Babe will make this process simple, easy and especially–FUN!

  • The power behind digital courses and what it can do for your finances, freedom, peace of mind, and contribution to the world
  • Why you’re ALREADY super qualified to create a digital course and how to use that to gain confidence in your course creation process
  • My best tip in letting go of perfection and how being your authentic self SELLS your course for you
  • What my exact brainstorm session looks like when I map out my digital course and the inspiration that led me to create each of my courses (to give you some ideas)
  • Questions to ask yourself to better understand what you’ll be offering in your digital course
  • All the different formats to present your digital course in. I give LOTS of options. You are guaranteed to find something that resonates with you.
  • How to identify your niche and your perfect student so that you attract a tribe of students EXCITED to learn from you
  • How to break down the information you intend on putting into a course
  • How to decide on the the length of your digital course
  • How to determine which bonuses to add into the course in order to increase its value


  • How to assemble your course from idea, to paper, to actual product
  • All the physical tools needed to create a professional quality course guaranteed to present you as an expert in your field
  • Lighting and microphone recommendations including exactly the tools that I use
  • How to record your course for FREE (yay, no need to buy fancy shmancy software!)
  • Where to upload your course recordings and password protect it


  • How to create your website (for less than $7 a month) to host your course
  • All the website options and how to choose the right one for your specific and unique needs
  • A screenshare look inside of WordPress (what I use for my courses) that relates to your course building
  • How to build your individual course pages for each module and sales page inside of WordPress
  • How to turn your website into a membership site where each student has a unique log in and password (an entire screenshare tutorial)


  • Intro to email marketing
  • How to choose an email provider that fits your individual needs and price points
  • How to automate your course through your email provider
  • How to market your course through your email provider in a way that directs passive income traffic
  • My best tips on building your email list
  • Creating an irresistible freemium (lead magnet or opt-in) that makes your audience wonder how in the world it’s free
  • Screenshare into creating a PDF ebook using Canva
  • Examples of my most successful freemiums and what will determine your most successful freemium
  • Connecting your freemium to your website and email provider so that it reaches your audience automatically
  • How to connect your course to your email provider so that the course selling is completely automated
  • Creating your first “sales funnel” that has your students EXCITED about your getting their hands on your course
  • Tips on nurturing your email subscribers and retaining raving fans
  • Why growing your email list will be your #1 business builder


  • The complete dissection of a sales page that effortlessly promotes your course for you
  • Screenshare process of how I build my sales pages using different programs as well as basic pages on my website
  • Why you don’t NEED testimonials in the beginning to sell your digital course
  • How to establish a refund policy that protects unnecessary refunds while maintaining utmost trust with your students
  • How to connect PayPal to your course
  • How to create payment plans effortlessly through PayPal to make your course more affordable without sacrificing income
  • How to write effective “copy” on your sales page that allows your wording to do the selling for you
  • Tying social media into promotion
  • My exact promotion process that allows me to sell without being salesy
  • How to promote your course when you’re hardly ever online


  • Graphic design basics for the babes who are totally lost when it comes to making things look pretty online
  • PSSST. I have ZERO graphic design skills and do all my graphics myself!
  • How to master two of my favorite online tools for creating beautiful images, Canva & PicMonkey
  • How to create gorgeous worksheets, workbooks, PDF ebooks, checklists, and anything else you want to add as a bonus to your course
  • How to erase the background of any photo and modify images to make your sales page look professional
  • Where I go to get all my pretty brush fonts for free or super cheap
  • How to add textures to fonts (I get asked alllllll the time how I add gold foil as a texture to my fonts!)
  • Best places to find free royalty free images to help you promote your course on social media (I found some goldmines!)


  • How to pricing your course in a way that best serves you and your students
  • Why cheaper is NOT always better
  • Whether or not to give discounts to certain students and the psychological reasoning behind it
  • The truth about money and how your money mindset determines how much you will earn with your course
  • How courses can change your finances through passive income
  • What to ask yourself, consider, and evaluate before you attach a price tag to your work
  • An example of how a sample course creator would price their course based on what they created
  • How to create payment plans that support your income and also support your students
  • How to manifest your students for your course through spiritual principles
  • Working through your worth and your belief in your ability to sell your course
  • A powerful journaling exercise to transform your belief in your course
  • My favorite super effective affirmations and mantras for course promotion that allows me to manifest abundance in my business every single day–on auto!


  • A guided meditation created for spiritual babes to amplify their vibration and infuse their course with their abundant energy–made custom to help you manifest your students every single day
  • A workbook to help you get super clear on your digital course business vision –we go into your branding, your unique message, and boosting your confidence in selling your course
  • Every single slideshow of every module for you to print out, refer back to, or take notes on
  • A private Facebook group just for the students of Digital Course Babe for unlimited support from me and the other students during your digital course creation process and beyond (I’m super active in my groups!)
  • A module teaching you how to back up and protect your entire website (after losing all of my courses for an entire hour, this became my most vital video in the course!)
  • Instant access to all future updates of DCB as I learn new skills and new information
  • Unlimited access to the course through your exclusive member’s dashboard. Unlimited access = unlimited results.

Who is Digital Course Babe for?

DCB is a 7 module course that will take your business from trading time for dollars to making money in your sleep. It’s a course for entrepreneurial women who are ready to put what they teach into a beautiful package that can reach the masses and spread their message to the world. This is for women who know they have gifts, talents, and a message to share with others and they are ready to put it into a course format.

What can I expect to get out of the course?

You can expect to get absolute clarity on your digital course or product, and learn the EXACT methods on how to put it all together. Watch as I screenshare the process that I used to create all 5 of my digital courses.

This is a course especially for the women who are intimidated by the tech side of building a website, starting an email list, creating gorgeous freemiums (or opt-ins) and putting together a digital course.

By following along with me, you will go from a blank page to a full blown course in just a matter of 7 modules. I will also share with you my BEST money mindset tips and tricks that will help you price your course at a number that excites you and  manifest the students for your course eager to pay that price.

You have students WAITING for you to create your course. They are in need of your knowledge.  Are you going to step up and serve them?

How does the course work?

The course is held 100% online in the member’s dashboard of my website. Upon enrolling into the course, you will be given a unique log-in and password in order to access your customized member’s area. You will be able to access all 7 modules including all bonuses immediately upon purchase.

How long is the course?

The course is self paced. You can binge the entire thing in a single day, a few days, or a few weeks. No need to rush and no need to take more time than necessary. You have unlimited access to all the modules, bonus materials, slides, the private Facebook group, and me! Everything is yours to keep forever.

What if I don’t have a course idea yet?

That’s ok! In the first module of DCB, I share my exact brainstorming process that gives me best-selling course ideas every time. In fact, even if you’re not yet ready to create a course, you’re at least ready to create a digital product of SOME kind.

DCB isn’t just for courses. It’s for ebooks, video series, workbooks, and mini courses as well. The system I teach here can be applied to anything you plan to sell through your very own website. Many DCB students have even told me that just by enrolling into DCB their inspiration took off right away.

Remember, the Universe delivers inspired action once you make a decision to do something ;).

How will this expand my current business?

If you’re a coach, a teacher, a wellness expert, a foodie, a techie, or whatever you are… there is already something you’re teaching to others. You’re doing it through social media. You’re doing it 1:1 with clients.

There is SOMETHING you’re already one step ahead of someone else on. Your social media is already reflecting your passion to inspire others and motivation to spread your unique twist on a topic you love to those who want to listen. Digital courses take your business from just serving 1 person at a time… to all of a sudden… being able to serve hundreds to thousands of people with just one product.

A product you created ONCE and were able to share with others over and over again. You open up your influence in a way that is uncapped. You no longer have to turn anyone away because you don’t have the time to help them. Your digital course is a way to work with you, without expending extra energy on your end!

What if I sign up for the course and don’t like it? DO you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this course, refunds aren’t normally offered. However, I pride myself in my customer service. Keeping my babes happy is my TOP priority. I put my full blown effort into all my courses, and those who have been my students before know this. If DCB is absolutely not for you, I offer a 48 hour refund policy WITH proof that you have at least tried to build a course using my process.

I believe wholeheartedly that DCB is right for you and will work for you if you commit to doing the work and follow along.

Do I have to purchase any fancy software to create my courses?

I don’t believe in buying anything fancy shmancy  in order to succeed. I have built and maintained my entire website, my courses, and my email provider for just about $30 a month. Obviously it’s more now, since my business has exploded over the last year, but it isn’t very much more.

Investing in your business is key and super important, but it doesn’t cost a fortune to start. Anyone can do this. It’s super affordable to get started. I started creating digital courses when I was $25k in debt, so I get it. I offer MANY free alternatives in DCB and give you tons of options.

Can you guarantee success?

Digital Course Babe can only guarantee as much success as you’re willing to commit to. If you don’t do the actual work, you won’t have any results. That’s my only disclaimer. Be ready to work, babe!

However, I am giving you MY exact course building process that has taken my business from zero to $100k+ months (over 90% of it coming from digital courses). The proof is in the pudding!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I love payment plans. Please see my affordable payment plan at the bottom of this page.

Have more questions?

Shoot me an email to [email protected] and I will get back to you within the next 24-48 hours!


By enrolling into the course, you are agreeing to the Standard Terms & Conditions.