Make Money While You Sleep through Manifestation Babe Affiliates!

Hello Gorgeous Souls! I am so beyond grateful that you love my courses and books so much that you share them with your friends, families, and significant others. I set up this Manifestation Babe Affiliates program so you can earn 30% commission per sale on any of my courses, eBooks, or VIP Membership. I pay out all of my wonderful affiliates every #MoneyMonday through PayPal. Get ready for it to be your favorite day of the week!

The best part? It’s free! Although, it works best if you’ve had experiences with my courses or products before.

I broke down all the basic tips to get you started in this video and I have private Affiliate Facebook Support Group.

This guide takes it a step further, answers your questions, and shows you how to keep the money rolling in.

Let’s jump right in!


Training Video

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up or Login.
  2. Make your links pretty. BTW, if you’re having troubles with your links, see below.
  3. Make a link tree account.
  4. Join the Affiliate Facebook Support Group.

If you’re having troubles with any of the above, email [email protected], so my team can get you taken care of.

Where do I promote my links/do I need a website?

My babes have made a lot of passive income through posting on social media alone. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are some of the most lucrative places to earn a significant amount of affiliate income. Most of my affiliate babes have used my high-vibe Facebook Group to promote the products. Which, btw, is a group full of over 18,000 people who love all things manifestation.  I’ve even seen some make 10+ orders from a single post alone!

What products can I earn commission from?

All of my courses, my eBook, and VIP Membership are commission-eligible. The cookies never expire, so if they click on one of your links today and buys a course a week from now, you’ll still get the commission.  Even sweeter? If they sign up for the VIP Membership, you’ll get 30% every single month it’s active.  Refer 100 people and that’s $1,000 of passive income each month, flowing your way.

Is Unleash Your Inner Money Babe Eligible?

We can’t see private information on Amazon, so you are absolutely free to use an Amazon Affiliate link. You can sign up here. If you also give them your link to the Money Babe Book Bonuses, you can get credited for a sale that they make down the road. It’s still a win-win!

How can I generate excitement?

I give all my affiliates a heads-up before each release, as a perk. Be yourself if you decide to make a post. Remember, be authentic, not original. People will resonate with your truth. Want to create an irresistible offer? If you’ve got services, add them as a bonus for someone who uses your link. Shy? We see the same questions in the group on a daily basis: “Where do I begin? How do I manifest more money? How do I manifest everything I want?” These ladies are asking you to point them in a great direction, why not share your links with them?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my link working?

If you aren’t sharing the products on your website, you only need the part highlighted in the picture. This is also the part that you’ll put in and 🙂

manifestation babe affiliates


Are there any limits or rules?

To be compliant with the Federal Trade Commission, you need to disclose that it is a sponsored link. You can easily do this by typing “#ad” before the link.

You are not eligible to earn commission on your own purchases.

If you aren’t showing a sale from someone who purchased through your link, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get you taken care of!

Do I get Commission from referring another affiliate?

Since we don’t want this turning into an MLM, we do not currently give commissions for referring another affiliate.




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