How to become a MASTER at Sales

Hi beautiful soul!


Are you a coach, an MLM babe, or someone who has an incredible product or service to share with the world?




Then you were called to this post for a very special reason.

One thing I see pop up on a continuous basis amongst my FB community, my clients, and those who follow me on Instagram is the FRUSTRATION with the amount of time these women put into their businesses (putting in literal dollars because time IS money) and getting nothing but pennies in return.

These women are either:

  • FROZEN in fear of sharing their value
  • Afraid of coming across as salesy
  • Get super awkward when it comes down to the exchange of money
  • Feel like they’re not cut out for sales
  • End up quitting long before the miracle happens.


If this sounds familiar, I want to share with you 8 tips that have helped me become a MASTER at online sales.


I’ve taken my company, Manifestation Babe, from closing $8k total in sales in 2016… to multiple six figures in just 2017 alone (and it’s ONLY July!).


Growing up as an introverted shy child, I NEVER considered myself cut out for sales. In fact, I was always one of those people either jealous of those who are a natural at selling or viewed salespeople as scammy, grimy, and gross depending on the experience.


Yet, today, I find myself coaching others when it comes to closing a sale in their business–whether that’s a coaching package, a weight loss solution, a course, a book, a tank top, or insert whatever you relate to here.


How did I become a natural at sales?




Allow me to share my top 8 tips that I did a live stream on in my Facebook group yesterday. So many women resonated with this topic, I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out!


The Breakdown:

1. Focus on building a relationship and be yourself through the entire process.

What ends up happening is that so many women turn into ROBOTS when talking about their products. They lose their personality, become factual and data oriented (out of nowhere), and start word vomiting useless information at their potential client or customer. To sell is to be human. To sell is to serve. Be a friend, not a business.

2. EXPECT the sale to happen.

Envision the end result throughout the entire process, and even beforehand. If you go into any interaction with a single doubt in your mind that they will say no, you will end up attracting objections. People can sense your certainty in your product or service, and without that certainty, they may lead you straight into an objection to stall that time while they figure out why you are having doubts about your own product or service.

3. Detach from the NO.

A no is just that–it’s a word. There are 7 billion people on this planet. Don’t get upset if ONE or even TEN say no. You have SO many people who will say yes to you as long as you believe in the value of your product.

Just like a waitress at a restaurant doesn’t take it personally if someone says “no” to her when offering a coffee refill, treat your sale the same way. Get your yes or no, and move on to the next.

4. Understand that there is actually no such thing as an objection.

When given an objection, you must understand that this isn’t an actual objection. It’s the potential customer or client simply not seeing the value in your product. It’s a sign that perhaps you must work on clarifying what’s in it for them.

5. The only two objections that truly exist are a lack of time and lack of money.

And….what it truly comes down to is what your customer prioritizes. We have access to the exact same 24 hours in a day, and the exact same money (because money is JUST energy). If your customer/client TRULY needs your product, they will figure out a way to get ahold of it. Don’t get discouraged by objections as they have NOTHING to do with your product/service. Please, don’t offer discounts to people who don’t see the monetary value in your product. It’s on them, not on you. Stick with you pricing boundaries at all times and charge what your service or your product is truly worth.

6. Keep the customer/client in mind at all times.

Remember to keep focusing on “what’s in it for them?” Put yourself in their shoes and look at your sales page, FB post, Instagram post, and the way you describe your product or service from their eyes. Is the way you’re describing it to them showing them how the product will benefit THEM or ultimately YOU?

7. The best seller is to walk your walk.

The BEST form of credibility is to show your own results from your product or service. If there is any disconnect here, you may lose credibility. Make sure you are fully congruent with whatever you are selling.

8. Last but not least, SHARE YOUR STORY.

When you infuse your posts, emails, webinars, and calls with your story, you bring people into your energy. You share with them an intimate piece of you and they automatically feel connected with you. Remember, you are NOT a robot so please stop running your business like one. Vulnerability opens up your know, like, and trust factor in your business.


LOVE these tips? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear how they have resonated with you or if you picked up something new.


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